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10 Examples of Great Copywriting in an E-Commerce Store

For an e-commerce store, copywriting involves the writing of persuasive, advertising, and promotional materials to convince the audience to make purchases.

However, great copywriting is not just created to describe and advertise products; it is created to build a sound emotional connection with the audience/customers.

Great copywriting can play a big role in the success of your e-commerce store. This is because it can:

  • Boost leads.
  • Draw in the potential audience’s attention.
  • Establish a solid connection with clients.
  • Spark interest in the products.
  • Generate sales.

But, you may not know how to do great copywriting. In this comprehensive, you’ll learn about different ways of great copywriting with the help of examples. In the below sections, we listed the copywriting examples of ten popular brands.

10 Best Examples of Great Copywriting in An E-commerce Store


Example 1: Allbirds: Simple and To the Point

Allbirds is a shoe company that is well known for providing its customers with comfortable as well as sustainable shoes. Its e-commerce store has a great increase in leads and buyers. We conducted some research and reviewed its multiple products.

We found that all of its copywriting (product descriptions) is simple and straightforward.

For Example:

We read the product description of Allbirds for “Tree Runners shoes”. The copywriting states all the aspects of these shoes in a very simple form. The below image shows that:

What’s Great About this Copywriting?

Below are the points that state its greatness:

  • It is clear, concise, and informative to make the customers knowledgeable about the product.
  • It sincerely stated all the aspects of shoes like manufacturing materials.
  • It states the benefits in a natural tone and avoids the excessive use of promotive words.
  • It illustrates why the shoes are the best choice for the environment.

Tip: You can also write this type of great copywriting, by using simple and clear language through it. If it seems difficult, you can utilize a rewording tool. With an AI reworder, you can immediately replace difficult/jargon words and phrases with simple ones.

Example 2: Bellroy: A Sense of Humor

Bellroy is another company with a great number of leads and buyers. It sells multiple types of products like wallets, bags, and some sort of other accessories.

It uses a unique way to connect more personally with the customers i.e., witty and memorable product descriptions in its e-commerce store. And this may be one of the reasons for increased purchases of Bellroy.

For Example:

Its product description for “Travel Wallet” is given below which tells the functionality of wallets in a humorous way. You can see that below:

In some other descriptions, Bellroy described wallets as a “magician’s assistant” or “minimalist’s dream”. These words add a whimsy touch to a description.

Why did we consider it great copywriting?

This copywriting is great based on the following points:

  • It has some humorous and enjoyable touch.
  • Due to light language, it can make a more personal connection with the customers.
  • Bellroy’s copywriting has some puns and wordplay that add a layer of cleverness and entertainment for its audience.

Tip: You can also add some touch of humour in copywriting and make it great. For this, you should use some witty words, emojis, cool words, etc.

Example 3: Bombas: Emotional Copywriting

Bombas is a sock company famous for donating a pair of socks for every pair sold. Recently Bombas announced that it has completed 100 million donations after 100 million purchases.

One of the reasons behind such a great number of sales is its copywriting which is friendly, emotional, and inspiring.

For Example:

When we read the copywriting on the Home page of Bombas’s site, it motivated us to buy the products as well as help the people in need. Below we demonstrated that:

What Makes This Copywriting Great?

This copywriting is effective for the following reasons:

  • It tells the audience what is the mission of the Bombas.
  • It appeals to society-conscious customers in a friendly way.
  • It tells purchasers how they can make a difference by buying Bambas’s products.
  • It evokes the emotions of readers by telling Bombas helps the people in need.

Tip: To write such great copywriting, you should add something that is emotional, inspiring as well and appealing to customers.

Example 4: Brookline: Highlighting Benefits and Quality

Brooklinen is an e-commerce store that sells sheets, towels, and this type of other products. Their site’s copywriting is elegant and focused on the quality as well as the benefits of the products.

For Example:

The product description of Brookline’s “Classic Core Set of Sheets” is shown below:

What is Great About Brookline’s Copywriting?

Below are the points that show the effectiveness of this copywriting:

  • It uses adjectives to show the quality as well as durability of the products such as “Incredibly soft”, and “wrinkle resistant”.
  • It addresses the common questions/concerns of customers about the products by saying that it is machine-washable.
  • It shows the best quality of the product by saying that it is made from the finest cotton.

Tip: To write this kind of copywriting, you should highlight all the prominent benefits as well as quality emphasising features of products.

Example 5: Chubbies: Descriptive and Funny

Chubbies is a company that sells men’s clothing. It is well known for its fun diverse range of colorful shorts. The company’s copywriting describes the shorts in a descriptive as well as funny way.

For Example:

We went through different product descriptions of Chubbies. We found many if them were descriptive and funny as well.

Descriptive Copywriting by Chubbies:

Funny Copywriting:

What Makes the Copywriting Great?

Following things aspects of copywriting make it effective:

  • The copy utilizes descriptive language to clearly explore the products. It makes the buyers/audience envision that they are wearing the products.
  • It entertains customers with a lot of funny words.
  • It describes the versatility of products, showing that it is suitable for different occasions.

Tip: To make your copywriting seem like this, you should use descriptive language that describes almost all the aspects of products like their, versatility, benefits, lifespan, etc.

Example 6: Death Wish Coffee: Exciting

Death Wish Coffee is a company renowned for selling the best and the world’s strongest coffees. Its copywriting is exciting for the audience showing that its products have something distinct that others do not. Moreover, its copywriting is dark and edgy to best fit with the brand’s image.

For Example:

We went through the site of Death Wish Coffee and read multiple product descriptions. Every description we read was surprising. Below is the product description of one of its products i.e. Ground Coffee.

Reasons for its Effectiveness:

  • It captures the attention and creates excitement with the use of phrases such as “the World’s strongest coffee” or “not for the faint of heart”.
  • It enlightens the best taste and strength of products by saying phrases like “surprisingly smooth and flavorful”.
  • It adds some challenges for customers to experience the benefits of the product with phrases like “guaranteed to wake you up”.

Tip: You can also write such great copywriting with the use of some challenges, surprising words, exciting words, etc.

Example 7: Tuft & Needle: Assurance and Warranty

Tuft and Needle is an online mattress-providing company. Their e-commerce store has straightforward, clear, warranty and durability-focused copywriting.

For Example:

Below is the product description by Tuft and Needle for a product i.e. “Original Mattress”.

Reasons for Why it is Great?

  • It highlights all the prominent features of the product by saying that it is supportive and comfortable for all sleeping positions.
  • The copy offers a risk-free trial. By this, the copy reduces the hesitations of customers and encourages trial.
  • It conveys the quality and comfort of the product with assurance and confidence.

Tip: If you are providing such products that have some period of warranty, you can write such a copywriting by mentioning it.

Example 8: Huckberry: Storytelling

Huckberry is an online company that sells outfit products, bags, shoes, etc. Its copyrighting weaves engaging stories around the products.

For Example:

Below is the product description of a Huckberry’s product i.e. “Everyday Carry Backpack”.

Reasons for why this Copywriting is Effective:

  • The copy describes the inspiration behind the design of the product.
  • It tells the reasons why the product fits into every customer’s daily life.
  • It is stated in the storytelling tone that connects with the customers.

Tip: To write a storytelling copywriting, you should explain the design, features, and benefits, and call to action in a sequence. And you should proceed in such a way that you are telling a story to customers about your products.

Example 9: Harry: Conversational And Clear

Harry is a popular brand that is renowned for its men’s grooming products. Its online products store uses straightforward and clear copywriting. Moreover, its tone is not promotive but conversational and natural.

For Example:

Below is the product description for the “Shaving Cream” offered by Harry:

Reasons for Why it is Effective:

  • It avoids promotional words but conveys the message in a conversational tone.
  • It provides customers with direct as well as clear details about the product.
  • It answers the queries of customers by highlighting the product’s ability.

Tip: You can make the product descriptions great by using a clear and direct tone. Moreover, you should use a conversational tone to describe every benefit, design or other aspect of products.

Example:10 Poo Pourri: Clear and Playful

Poo Pourri is a brand that sells toilet sprays in its e-commerce store. It is well known for effective marketing and quality products. Its copywriting is very lighthearted and playful.

For Example:

The copywriting for one of its products is written below:

Reasons for Why it is Great Copywriting?

Here are the reasons why it is considered one of the great copywriting examples:

  • It is funny to make the topic of bathroom odours less taboo to discuss with the customers.
  • This copy makes the brand more relatable to the purchasers. And make it easy to talk about a topic that is otherwise embarrassing for customers to discuss.
  • This way of copywriting looks more creative as well as attention-grabbing for the customers.

Tip: You can also write playful and creative copywriting to make your e-commerce products stand out from the competitors. For this, you should not hesitate to include some humorous and clear words in the copywriting.


Great copywriting can play an effective role in the success of your e-commerce stores. It is helpful for building a sincere and personal connection with potential clients. Ultimately, it will increase the lead generation, convince the customers and turn them into purchasers.

In the above post, we comprehensively listed ten examples of great copywriting. All of them are used by different well-known as well as successful brands.

You can use any example as a model to do effective copywriting. However, you should choose only those which relate to your products and brand.

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