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8 Advanced Blog Formatting Tips that can Foster Higher Conversion Rates in 2019

Blog Formatting

According to a content marketing infographic and report brought out by demandmetric.com, on average, firms with informative blogs are likely to produce 67% more leads every month than those without it. If we are to consider the statistic, blogging, undeniably is one of the most effective tools that can be implemented by a company to foster maximum conversions, resulting in achieving the coveted Return on Investment.

However, blogging is no child’s play. The reason is,  it requires an individual to meet numerous essential aspects in order to ensure perfection and technical flawlessness. Now that it’s been a while you have been struggling to frame a perfect design and format for your blogs, here’s something for you to figure out. When monetization is a concern, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of leveraging the following blog formatting tips.

#1. Use Attractive, Relevant and Unique Images to Stand Out

Blog Images

According to Hubspot, 32% of marketers say visual images are the most significant form content for their business, with blogging in second. So, how about merging the very concept of utilizing visual images with blogging? The idea is to add relevant and unique images to your blogs to break the monotony of reading through those huge blocks of plaintexts.

Sooner or later, things will turn out to be boring for your readers if there’s no visual interpretation or references drawn in support of the subject matter you’re discussing. Using images in a blog is considered as the most effective way to break up texts and attract a significant chunk of potential readers to go through the write-up.

However, merely using images for your blogs isn’t enough, unless you are putting an effort to stand out by including high-quality and unique graphics, relevant to the topic of discussion. You may either look for relevant, unique and royalty free images all over the web or hire a designer in order to create your own images. Choosing the latter might help you to refrain from surrendering to the clutches of plagiarism.

#2. Use Social Media to Support Your Blog Content

Social Media

Using social media data to launch a successful digital campaign is perhaps the key to composing killer blogs. And especially when it comes to maximizing conversions through blogging, you cannot afford to overlook the power and presence of social media data. With an estimated count of 2.77 billion social media users to dominate the global market in 2019, you will surely miss out on ensuring a significant rate of conversions if your blog fails to cater to the needs of the social media audience in the long term.

Thus, the idea is to link your blog content with easy-to-share click buttons and detailed social media data, based on surveys. Added to it, you may consider writing a blog for the social media audience and marketers. This, as a result, calls for a smart selection of blog topics as well.

Try and come up with something the social media users can relate to. For examples, you may choose to write on topics related to social media marketing, innovations, daily life hacks; so on and so forth. When it comes to engaging the social media crowd, rope them in to read your blogs and increase conversions, you got to put an effort to keep up with the social data as well.

The more socially informative and relevant your blog will be, the better will be the chances for you to convert maximum social media users to regular readers of your blogs. And if we are to consider the whooping estimated mark of 2.77 billion global social media users in 2019,  coming up with social media driven journals may allow you to make a good fortune out of your blogging efforts in the near future.

#3. Pick and Use the Right Font Style for Different Blogs

Font Style

This is yet another crucial blog formatting tip to be considered in order to monetize your efforts and enjoy an enhanced conversion rate. There’s no fun in using the same font style as everyone does. It will not add any value to the aspect of the unique look of your blog. Moreover, poor color choices and messy fonts can ruin an otherwise well-knit and attractive blog.

You may choose to use different tropical typefaces for different contents so that the creative addition remains in sync with the theme of the blog.

Prof. Jonathan Miller, founder and program coordinator of assignment help portal in U.S.A says … “I have always instructed and trained my writers to play with the font typefaces and choose a unique set of styles for different essay topics and online blog contents. The result is amazing. The experimental formatting makes each of our creations look unique, appealing and impressive.”

This is only one of the many instances I’ve come across a couple of days back while navigating the internet. I am sure it is one gem of a blogging strategy that can transform a regular blogging effort to something exemplary and rewarding.

#4. Keep Paragraphs Short, Simple and Readable


Are you aware of the acronym KISS? Well, it means Keep It Simple, Stupid. And it is interesting how this age-old term has amazingly converted to a path-breaking marketing strategy, which is equally applicable to blogs. The idea is to keep paragraph, short, sweet and interesting.

There’s no point coming up with exaggerated chunks of texts, prolonged paragraphs and adding convoluted sentences to your blog. It will only make things complicated for your readers to go through and understand.

People on the internet want fast answers and quick responses. They are more likely to scan your blog than investing enough time to read through each of the sentences. This calls for the implementation of a smarter strategy, thus, refraining from publishing a research paper in the name of a blog.

However, keeping paragraphs short and simple does not mean you will compromise the quality of the piece. Reportedly, 43% of people have admitted skimming blog posts.

This makes it all the more important for you to include short and engaging paragraphs, crisp and unique headlines to make your content stand out. If the write-up doesn’t get noticed and appreciated by your target audience, ensuring satisfactory conversion rates might prove to be challenging.

Start with an early practice of keeping paragraphs short yet engaging. It will always help you to stay on the brighter side of the story as far as the relationship between readability and conversion rates is concerned.

#5. Include Subheadings While Introducing New Topics and Ideas

Blog Subheading

According to the Nielson Norman Group, around 79% of the web users are likely to scan your content rather than reading it through. And a vast majority of them are likely to judge your content within 10-20 seconds of opening it. This is exactly where subheadings come into play.

The primary purpose of using gripping subheadings in blogs is to allow readers to quickly scan the entire content and skip to the most intriguing parts of the blog without having to read through the entire page.

You can’t keep talking about a particular subject matter without breaking them into smaller sub-sections. While frequent paragraphs break the monotony of elongated texts, including subheadings to introduce new slants, topics and ideas will help readers differentiate one subject from another. This, as a result, will encourage reader engagement.

Pro Tip – Put subheadings in the Heading 2 tags and add these four key ingredients to make them look compelling and catchy:

  • Emotion
  • Curiosity
  • Surprise or Amusement
  • Personality

#6. Include Videos to Your Blog Posts and Make a Difference

Blog Videos

Do you know 80% of marketers utilize visual assets in their social media marketing? And the use of video alone comprises 63% of it, followed by blogging (60%). This is why you will need to add videos to your blogs in order to make the content look intriguing and reader-friendly from every probable aspect. Blogging, alone may not fetch you the coveted outcome and increase the rate of conversions.

However, implementing this particular strategy and using videos in your blogs can help you grow your reader base drastically. But one should always remember that the video used in the blog should be relevant to the context of the discussion. It should serve the purpose of adding values to the readers. Both the textual content in your blog and the video included in support of it should remain in sync with each other.

For example, if you are writing a blog on engaging college essay examples and guide, you may choose to make your own video in form of a quick virtual guide and tutorial. Adding this to your blog will not only allow the readers to take home something valuable, but it will also allow you to reap the benefits of constructive blogging with maximized conversion rates and ROIs.

#7. Never Miss Out on Prioritizing the CTA Buttons

CTA Buttons

CTA is considered as the “tipping point between bounce and conversion” The purpose of adding Call To Action buttons to your blog is to ask, compel and inspire your readers to do something. This is yet another amazing way to foster reader engagement and ensure maximum exposure for your blogs. Wondering what requisite measures can fetch you the best results for you? Here’s something for you to take note of.

  • You should consider keeping a clean and contrasting background, in sync with the text color
  • Keep the CTA content precise and intriguing. 2-3 words of compelling texts are good to go with
  • As far as the shape of the CTA button is concerned, go for rectangular and sometimes rounded
  • Do not miss out on adding a complementary border for the CTA buttons

#8. Consider Using Numbered or Bulleted Lists

Numbered or Bulleted Lists

Talking of making blogs look intriguing and ensuring maximum conversions out of it, the inclusion of numbered or bulleted lists is certainly an aspect you cannot afford to miss out on. Including bulleted and numbered lists in your blog content has some amazing benefits. Check them out here:

  • Including key phrases and keywords in your bullet points add up to the SEO value of your blog
  • Bulleted lists in a blog help readers to scan the entire content quickly
  • Inserting numbered or bulleted points make it simpler for an individual to read what you’ve written

Coming up with a killer headline and complementing it with precise yet informative bullet points is perhaps the finest way to highlight all juiciest parts of the content. Moreover, the key to successful blogging is precision, and the ability to convey enormous chunks of messages in a simplified and truncated manner.

To Wrap Up

With 53% of marketers considering blogging as their top content marketing priority, and websites with blogs having 434% more indexed pages, compelling blog content is undeniably an “in” thing. Now that you’re aware of the suggestions as discussed above, rethink, recapitulate and reshape the key takeaways in your mind. Remember, successful blogging has the best of both worlds; artistically amazing and scientifically scintillating.

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