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8 Custom Google Analytics Reports that are Awesome for Understanding Your Business

Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics provides the ability to the marketers to generate and customize reports.

Marketers can gain valuable insights from Google Analytics. The Solution Gallery is home to thousands of such custom reports, with it also having an OpenSearch Dashboard. It also has a Dashboard to view data for complete insights. And if you need to get real-time analytics and predictive insights to make smarter
and faster decisions that will drive your business forward, you may want to check out the Qualtrics homepage for more info.

Your site can have enormous data. But only a fraction of that data can help you optimize and gain insights that impact business decisions too. Some data needs to be churned and analyzed thoroughly for hidden inputs that then deliver actionable insights that could have been ignored completely.

Here are some of the best Google Analytics custom reports. You can import, customize or recreate them yourself.

#1. Mobile Metrics Hourly Report 

Do you wish to analyze your mobile user traffic efficiently?

Mobile Metrics Hourly report makes it easy for users to view mobile user traffic accessing your site, on an hourly basis. You can leverage data from this report to determine the daily flow of mobile traffic, and then tailor advertising strategies for visitors.

The strategies can be based on any period of the day depending on the high concentration of traffic during that period. One can post promos or discounts during those hours to encourage prospects to become buyers.

Mobile Metrics Hourly Report

The report helps businesses to maximize their marketing efforts ensuring updates are posted during peak traffic. The data from this report can help companies to:

  • Promote new products
  • Track daily mobile traffic flow
  • Customize advertising strategies for visitors
  • Use heavy traffic to promote products and offer discounts

You can import the mobile metrics report from here.

#2. Customer Behavior Report 

Customer behavior is integral to the success of any business. Every visitor behaves differently and by analyzing their behavior, companies can align their marketing pitches accordingly.

The customer behavior report focuses on the change of behaviors between new and returning visitors leveraging Google Analytics’ pivot functionality. By relying on traffic, conversions, and events, store owners can tune their sales strategies, techniques, and approach to use their marketing budget optimally.

Customer Behavior Report 

The report is useful for ensuring customer retention, for planning loyalty programs and for attracting new shoppers. You can import the customer behavior report from here. 

#3. Campaign Cost Analysis

It is necessary for companies to analyze their marketing expenditure on certain campaigns, the appearance of their advertisement, know about people who clicked on the ads, and more.

The Campaign Cost Analysis ensures the cost per click, the per-session value derived from the campaign too. This report helps marketers to understand the true ROI of their campaigns.

Campaign Cost Analysis

This powerful report can give you insights like:

  • How often your ad has appeared
  • How much money you’ve spent
  • Number of visitors on the site
  • Cost of the click etc.

You can import the report from here.

#4. Page Timing Report 

Sites lose visitors and customers if the response is not quick enough. Google uses page speed to rank sites too. Hence site pages won’t rank well if they are sluggish in comparison to other sites. It is essential to run quick tests to check on site speed.

This Page Timing report helps users analyze and score each webpage, with relevant data indicating the best-performing pages from the worst, in terms of speed. In other words, it ranks web pages in descending order of their load time in seconds.

 Page Timing Report

Page optimization and speed help online sites gain visitors and even helps boost their search engine ranking. These factors majorly impact customers and online visitors.

You can import the report from here. 

#5. Custom Search Report 

As marketers and optimizers, users using site search are quite valuable. Since these users help the marketers know about the most searched terms. To make site search smarter and prominent, a custom search report can deliver the statistics of the searches made by users over a given period of time.

Custom Search Report

Keyword analysis is highly dependent on user researches and companies devise strategies around the top keywords that best describe their offering. With custom search reports, they can analyze the best and most frequent search terms that are useful to be incorporated into their content, as well as in different marketing campaigns.

You can import the custom search report from here. 

#6. Organic vs Paid Search Performance 

This is the best report for marketers or optimizers who are running paid ads. Both organic and paid searches behave differently. They have different definitions when it comes to user experience. They interact differently.

With this report, marketers can compare between organic campaigns and paid ads, helping businesses to choose the approach that best delivers an ideal ROI. The report also ensures a tailored view for every period and thus helps decision-makers to choose the best approach.

Organic vs Paid Search Performance

The Organic vs. Paid Search Performance report helps users see those behavioral differences. Also, you can improve customer experience with each segment too.

You can import the search performance report from here.

#7. Link Analysis Custom Report

Rankings are important. But what about links? Do you know that inbound links can boost the quality traffic to your site?

Inbound links can bring quality traffic to the site. This custom report provides insights about which referral links bring you the most promising traffic. The report helps marketers with quality links that ensure that visitors can be directed to the important pages, where they intend to take them.

Link Analysis Custom Report

The report also helps in analyzing the bad links and de-linking them so that the audience traffic is not misled to visit broken ones. Search engine rankings will deservedly receive a huge boost with the activity.

Import the report from here.

#8. PPC Content Custom Report

Marketers use paid search to test the best landing pages to target keywords for relevance. The test determines whether a targeted keyword on that page would entice visitors to find what they need and convert into a customer.

The approach minimizes the risk of focusing on unsuitable keywords on the wrong page and saves on months of SEO efforts.

PPC Content Custom Report

You can use the PPC Content custom report to zero in the best combinations of the landing page and targeted keywords from a revenue perspective. The report can reveal these opportunities directly.

You can import this report from here.

Concluding Thoughts 

Google Analytics is a great tool. But you cannot just rely on it without proper custom reports, especially to gain valuable insights and metrics. You can build or import custom reports anytime to make informed decisions too. Know your data and customer behavior better and help your website grow efficiently with these custom reports for Google Analytics.

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