what does 'Mondovo' mean?

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That's who we are, a bunch of SEO aficionados that only care about one thing, cracking the Google code! Mondovo, the word, has no direct meaning. It was chosen purely because nothing else sounded like it And we'd like to believe, everything about us is also "unlike you've ever seen before!"

6 Facts About


We are 17 Strong

To us, the team is as important as the customer and only if both sides are happy, can we truly be successful. Our team is diverse and we possess skills ranging from SEO to data mining to designing & coding.

We are made in india

While Mondovo, Inc. is incorporated in the U.S., we are primarily based in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Location has never been a barrier though and we believe we can help anyone across the globe.


Much like you, we've been brought up by someone. We have a single parent though Mondovo is a subsidiary of Maximizer e-Services Pvt Ltd. You can learn more about the company out here.


We launched with the mission to simplify and automate as much of SEO as we can. We believe SEO can only be done efficiently with the right team, tools & processes. We aim to cover all those bases.


We love data. We love automation. Data + automation = Mondovo's Tools. You can only outrank someone else if you can dissect their strategies. We build tools to do that. Try out what we've built.


There is an art to optimizing a site and a page. Then there's some creativity required to get those elusive backlinks. We know what it takes to get those SEO results and offer a suite of result-oriented services.

The People

  • Sameer Panjwani
  • Chandni Panjwani
  • R. Nagarajan
  • Giridhar Sridharan
  • Mohammed Zeeshan
  • Sangeetha V
  • Latha Wilson
  • Amreen Banu.I
  • A. Vijaya Kumar
  • Jestin Sebastian
  • Vinod Kumar
  • Karunakaran Ramaswamy
  • Nagaraj S
  • Praveen Kumar
  • Naveena T S
  • Mohammed Hisham S A
  • Mohammed Maifoes Alam Khan