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4 Tips to Upgrade Your Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Nowadays, developing a remarkable marketing strategy is harder than it looks. Of course, you’ve seen that brilliant ad on Facebook, and it seemed easy to reproduce. However, the reality is always different.

Crafting a high-performance online marketing strategy implies more factors. The person who develops it, the team like func.media which helps, the marketplace’s condition, the budget involved, and most importantly, the purpose of the digital strategy.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 4 important tips to upgrade your online marketing performance and take your business to the next level.

Develop, Test, and Focus on Your Unique Marketing Strategy

Every brand should develop and focus on a unique strategy. The reason is obvious – you can’t successfully position your brand in the marketplace without being able to provide a strong value proposition.

Don’t mistake uniqueness with originality. The #IceBucketChallenge can be considered a successful and original marketing campaign. Due to its originality and purpose, it also became viral.

Upgrading your online marketing strategy has nothing to do with originality. As a wise man said, there’s nothing new under the sun, so seeking something that has been thought and done already is often a perfectionistic behavior that slows progress.

Let me help you understand the difference between originality and uniqueness.

Unique Marketing Strategy

Here, in this picture, we have a common dog breed, with an original behavior. Until now, experts haven’t been able to identify dogs that are able to read. This is originality.

Unique Marketing Strategy

Here, we have a cute little dog who is not original (because every dog pukes) but he’s quite unique due to his impressive coverups. A pillow under the vomit plus a cute little face is a remarkable strategy. This is uniqueness.

As you can notice, both of them are cute, nice, and appreciated. It works the same way with any branding and marketing campaign. If you have a unique angle of approach, you’ll make yourself remarkable.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is broad. I could say extremely broad. Your strategy is unique because your branding, products, and audience are unique.

You should focus on getting more information about your target audience. Find out how and where they spend time online, gain a better understanding of their problems and needs, and figure out their personality characteristics and common behavior. As a side note, you might also want to check this quick guide to e-commerce backlinks and how to increase your website’s traffic without buying links.

Once you gain a better understanding of your target audience, you should take into consideration your personal resources (skills, knowledge, friends, networking contacts, budget) and decide what type of media content you will create and deliver.

Text, video, audio? You can do all of them, but on which one will you focus most?

The perfect digital marketing strategy is the marketing strategy that works. The process of creating this strategy is extremely flexible and creative, so by asking yourself relevant questions, you can define all types of details that serve as pieces of the puzzle – your unique online marketing puzzle.

Nevertheless, a combination of different digital marketing strategies and approaches, backed by consistent performance analysis is the best way to improve your expertise and deliver more consistent results.

Here are the top online marketing strategies that you can start performing:

  • Content marketing (organic and paid methods)
  • Social media marketing (organic and paid methods)
  • SEO marketing (organic methods)
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing advertising (Search engine marketing or SEM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Marketing Automation and Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing

These are broad categories. Take each one, do your homework well, and see how they can help you promote and sell your brand and products.

Start with the intuition, continue with the real-time analysis and the feedback it provides. Spend your budget wisely, and make sure you strive to find the proper unique digital marketing strategy that’ll bring a satisfying ROI.

The key takeaways of this paragraph are as follows:

  1. Understand that every good marketing campaign is built and performed in a unique way.
  2. You shouldn’t try to be original, but rather unique. Get inspiration from successful examples, study their approach, and find a better one.
  3. Digital marketing is broad – you should focus on more than one strategy and identify the ones that perform best. Once you do, it should be clear where to invest 80% of your budget, time, attention, and energy. Leave 20% for the process of continuous testing.

Take Your Branding to the Next Level

Do you know why they call it the “power of branding”?

There are two reasons why a branded content, product, or opinion has a higher impact on the consumer’s behavior.

First, a brand can sell the same quality products (or even worse) at higher prices.


Second, a brand is a unique type of entity that grows into each of your customers’ minds. Effective branding strengthens the rapport, trust, and connection with your customers.

Therefore, whenever they’re faced with a choice between your products and others, the customers will usually choose based on their existing relationship with that brand. It’s safe to assume that better branding means better business.

Here’s my advice:

  • If you don’t have a brand story, find or create one.
  • Your logo, website, and products should be visually appealing and designed for your specific target audience.
  • Improve your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness through influencers.
  • Organize humanitarian acts and associate your brand with important causes.
  • Improve your PR game – get media coverage and distribute topics that enhance your brand’s visibility and credibility
  • Treat your brand with a lot of respect and consistency. After all, it’s all you’ve got.

Create Outstanding Content

Content is king. You’ve heard the saying, right? If you didn’t, you’re probably new to digital marketing and you’ll discover it yourself.

Nowadays, the internet is flooded with marketing and advertising material. Everyone’s trying to sell something, and so few are focusing on providing real value.

Luckily for the consumers, unluckily for you, the trends are changing, and brands are paying more attention to the quality and value of their content.

Quality of Content

You can’t generate leads unless people become interested in your initial offerings. Content is the best free way to offer something of value (information).

Therefore, if your content is mediocre or average, you should immediately do something about it.

Some marketers are not necessarily great writers, so outsourcing this job is often the simplest and most effective way to improve the overall quality of a marketing campaign.

Out-of-the-box tip: Outsource your content using academic writers from platforms like Aussiewritings.com or Australianwritings.net instead of freelancers from Upwork or high-cost writing agencies. An academic writer will do fewer mistakes and provide more value overall.

Content Strategy

If you believe that your content marketing strategy must be improved and not the content itself, then you need to start researching, planning, testing, and optimizing your current campaign.

You can gain a lot of inspiration from big companies, or you can study your competitors and identify their advantages and disadvantages.

For example, if most of your competitors have started to focus primarily on video marketing and you haven’t, it means that you’re falling behind the marketplace.

The trends change very quickly, and so does the perspective and behavior of your target audience. Your content needs to be served in the proper format, it needs to contain the right information, and it must be very accessible to your prospects, leads, and validated customers.

Some piece of advice:

  • Ensure that your content is error-free
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in your content development process
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Develop content that solves problems, satisfies needs, and changes lives.
  • Improve your content’s quality standards and expectations and don’t post unless it’s really good.
  • Spend 40% of your resources on content development, and 60% on content promotion

Focus on Your Prospects, Leads, and Customers

Online, there are more categories of people, defined in business terms.

First, there’s the prospect, who can be a website visitor, a social media follower, or a person who has interacted with your brand at least once.

The lead is the person who has shown interest in your brand and has decided to take an extra step and subscribe to your email newsletter, complete a survey, make a call, and so on.

The customer is the person who has bought something from you, and the individual who trusts and values your brand the most.

Each of these categories is extremely important for your business growth. Since the online environment is the primary place where people communicate online, your prospects, leads, and customers must be properly “taken care of”.

That means…

They should be able to contact you and ask questions about your brand, products, or services.

Your website (main platform) should provide a great user experience in terms of navigability, content, and design.

If your products and service promise extraordinary results – show the proof. Make a great video and prove the nonbelievers that they’re wrong. People want heroes, and you can be their hero.

Quick last advice: you should always try to overdeliver on quality. Surprise your target audience with things that they haven’t asked for and let them know that you have them on your mind.


Digital marketing is a challenging and interactive game. There are many players of different levels, with different goals, and with different approaches. What differentiates the successful from the mediocre ones is the consistency and quality of work that’s being “paid”.

In that sense, your digital marketing strategy should be qualitative, well-planned, and consistent. It should aim for growth, and it should make itself remarkable.

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