Dashboard Reporting Tool

Our dashboard features widgets that help you keep track of your overall marketing performance online. The dashboard can be customized to cover key SEO metrics like your rankings and links, then your social metrics like your Facebook and Twitter performance and also cover you traffic growth.

Different dashboards
for different campaigns.

Be it for a single website or a single campaign for multiple websites, Mondovo provides the flexibility to view all your SEO, Social Media & Analytics metrics in different & customized Reporting Dashboards.

Choose your SEO & Social widgets
to customize your Dashboard.

Take your pick from an assortment of widgets, and add them to the dashboard of the campaigns you are managing. Performance monitoring should become a lot easier!

Real time data monitoring
for timely decision making.

Search engine rankings, social engagement metrics, news updates and more – view everything almost as it happens, the way you want it!

Arrange your widgets
the way you want.

Do the dashboard widgets make sense to you? Position them wherever you like on the dashboard by just clicking and dragging.

Responsive by design.
Feature-rich by default.

Access the dashboard and view all your metrics wherever you are. Our all-in-one dashboard is designed to address the demands of busy marketers who switch between devices and screen sizes.