Confused About Social Media Audit Reports? These 6 Tips Will Help!

As a thriving business, we’re sure you are implementing social media strategies to grow your brand. But what many brands fail to do is check their marketing efforts using a Social Media audit report. As scary as this sounds, it is a structured way to determine your brand’s performance on social media. Any brand can implement social media audits in their work, and it is nothing to feel overwhelmed about.

A social media audit allows you to understand the happenings on each platform. You’ll be able to comprehend:

  • which marketing tactics are working and which aren’t
  • bots in your follower counts
  • outdated profiles you must repurpose or remove
  • new ways to grab more eyeballs online

This blog post will share effective tips on conducting a social media audit using six tips. Take a look.

Create a Social Media Audit Template

Develop an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet that you’ll use to track your findings. If you have multiple social media accounts, make sure to create a separate sheet for each one.

Your template should include the following columns:

  • Profile name: The name of your social media profile.
  • URL: The URL of your social media profile.
  • Username: The username you use to login into the account
  • Password: The credentials you use to login into the account (if you have multiple team members who manage the account, make sure to include their usernames and passwords as well)
  • Audit date: The date you last audited the account.
  • Last login: The date you or your team members last logged in to the account.
  • Number of followers: The number of people who follow your account.
  • Number of friends/connections: The number of people you’re following back or the number of connections you have on LinkedIn.
  • Number of posts: Total posts you’ve posted on the account.
  • Most recent post: The date and time of your most recent post and the engagement.
  • Profile description: A brief description of what your profile is about.
  • Website URL: The URL of your website.

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Why Is HTTPS Critical for Websites These Days?

While visiting websites, sometimes you can encounter warning signals such as “Not Secure.” At that time, Google gives you two options, either continue to the site or go back to the results page.

That “Not Secure” sign shows that a website does not have HTTPS encryption. Only when a website owner purchases an SSL certificate for their website, will users be allowed to pass through without hindrance.

As a wise customer, you would rather go back to the main results page and scroll for another option instead, right?

Thus, this sums up the value of HTTPS in today’s context. But what exactly is HTTPS?

Let’s take a look:

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is a security protocol responsible for safely transmitting data from a web server to a web browser.

An unsecured website that displays a “Not Secure” sign works on HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol. But when an ‘S’ is added, it becomes secure by encryption.

Now, you must be wondering, well, how does HTTPS protect a website, right?

HTTPS facilitates an SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate of 2048 bit key. The work of SSL is to encrypt and authenticate data.

When an SSL is installed, it activates a gray padlock ahead of the HTTPS URL. Meanwhile, HTTPS establishes a secure network for data to pass through.

HTTPS encrypts the data transfer so that no hacker can intercept or steal it. Also, it protects the file from getting corrupt and protects data from building authenticity.

Moreover, we would like to bring some facts about HTTPS that you must know.

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A Guide To Why You Need Email Validation

During an email marketing campaign, you’re going to be sending out a lot of emails to all kinds of places. While you might think that sending mail to any email address on your list is the way to go, it can actually hurt your sender reputation if you do this blindly.

Internet service providers are always on the lookout for those who send emails indiscriminately, since that’s the mark of someone distributing spam or malware. You need to be careful about how you send emails and who you send them to if you want to keep on top of your game.

What Is Email Validation?

Email validation is simple in concept, less so to put into practice. Put in a few words, it’s the process of making sure that each and every email address on your mailing lists is connected to a real person, is actively used and not an abandoned or throwaway account, and can actually receive your emails.

Why Should You Use Email Validation?

As mentioned before, sending emails indiscriminately hurts your reputation as a sender. In other words, the more you do this the more likely ISPs are to flag your content as potential spam or malware and block you or send you straight to the spam folder! That’s a big no-no in email marketing, since you heavily rely on people reading your content to succeed.

There are several actions that hurt your reputation. These include:

Sometimes people put the wrong information into your sign-up forms, whether deliberately or accidentally. Sending to these non-existent addresses is a huge red flag to ISPs. In addition, some servers have what’s called an “accept-all” policy, where the mail will be accepted even if the desired mailbox doesn’t exist.

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How to Write Content That Sells

The role of content in a modern business’s success is impossible to undervalue. Due to the global digitalization and a massive shift to the web, content now remains one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach a large audience and deliver their messages.

If you wonder what the main purpose of every piece of content your business delivers is to boost engagement and drive sales. Whether it is a landing page, product description, or just a blog post – these goals remain unchanged. Thus, the highest level of mastery in content creation is the ability to generate content that sells.

But what makes a particular piece of content great enough to convert and sell? And how do you create such content yourself? The expert in digital content marketing from a trusted essay writing website that sells paper writing services to college students is going to help us figure this out. Let’s dive in!

Know Who You Are Writing For

In today’s world, all businesses are adopting a customer-centered mindset. Why? Because modern consumers want to feel that brands they use know their needs and can cater to them.

This approach should be at the core of everything your business does. Including the content you create. And it would be impossible to implement it if you don’t know who you are writing your content for.

Therefore, the first key to writing content that sells and converts is getting to know your audience. You want to discover their pain points, needs, expectations, interests, etc. The more you know about them, the more relevant and helpful content you can create, and the higher ROIs you can get in the result.

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7 Important Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field. Every year it introduces us to new rules for winning over the hearts of consumers. And marketers have to follow these rules to achieve the best results and learn even more by checking this post about Adwords management.

Want to know how to ensure the success of your marketing efforts this year? We have figured it out for you. A proven expert in the field of digital marketing, currently working at the top essay writing service where students can have professional writers make my essay and get quick and high-quality help, is going to tell us about the top seven trends in digital marketing that will predominate in 2022 in this article.

First & Zero-Party Data

Without any doubt, collecting valuable data about consumers is always crucial for marketing. But the methods used for data collection are also important. So the first digital marketing trend we want to highlight is first & zero-party data.

In fact, relying on third-party data has long been out of trend. We observed the rise of first & zero-party data in 2021. And it will stay with us in 2022.

What does this mean in practice? This basically means that marketers should start owning their audience. They have to create their own first-party data (information collected by your business) instead of using data collected by someone else.

How to make this real? There are plenty of options. To name a few, emails, social media, newsletters, and CRM tools can all help brands collect valuable insights about their consumers.

As for zero-party data (information provided by consumers directly), it is also going to be trending in 2022. This means that marketers should put more effort into harvesting vital data from their consumers directly. This can be done through different online interactions, such as text surveys.

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A Guide to Repurposing Your Content

Repurposing your content can lead to key insights and connect you with like-minded bloggers. It can get your guest posts on high-traffic websites and drive conversions by targeting specific segments of your audience.

As a business owner, you know how important content is. You need to consistently produce relevant, engaging content to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business.

But you also know that with all of your other responsibilities, it’s easy to get bogged down by just one part of your business, like writing good content. Hiring professionals who will help write an essay makes your content repurposing exercise simple. The experts will use minimal time at an affordable cost in keeping your loyal online base engaged.

In this article, we discuss ways of repurposing the existing content. But first, it’s essential to know what it is, how to do it, and its benefits.

What Is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing is adapting your existing piece to suit new uses and formats. It can be as small as posting a tweet that links back to a blog post or as big as creating an entire series of YouTube videos using your blog posts as a rough guide. This is an excellent strategy for small businesses that don’t have the time to create large volumes of new, original pieces.

With repurposing, you can save time and money while still providing your audience with the high-quality content they expect from you.

When to Repurpose Content

You should repurpose content when you:

  • have some great blog posts that need to get more eyes on;
  • want to reach new audiences for your content;
  • want to promote an old blog to keep it relevant;
  • have a great article that isn’t achieving your projected attention;
  • struggling to come up with new ideas and don’t have time to produce more content from scratch.

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How to Find Low Competition Keywords for Your Website

If your website’s domain authority is low and the top keywords you want to rank for are out of reach, then the best alternative for you is to focus on low competition keywords.

What are low competition keywords?

Usually, everybody wants to rank for the most in-demand keywords. For example, let’s say you run an ecommerce store that sells products for dogs, including food. The most ideal keyword you could rank for is “dog food.” It has a search volume of 285,000.

Ranking for this keyword will get you a ton of high-intent search traffic, which will likely yield significant sales, but actually ranking for that term is easier said than done. This is because all the top sites with high authority are vying for it.

To rank towards the top of page one for it, you need to create an impeccable product/category page and build hundreds of links from high authority sites. And your site’s own authority likewise needs to be high. Even if you build all those links, it will take you months and maybe even a year to rank for this keyword.

This is why if your authority is low or you don’t have a vast budget to build all those links, you should opt for low competition keywords.

An alternative to “dog food” might be “best dog food for senior dogs.” It has a search volume of 2,900, but you can potentially rank for it quickly. An even easier alternative would be “best wet dog food for senior dogs.” It has a search volume of 1,100.

As the keywords and search strings you aim for get longer, they see less volume of people searching for them each month. However, they also get more specific, which means that the bigger businesses you compete with will be less interested. You can use the grep command to search a file for a particular string.

What’s more, assuming that you have a great landing page that offers quality resources about the “best wet dog food for senior dogs,” the people who do search for these terms are all the more likely to actually engage with your content.

As you rank for these low competition keywords, your authority will improve, and you can then set your sights on high competition keywords.

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Best Tips to Write a Script for a Video Presentation

Video scripting is important when it comes to making a video presentation. No matter the subject matter, video script holds importance in every case. Since your film’s layout, structure, and story are all defined by a video script.

Having a video script means you have got a clear path to follow now and an overview of how everything will unfold. At the same time, being clear on the primary message and story you want to tell, you are less likely to face any alterations later through producing the video.

Writing a video script is not that challenging if you follow the essential steps that allow for some flexibility. So it is acceptable if you don’t get it right the first time. The idea is to keep revising until you’ve nailed it. On the other hand, we would recommend that you check for presentation themes to give yourself a head start as having a pattern to start from would be more beneficial than having to start from scratch.

Hence, to make help you create the best possible video script, below are the basic steps to properly create a video script:

Begin with a brief:

Doing so allows you and your team to document the most pressing project concerns efficiently, ensuring that everyone participating in the video production is on the same page.

As if any of your teammates disagrees or tries to make any changes all of a sudden, you can simply refer to the brief you have made. It details the project plan and goals that your team has devised together. After that, you can proceed.

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5 Growth Lessons learned from Top 5 eCommerce Stores

As of the year 2021, 2.4 billion people shop online. The number is enough to state that eCommerce is a booming industry.

However, reaching at a level where the eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba are, might seem insurmountable. Especially, if you are new to the industry, you need to know what they do differently. You can also learn why you might need to buy a barcode for the products you wish to sell.

A winning business model with a striking marketing strategy helps you stand out. Your business model should include strategies to reach customers and drive sales. While your marketing strategy should help in brand awareness and customer retention. For that, you need to know which medium of communication do your customers prefer.

61% of brands use email marketing to reach out directly to their customers. This means emails have not become outdated. In fact, it is still the most used platform for marketers. To have a successful email campaign, you not only need to include email marketing but also have to optimize it with tools available in the market. Source

Email marketing tools provide email templates, test, send and generate reports on email campaigns. However, these tools could get a little expensive. You can find out about more alternatives that are affordable and suitable for your business.

You now know how email marketing is most used by businesses today. However, marketing is step 2.

Let us first understand what do you need in your eCommerce store to garner the results you want:

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Brain Training Apps for Remote Workers and How They Can Reduce Stress

Like traditional office workers, remote workers endure work stress, which emanates from different sources. From untrusting bosses who subject you to excessive supervision and monitoring to the boredom and loneliness that come with working remotely, there’s no doubt about the fact that remote workers remain susceptible to significant stressors. As a matter of fact, a recent survey conducted in June 2020 found on Statista proved that remote workers are more stressed than we think. This was when 51.4% of the participants admitted that working remotely had left them more stressed than when they were working in their regular places of work before the lockdown.

However, the good news is that remote work stress can be easily overcome with brain training apps. Today we take a closer look at these apps, including what they are in particular and how they can help reduce stress:

What Are Brain Training Apps?

Simply put, brain training apps are those that can help train the brain, enhancing your memory and other cognitive functions. Some apps are specifically meant for this purpose, and they are designed to serve different purposes even though they offer enhanced memory and cognitive benefits. For example, strategy games and puzzles provide brain training benefits besides the enjoyment you get from playing video games. So, how do brain training apps help reduce stress? To answer the question, let’s first understand how a person develops anxiety whereby they find themselves in a state of emotional or mental tension or strain due to demanding or adverse circumstances.

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