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10 Reasons Why Your Landing Pages Are Not Generating Enough Leads

Landing pages are important, as they are the pages that get visitors to consider signing up for a newsletter, getting a free copy of your e-book, or ultimately buying a product or a service you’re offering. A website’s lead generation efforts and conversions hinge heavily on how effective a landing page is, and that is something all good inbound marketers know.

Landing Pages

However, when a landing page doesn’t deliver the expected leads and conversions, there must be something wrong with it. Take a closer look at your site’s current landing page, and see if it has one, two, or any of the following possible reasons it is not working as it should be.

#1. Your Landing Page is a Ho-Hum Affair

Boring Landing Pages

You can have the most incisive and utterly entertaining e-book ever written, and still fail to find people who would get it for free because they found your landing page—for lack of a nicer word—boring. If your landing page doesn’t have images, has a great wall of text that is far from being interesting, and a lead capture form that is the length of a bible, then it isn’t surprising your readers would bail out.

Keep the copy, as well as the form, sweet and short. Even a simple image of your offer should be enough to perk things up a bit.

#2. Your Form Has a Problem

For a website visitor, few things are more annoying than being drawn to an offer, filling out the form with all the required details, then failing to get to a confirmation page simply because the submit button isn’t working.

Far too many opportunities have been squandered by lead capture forms that don’t work. If you don’t like losing all those leads because of a malfunctioning button, always test the form when creating the landing page.

#3. The Lead Capture Form is Asking for Too Much Information

Lead Capture Form

Ideally, a lead capture form should only ask for the visitor’s name, company, email address, and phone number. Anything beyond that, and you risk the visitor getting irritated by all the fields he or she has to fill and just decide to dump your site. As recommended earlier, your form should be short and sweet, asking only for information you need.

#4. There is No Form

While some exit your website because of issues with your lead capture form, some get in and get your amazing content easily because your landing page has no form at all.

It’s strange how some webmasters forget putting in a form and end up giving away whatever they have to offer without getting any kind of lead in return. The lead capture form should at least give you information on who downloaded and enjoyed your offer.

Without a form, you won’t even know how many of your visitors downloaded your content. Always require visitors to sign up, and the only way you can do that is to have a form up on the landing page in the first place.

#5. Unclear Offer

It’s unfortunate how some people become interested in whatever it is you’re offering, but end up moving on to other sites because they were confused as to the nature of your offer. For your landing page to be effective, it must scream the offer loud and clear, in big, bold letters, complete with an image and a clear call-to-action right above the form.

#6. A Slow-Loading Landing Page

People don’t have much patience for web pages that take forever to load. They even have less patience for extremely slow-loading web pages that require them to fill out some form. In a world populated by people whose attention spans appear to be getting shorter by the day, websites have to bone up on loading speed or end up in the dust.

You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to determine why your landing page loads slowly. Then again, it could also be your hosting company. If this is the case, you should start thinking about finding a new hosting service.

Slow Loading Pages

#7. A Non-Mobile Responsive Site

There are now more mobile users than PC users in the world today, so why haven’t you made your website mobile-responsive yet? When people get to your landing page using a mobile device, they will have to find a way to work around the tiny text and buttons that will greet them if they are to fill out anything.

It’s also likely that the lead capture form fields won’t work if the site is not mobile-responsive. If they have to make all that effort just to give you your lead, they would rather move on to another site.

With mobile apps and interactive content gaining momentum, it makes sense to invest a little bit of time and money on mobile SEO as that’s the way forward.

#8. The Landing Page is Filled With Clickables

Click Here

A landing page is designed solely to generate leads. However, if your landing page has too many clickable objects, your visitor will only get distracted and end up somewhere else if they decide to click that link to another page in your site, or to that YouTube video that features your content.

Your landing should only have one clickable object: the “Submit” button. It’s the only clickable you’ll ever need for a landing page.

#9. Your Landing Page Looks and Sounds Suspicious

If your landing page has images of laughable quality or written content that has a lot of typographical and grammatical errors, would you give it your attention, or for that matter, your trust? The same goes for website design that is confusing, with inconsistent visuals that can make you question the designer’s skills. Add fake-sounding testimonials with outlandish claims, and you can guarantee the visitor is going to run in the other direction.

Your landing page needs to appear trustworthy if you want it to generate leads, so put in quality images, publish well-written content, fix your web design, and steer clear of bogus testimonials.

#10. Low to No Traffic

What good is having an excellently-crafted landing page if too few people visit the website? Your landing page’s short lead capture form, fast loading speed, mobile-responsiveness, and a crystal-clear offer will all be for naught if your site has little to no traffic at all.

To boost your lead-generation, you need to boost traffic to your site as well. That means stepping up your SEO, blogging, and social media efforts. And if you’re going to work towards building traffic, it’s imperative that the traffic is substantial because, realistically-speaking, only a tiny percentage of that traffic will lead to conversions.

Use the above tips to make changes to your landing page and see if it improves your lead generation.

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