Report Name: Last 90 Days Story - Trump Vs Hillary August 11, 2016 - November 9, 2016 [ 90 Days ]
Competition Summary
Items Hillary Clinton Donald J. Trump Average Insights
Overall Fans 8,671,667 13,079,562 10,875,615 Donald J. Trump has 33.7% more fans than Hillary Clinton
Posts 252 252 252 All the pages have the same number of posts.
Engagements (Last 90 days) 18,291,313 38,079,924 28,185,619 Donald J. Trump has got the highest engagement numbers with 24,253,239 likes, 4,503,577 shares and 9,323,108 comments on its' 252 posts in the last 90 days.
Avg. Engagement 72,585 151,111 111,848 The Donald J. Trump is not only the leader in terms of engagement numbers but also in driving the most engagement per post..
People Talking (Last 7 days) 7,239,578 6,746,164 6,992,871 In the last 7 days, Hillary Clinton has got the most people talking about its' page as compared to the other pages.
Comparative Competition Analysis
Engagement of Admin Posts
Admin Post Types

Hillary Clinton 252 Donald J. Trump 252
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Admin Posts Total and Per Day
Engagement Breakup on Admin Posts
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Geographical Engagement Analysis
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Talking Demographics
Fans Demographics
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