How to Grow Your Brand On Instagram?

Social media is already a dominant force in changing how businesses grow and advertise their products and services. And Instagram is one of the social channels playing a key role in this. With more than 500 million users, Instagram provides a great marketing platform to reach potential customers from every corner of the globe.

Images rule on Instagram. The most successful brands use strong, striking imagery – and increasingly short form video content – to emotionally connect with people.

Read our top tips on how to grow your brand on Instagram, for free!

Grow Your Brand On Instagram

Add High-Quality Images to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

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How to Create An Effective B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy

The number of searches done through mobile devices has long taken the first place from desktop computers. This means it’s only natural that B2B mobile marketing is on the rise, steadily getting more and more of the total search interactions. Thus, online businesses are in a situation where they have to adapt their B2B mobile marketing strategy in order to get the edge in today’s highly competitive industries. With more than half of the B2B decision makers using mobile devices for research purposes, you can’t really afford to pass on that huge market share anymore.

In this article, we will take a quick look at some of the best tactics to adopt when creating an effective B2B mobile marketing strategy. Let’s get started.

B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy

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10 Low-Cost Tools for Scaling a Micro Influencer Marketing Campaign

Real people are having a profound impact on the way your brand is viewed online. While businesses can find ways to elegantly and seamlessly manage the message, authentic reviews of products or services prove to be well trusted and more engaging than traditional advertising.

Influencer Marketing Campaign

Who predicted that the digital age would scale word of mouth marketing? Micro-influencers may not have seen it coming, but they’re capitalizing on the marketing trend to sell your products for you.

What Is a Micro-Influencer?

Micro-influencers typically have 100,000 followers or less on their blog and/or across social media accounts. These mini Internet celebrities have amassed a loyal fan base, and some even consider their recommendations as impactful as the ones we get from a best friend.

However, to scale a marketing campaign, businesses need hundreds or thousands of micro-influencers on their team, which is no simple feat. This intrinsically leads to several challenges such as:

  • Finding and contacting influencers
  • Developing and distributing the content
  • Issuing payments
  • Tracking campaign results
  • Maintaining the relationship
  • And more!

Based on your goals, finding an influencer marketing tool that targets your desired platforms can unravel some of these challenges as your campaigns and influencer networks grow. Based on what’s available on the market, businesses have a few options to choose from.

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7 Unique SEO Trends You Should Be Following

While it is true that most industries out there tend to be quite volatile, the pace at which the world of SEO changes seems almost unprecedented. The speculations surrounding SEO trends have resulted in the creation of many myths. For instance, your keyword research stays valid only if you apply it in a campaign as soon as you stumble upon it, otherwise, there is no guarantee whatsoever that it will remain effective by the time it reaches your target audience.

SEO Trends

Although it is expected for keywords to change with an astounding pace, the same, unexpectedly, goes for tools as well. You see, a keyword research tool that is considered a cutting-edge technology today can become completely obsolete in a few months’ time. To make the matter worse the changes to the algorithm itself are the most frequent of them all.

To make the long story short, those who want to lead a successful career in SEO need to constantly be on their toes and be aware of the latest SEO trends. This being said, here are a few tips that may help out you stay in touch with this ever-changing industry.

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Mondovo’s Upcoming Pricing Change on 27th September, 2017

When we launched Pay-As-You-Go back in September 2016, we were convinced that greater value was the need of the hour. Having spent over 11 years in this industry, we’ve tried and used nearly every tool set from every company there is. The one takeaway that we most commonly got was the lack of flexibility. That’s where Mondovo’s pay-as-you-go model came in. We gave our users the flexibility to pay for just the reports they needed when they needed them.

Post launch, for the most part, we were successful. Mondovo gained more traction in a few months than it did in the entire year or so preceding it. However, what became clear was the business model was not sustainable because revenues were not predictable.

We do still want to offer the same value proposition that we’ve offered thus far and yet do it in a manner that’s sustainable in the long-run. We can only continue to give you better data and tools if we’re growing ourselves. Hence the impending change of moving over to a subscription based model BUT based on the same pay-as-you-go concept.

So, if you’ve been a user of our tool, everything would work in the same way, with the sole difference being that there will be a minimum monthly fee.

We are still going to be the most affordable toolset available. Our pricing and feature set remain unmatched.

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The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Guest Posting On Authority Websites

Guest posting on authority websites is one of the most legit, authentic, and closest things you can name when it comes to building organic links which actually contribute towards your SEO efforts.

Guest Posting On Authority Websites

Here’s what you will learn in this guest article:

  • Why Guest Posting Is Worth It.
  • How to Find Quality Guest Posting Websites?
  • How to Filter Quality Websites from the Rest?
  • How to Pitch a Guest Post that just Can’t Be Rejected!

Guest Posting on Authority Websites: Why is Guest Posting Worth It?

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How Internet of Things Will Test the Limits of your Imagination

The Internet of Things (IoT) has slowly started taking over the show. If you have any technical background or you follow the latest in technology, it is impossible that you have not come across the word IoT till date. The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the following decade.

Actually, everything will be connected with everything. Yes, your smart watches can now advise you on how to improve your fitness or how and what you should probably eat. Your mobile phone can talk to your door locks and get it locked, in case you have forgotten to do it yourself.

Internet of Things

Image Credits : Skyindya Technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of smart devices, which are powered by sensors that collect and exchange data to operate as per user’s instructions. The fundamental rule for the Internet of things automation is that all hardware devices of the ecosystem must be ‘smart’ in nature & have WI-Fi capabilities.

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4 Proven Strategies to Build Your Audiences’ Trust Faster

Quick question:

How many of your readers would say that they actually trust you?

Trust your opinions. Trust your knowledge. Trust your intentions.

Difficult question to answer, right?

A few years ago, I asked myself this same question.

I thought to myself “Why would anyone trust me and what I have to say? After all, I’m not well known and readers may favour tips from people with more experience, knowledge and authority.”

Boy — was I wrong.

I learned that even though trust is a hard thing to gain, it’s developed if you continuously work at it. And because I did, opportunities opened up.

I made several key connections. My blog is growing steadily. And people started to trust me — and more importantly, the advice I share about business growth and content marketing.

You can achieve the same thing.

My goal with this article is to provide you with proven strategies that’ll put you on the express lane of getting your readers to trust you. And loving your content in the process.

Sounds like something you’re interested in? Let’s get to it!

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7 Simple Tools for a Better and Smarter SEO Campaign

When wrapped in thousands of both critical and mundane tasks, most of us tend to search for the best possible way to escape the vicious circle we are in. While we focus our efforts on building an effective marketing strategy, we somehow always end up looking for the right set of tools that will make our road to success much easier and our SEO campaign much smarter.

SEO Campaign - 7 SEO Tools Discussed

This is particularly true when it comes to online digital marketing. Although today’s ever-increasing market offers a set of user-friendly, effective tools, you should search for the ones that will help you work smarter and faster and achieve the best possible results.

Here, we’ve rounded up a set of 7 tools we believe will cover most of your needs and ultimately have a huge impact on your SEO campaign.

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The Complexity of Facebook Ads [Infographic]

While many business owners and marketers are enjoying significant returns from their investment on Facebook Ads, many others are yet to find their success on the said social media platform. Truth be told, Facebook Ads, while effective and rewarding, requires a full understanding of all its complexities in order to generate a positive result. Otherwise, one simple mistake can lead to an unproductive ad campaign, thus wasting your resources, and possibly affecting your brand image as well.

Because of the complexity of Facebook ads, business owners and marketers need to know how each feature works, and on their end, the required elements that have to be present on their Facebook ads. While the task of mastering the ins and outs of this platform might seem too demanding, the rewards that come afterwards are surely worth it.

To sum up, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from Harris Myers which discusses how Facebook ads work, and how you can optimize your Facebook advertising campaign for successful results.

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