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7 Important Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field. Every year it introduces us to new rules for winning over the hearts of consumers. And marketers have to follow these rules to achieve the best results and learn even more by checking this post about Adwords management.

Want to know how to ensure the success of your marketing efforts this year? We have figured it out for you. A proven expert in the field of digital marketing, currently working at the top essay writing service where students can have professional writers make my essay and get quick and high-quality help, is going to tell us about the top seven trends in digital marketing that will predominate in 2022 in this article.

First & Zero-Party Data

Without any doubt, collecting valuable data about consumers is always crucial for marketing. But the methods used for data collection are also important. So the first digital marketing trend we want to highlight is first & zero-party data.

In fact, relying on third-party data has long been out of trend. We observed the rise of first & zero-party data in 2021. And it will stay with us in 2022.

What does this mean in practice? This basically means that marketers should start owning their audience. They have to create their own first-party data (information collected by your business) instead of using data collected by someone else.

How to make this real? There are plenty of options. To name a few, emails, social media, newsletters, and CRM tools can all help brands collect valuable insights about their consumers.

As for zero-party data (information provided by consumers directly), it is also going to be trending in 2022. This means that marketers should put more effort into harvesting vital data from their consumers directly. This can be done through different online interactions, such as surveys.

Supply Chain Buffering

Simply put, supply chain buffering strives to add the needed level of flexibility to your supply chain to let your brand respond to sudden changes in demand. It means ensuring that your stock is always prepared for unexpected upsells. And this is another trend in digital marketing for 2022.

Like the trend for first & zero-party data, supply chain buffering was also trending last year. Thus, we bet many of you are already doing something along this line. If this is true, you should definitely continue in 2022. And if not, it is the right time to start.

To use this trend to your benefit, start by aligning your marketing strategy with your business’s stock. It means tailoring marketing goals to the capacity of your stock. Also, consider maintaining a 30-day buffer stock that will give you more flexibility and ensure that your buyers won’t have to wait extra time if you suddenly need to restock after an unexpected rise in sales.

The Metaverse

The previous two digital marketing trends that we expect to stay in 2022 were trending in 2021. So is there anything new, you may wonder? The answer is yes. Welcome to the Metaverse!

For those of you who haven’t heard of it yet (like if it’s possible), the Metaverse is a fully virtual world powered by technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, video, 3D holographic avatars, etc. This world is promised to bring us a whole new level of immersive experience. Inside it, people will be able to play, socialize, study, and even work.

It is not fully here yet. Nevertheless, it is already creating so much buzz in all industries. Thus, we can expect the Metaverse to be a big bang in the business and other spheres as soon as it arrives. So it will inevitably become one of the digital marketing trends.

According to experts, once launched, the Metaverse can introduce a whole new set of digital marketing opportunities and new performance metrics. Therefore, marketers should start thinking about it as a part of their strategies now.

3D rendering in marketing lets you come up with highly precise and detailed photos of products making them look more realistic. So, what is a 3d render? According to FUSE Animation, 3D rendering is the process of creating images based on three-dimensional data. Visit their website to learn how you can use 3D rendering for your marketing campaigns.


Just a few years ago, no one had a single clue of what NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are. But, now, nearly every consumer out there knows what it is or has at least heard something about it. NFTs have taken the world by storm. So it shouldn’t surprise you to see them among the top digital marketing trends of 2022.

The popularity of NFTs skyrocketed last year. Watching it gain momentum, many brands have already taken steps to use blockchain technology to their benefit. We’ve already seen leading companies like Adidas, Prada, and many others launch their own NFT collectibles. And we are sure that this will become a real mainstream soon.

According to experts, the real benefits of integrating NFTs into marketing strategies will be seen in the near future, probably, after 2022. Nevertheless, 2022 will be the perfect year for experimenting with this technology and finding possible ways to fit it into your marketing strategy. So if you are not doing this yet, you’d better start ASAP. Rest assured that your effort will pay off soon.


Cryptocurrency is another emerging digital marketing trend that we expect to grow stronger in 2022. Therefore, it is one more technology marketers should want to keep their eyes on this year.

Cryptocurrencies have been around for quite a while. So we bet that many of you have already heard a lot about this technology. Nevertheless, this technology is still not widely integrated into digital marketing despite its growing popularity. But experts predict that this is about to change.

In 2022, as cryptocurrency becomes even more pervasive, it’s finally the right time to incorporate this technology into your marketing strategy. As you can guess, the role of cryptocurrencies in marketing will mainly affect finance-related marketing campaigns, such as loyalty programs, rewards, etc.

Yet, we believe that there will also be other ways to leverage crypto-driven marketing for business growth and success in the near future. So, one way or another, marketers should start doing something along this line starting this year.

Gender Neutrality

The next trend may actually surprise some marketers. But it is already here, and it’s reshaping the digital marketing industry. We are talking about the rise of gender neutrality.

The fight for equality between genders has been continuing for decades, and now, it seems to have finally reached its peak. These days, the concepts of traditional gender roles are starting to vanish, and this fact can’t help but affect all industries, including marketing.

Last year, we already witnessed some popular brands like Pacific Sunwear, Old Navy, and others embrace gender neutrality. These brands released gender-neutral collections to support inclusivity. And experts believe that this trend will grow in 2022.

So what does gender neutrality mean in terms of marketing? This basically means removing gender bias and traditional roles from your marketing strategies. Following this trend, marketers should start using gender-neutral language and reflect all kinds of backgrounds in their messages. Being able to represent all types of individuals in your marketing campaigns will be a sure way to win over the hearts of modern consumers this year. So go ahead and leverage this trend to your benefit.


Lastly, one more trend for marketers to watch in 2022 is sustainability. In recent years, we observed how brand values and their stance on important social and environmental matters have become more and more important to modern consumers. This will remain true in 2022 and further. And sustainability will be one of the major issues that consumers want brands to stand for.

According to surveys, as many as 87% of consumers reported that they want to see brands take real steps to ensure sustainability. Therefore, integrating this trend into your marketing strategy is a sure way to drive more prospects.

How can marketers do this? First, you should be transparent about your brand’s core values. Then, use marketing as a tool to communicate these values to consumers. Teaming up with relevant nonprofits can also help you expand your customer base and achieve your marketing goals.

Lastly and most importantly, marketers should focus on helping their brands make a real impact. Saying that your business is sustainable is no longer enough. Instead, consumers expect you to show real results of your sustainability.


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