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5 Winning SEO Copywriting Strategies to Boost Website Traffic

SEO Copywriting

Competition for reader attention is intense nowadays. Many companies try to create compelling, and catchy content to engage more users and draw them towards the purchase step of the sales funnel. So, what one should do to not fall behind in this race? 

Content is a motivational force in today’s market. It connects with readers, delivers the right message, and leads them to the products and services one sells. A trustworthy and relevant copy is, without exaggeration, what sparks interest and stimulates taking the desired action. 

How can one provide a good copy that boosts traffic? From this article, you will learn about five surefire tactics of SEO copywriting, which will help you draw more users to your website.

#1. Writing For People First 

Can you imagine texts written by a program? Would you enjoy reading such texts? Doubtfully. That’s because machine-written texts lack emotive components and logical, cognitive flow. Only people can create a copy that appeals to readers and establishes contact with them. 


So, what does Google say about the content they find suitable for readers? They say that the readability and the value of your text are more important. Their advice is to focus your content primarily on the relevance of users, not on search bots. 

What does this mean? It means that keyword stuffing doesn’t work. Domain authority and content relevance are more important nowadays. So, focusing on useful and exciting texts will do the trick.

Post Regularly 

Fresh, regular content is half the battle. When you post regularly, you draw more attention to your website and engage more users. So, make sure to post content according to a schedule.

If you want to publish new content regularly or refresh some of your old pieces, but find yourself too shorthanded to do it alone, consider hiring freelancers from platforms like EssayTigers, Freelancer or others. They can share your workload, repurpose your old content, and also provide you with some useful advice on how to further polish and structure your text.

Blend Your Keywords In 

Another useful tactic would be to pick keywords which can be organically blended into your text without distracting readers. You know, the best keyword doesn’t look like a keyword at all.

#2. Adding Value 

When you only have text and nothing more, it’s hard to speak about the reader’s attraction. The strategy of adding value to your content is all about using different tools when copywriting for your website.


Visualization is everything in modern content marketing. Diagrams, infographics, video clips and many more are great for accompanying your texts because: 

  1. They increase your chances of being found through organic searches (don’t forget to fill out the alt attributes.)
  2. Some authoritative resources can use your images and video clips in their content with backlinks to your site which will increase your Domain Rating (DR).
  3. Informative images and infographics increase the dwelling time of users on your website.

So, you can see that by using accompanying visual effects, you benefit a lot from supporting your words with illustrative examples. You can even use a WordPress tables plugin to create dynamic charts. 

Links to Authoritative Websites 

When you use any type of information, statistic, or intellectual work, you have to cite its origins. It’s not only good for intellectual rights but also helps your page look more reliable and informative. 

By providing links to relevant information, you will provide an opportunity for your readers to learn more while building a more reliable relationship with them. You can also use the attribute “rel=nofollow” to avoid influencing certain links on the reputation of your website. In other words, by using this attribute, you can ensure your page won’t lose its rank.


Call-to-action is a copywriting basis. A powerful CTA is the main motivational force used to engage readers to follow your links, visit your pages, and take any of your desired actions. CTAs help to reduce your bounce rate, so your website position will grow by leaps and bounds.

#3. Creating Valuable and Readable Texts 

Did you know that consumers say content affects their decision making when purchasing from a brand? In fact, 47% of people read at least 3-5 pieces of content about a company before placing an order.

Personalized Content

With this information in mind, you can imagine how powerful your content is. It can affect the readers’ opinion and interest, stimulate their purchases, and other desired actions — like following links to specific pages, or taking participation in online surveys. It is an excellent option to rank higher, and get more clicks through organic searches.

B2B Marketers

Now, when you are sure that you want to provide such content, take a look at what great content is. First of all, it is readable. Readable content has:

  • A proper structure with paragraphs, headings, sub-headings, and lists to make reading more convenient
  • A topic that touches the problem areas of your target audience — for example, time management among entrepreneurs, or back pain among office workers
  • A description that discusses the value of your products or services for your target audience, and how your brand helps to overcome the difficulties and solve the problems of the people in these groups

You should also make sure that your text has all the necessary components of optimization for search bots:

  • A reasonable number of keywords
  • Length is more than 300 words
  • Fill out alt attributes for non-text pieces of content, e.g. images, video clips, and animations, that provide visual appeal to your text
  • Keywords in the title, H1, H2, and H3 tags
  • “Pretty” and short URLs
  • Links to high authority domains
  • Internal links to the related products and services you promote
  • Anchored keywords

Basically, you want your content to be readable and relevant but also optimized without a cost to text quality. 

Valuable and meaningful content is highly shareable. It’s your chance to get more traffic, so don’t forget to add a “Share” button for social media users. This will get you more views on your content, and more people on your website.

#4 — Using LSI Keywords 

LSI keywords, or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, are not what every copywriter uses, but they should. And you should too. 

When planning what keywords to use for your next piece of content, you might also think about using tools, like Mondovo Keyword Research, or Google Trends. But you should also pay attention to keywords related to the keywords you use, like LSIGraph. These related words might have a similar semantic load, but they will earn you more traffic in search queries.

LSI Keywords

Think of what users might be searching for, and how they might formulate their query. Look for words similar to the ones you usually use. For example, “shopping bag,” “buyer packet,” “grocery bag,” “bag for groceries,” or “shopping purse.” 

By using a large variety of keywords, you can make your text less monotonous, and repetitive, which is always great for a copywriter. 

Google always looks for similar keywords — words found to be more interesting by users. This gives you a higher search engine ranking, which leads to more traffic on your website.

#5.  Writing for a Particular Audience 

The best way to understand what type of content you should provide is to find out who will read it. This means that copywriting can’t exist without an understanding of its target audience, their buyer persona, and the products and services your company sells. 

What is a buyer persona? 

It is a semi-fictional representation of the primary qualities possessed by most consumers, like their job, their location, their age, and their sex. Specified ages of housewives and nearby farms are good examples. 

When you create a piece of content, it should consider the interests and issues of your target audience — what problems they face, what obstacles they need to overcome in their everyday life, or what type of content they find interesting. You can get this data by conducting market research, surveys, or by using your existing customers’ data. 

If you sell, for example, educational toys, then your potential clients might find your articles and your website through organic search engine queries. In this case, your potential customers might find interesting articles about:

  • Educational methods and tips
  • Educational activities
  • Learning styles
  • Psychological types and groups
  • Behavioral correction
  • Development of talents

When your content resonates with your potential customer, it stimulates their interest and engagement, and these can lead to a purchase.

Wrapping Up

Copywriting and SEO can’t exist separately in the modern world. They have deep interconnection and work with the same tools towards the same purpose. SEO copywriting is also a solution to problems like:

  1. Low ranking    
  2. Little to no traffic
  3. Low conversion rate   
  4. High bounce rate

Using simple tips from our article, you will get a better understanding of what the perfect content for your site is, and how you can draw people to your site through the magic of words. The more your texts resonate with your target audience, the more traffic you’ll earn, and the more loyal your customers will become.

So, while building a brand that will be loved by customers, make sure to pay attention to the content that you create for them.

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