Report Name: US Presidential Candidates 201
Competition Summary
Stats Count Hillary Clinton Donald J. Trump Bernie Sanders Insights
Created On April 9, 2013 March 18, 2009 April 7, 2009 The 'Donald J. Trump' account was the first amongst this lot to create an account. It was created 1483 days before the 'Hillary Clinton' account was created.
Lifetime Tweets Count 7,870 34,978 14,454 The 'Donald J. Trump' account has posted 4.4 times as many tweets as the 'Hillary Clinton' account.
Followers Count 8,658,749 31,107,949 2,037,669 The 'Donald J. Trump' account has more followers than all the other accounts' follower counts put together!
Following Count 748 45 1,950 The 'Bernie Sanders' account follows the most users amongst this set of users.
Listed Count 30,603 70,072 14,746 The 'Donald J. Trump' account is listed in the most categories and groups, as compared to the other accounts.
Avg. Tweets Last 60 Days 11.1 10.2 7 All of these accounts seem to be actively managed, with all of them posting, on average, at least once or more than once everyday.
Avg. Engagements/Tweet 2948.2 11760.9 4014.8 The 'Donald J. Trump' account gets the most retweets and favorites for all its' tweets, as compared to the other accounts.
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