How to Balance Personalized Customer Service and Automation with a Live Chat Software

Automating certain aspects of your business can save your company a whole lot of time and money. At the same time, sacrificing customer service can be highly detrimental to your brand. If you want to take advantage of today’s AI technology, it’s critical that you find that balance. A live chat software will help you do just that.

Live Chat Software

Today’s consumers still want that personal touch that only a human can provide. Yes, people are shopping online much more frequently, and that’s not going to change. However, the vast online market has made shoppers realize that they have plenty of options out there. That means you need to go above and beyond to stand out from the herd if you want to stay competitive.

Combining today’s automation options such as analytical and live chat software with person-to-person customer support lets you provide the best of both worlds, for your company and for your customers.

Let’s take an in-depth look on how you can balance personalized customer service and automation successfully.

First, we’ll start with ways to implement automation without driving customers away. Then, we’ll discuss ways to improve your overall person-to-person customer service so you can preserve (and even enhance) your company’s reputation, in spite of the automation.

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11 Customer-Centric Approaches to Increase E-commerce Revenue

2017 is moving towards its end, and as of now, it has proved to be another great year for e-commerce. The industry has stepped out of the infancy, and the retail leaders are now so mature that some are talking about same-day deliveries, advanced payment gateways, and drone shipping careers which ultimately helps to increase e-commerce revenue.

Increase E-commerce Revenue

From the utilization of social media channels to a massive customer shift towards m-commerce, e-commerce has gone through some major developments this year. Retailers are pushing the boundaries of OmniChannel strategies and are continuously coming up with new and innovative ideas to experiment all the time.

Importance of Customer Centricity in E-commerce

Brands and enterprises grow when they learn to spot new opportunities and implement new strategies. Same is the case in E-commerce as it continues to grow and evolve rapidly. Entrepreneurs and business owners must always be in a strong position to test new growth initiatives and most importantly, improve the shopping experience.

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The ‘Curse of Knowledge’ and How It’s Making Your Website Terrible

We’ve reached a remarkable point in history where we’re more informed than ever before. A wealth of knowledge on almost anything exists just a few taps away on a smartphone. But there’s a fine line between providing information and providing answers. In fact, too much “knowledge” can send your audience straight to your nearest SERP competitor and this is often called as the curse of knowledge.

Curse of Knowledge

So, if you see that your conversions are lagging behind, it could be because you know too much.

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7 Essential Tips for Boosting Your Business Engagement Rates on Social Media

Social media has come a long way over the last decade, and it’s still picking up the pace, even today. Facebook alone has over 2 billion active users and businesses all over the world cannot survive without it.

Boost Your Business Engagement Rates on Social Media

However, back in the day, businesses used to trickle out content to their followers, just to keep them engaged and interacting with the business. But, fast forward to today, content marketing on social media is a well-oiled machine that the world has never seen before.

Today, we’ll explore seven key tips you can follow to help you to boost your business engagement rates on social media. This will help you to grow your follower counts, your online visibility and, therefore, drive more traffic and leads to your website.

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10 Things Not to Do on Social Media – We’ve Learnt the Hard Way

Making mistakes and learning from them is how we grow. Learning from other people’s mistakes is even better – because you can still grow your social media marketing without having to make those mistakes yourself. You will make mistakes, but at least by reading through the ten mistakes we made and how to avoid them, you will make new and interesting mistakes of your own.

1. Not Setting a Goal

Things Not to Do on Social Media

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but it is easy to think that you have to put out content for a client but you have forgotten why you are putting it out. To know that, you need to set overall goals with your client and specific goals for your campaign or feed sequence. Are you trying to drive brand awareness or conversions? If you don’t know, then the audience won’t know either, and you aren’t going to get the results you want.

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SEO: A Marathon, Instead of a Short Sprint for Your Business Growth

It’s overwhelming to see many people coming up with the “get rich quick” ideas. But do you ever question the authenticity of such strategies?

The same case is true with many SEO providers promising instant search engine traffic.

The question here is “How long does SEO take to be effective?” With the hope to see results sooner than later, many business owners end up getting upset when they realize it is taking quite long than they expected. They are even tempted to switch SEO providers when their expectations are not met instantly as they expect.

If you happen to be one of the entrepreneurs who believe in conquering Google with one quick campaign, it is time to think again. The truth is that SEO is a longer journey than you think. It takes hard work and patience before you start seeing the fruits of SEO.

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How Automation is Reshaping Digital Marketing

Marketers have a crazy busy schedule at work – attending meetings here and there, filtering through mailing lists, sending out emails and SMSes to hundreds and thousands of prospects, publishing blog posts, among several other tasks.

How Automation is Reshaping Digital Marketing

You might think you’ve done your part in driving revenue for your company, but on the contrary, you may be wasting your time (or worse, your prospects’) with every email and SMS blast you send out. In this case, your marketing efforts become ineffective, misdirected, and impractical.

Automation in digital marketing solves this disconnect. Statistics say 91 percent of its most successful users agree that marketing automation is very important to the success of their multichannel marketing campaigns. Simply put, automation is any software that automates your marketing tasks in a way that is more organized, personalized, and targeted than traditional marketing.

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3 Smart Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd When Blogging

If you feel as though your blog is lost in a never-ending sea of websites, you are not alone. Many blog and business owners struggle to stand out. In an evaluation of the status of the blogging industry, it was reported that in 2016 there were 6.7 million people blogging. Additionally, the number of blogs is growing each year. So, how do you stand out from the crowd when blogging in such a congested platform?

Learn these steps below that will help in setting your blog apart from the competition.

Stand Out from the Crowd - Blogging

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Why HARO Should Be Your #1 Source for Quality Backlinks

Getting high-quality backlinks might just be the most challenging part of SEO. Asking site owners to risk their credibility on referring you is a big deal.

Manual outreach for backlinks takes a lot of time and finding sources that care about what you have to say can be challenging.

Build Quality Backlinks Using HARO

On the other hand, it’s extremely difficult to get backlinks without manual outreach. If you don’t utilize any kind of backlink outreach strategy, you’re relying on other people to find your content and do the work for you!

Thankfully, HARO exists and it’s making backlink outreach easy for those who have been able to capitalize on it.

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Click, Upload, Earn, and Repeat. Use Instagram to Your Advantage

The community of marketing has seen a paradigm shift, and there is another prime pattern that is taking shape, and that is Instagram advertising.

Use Instagram to your Advantage

Millennials are earning more money than they can from standard 9-5 jobs; many brands and companies have a ground to stand upon for Instagram alone.

Today I will grant to you the systems on how you can integrate Instagram advertising for your site, business, or association and grow your income.

Online networking system is managed by companies as a source to set up their essence and predominance. Nevertheless, they are adopting the wrong strategy. A few customers are missed in light of the fact that you didn’t have a solid online social networking plan.

Driving activity and traffic through social networking websites is a form of art and something that needs an expert. Instagram is a group of probable clients and today I will share the insights on the techniques to make an insane measure of traffic through Instagram alone.

This article is full of research and analysis to help you understand and execute your Instagram advertising systems the right way.

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