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Best Tips to Write a Script for a Video Presentation

Video scripting is important when it comes to making a video presentation. No matter the subject matter, video script holds importance in every case. Since your film’s layout, structure, and story are all defined by a video script.

Having a video script means you have got a clear path to follow now and an overview of how everything will unfold. At the same time, being clear on the primary message and story you want to tell, you are less likely to face any alterations later through producing the video.

Writing a video script is not that challenging if you follow the essential steps that allow for some flexibility. So it is acceptable if you don’t get it right the first time. The idea is to keep revising until you’ve nailed it. On the other hand, we would recommend that you check for presentation themes to give yourself a head start as having a pattern to start from would be more beneficial than having to start from scratch.

Hence, to make help you create the best possible video script, below are the basic steps to properly create a video script:

Begin with a brief:

Doing so allows you and your team to document the most pressing project concerns efficiently, ensuring that everyone participating in the video production is on the same page.

As if any of your teammates disagrees or tries to make any changes all of a sudden, you can simply refer to the brief you have made. It details the project plan and goals that your team has devised together. After that, you can proceed.

Remember that a brief doesn’t have to follow a certain formula. Instead, it should just address the few crucial questions, which are as follows:

  • What is the purpose of the video?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • What is the subject of our video?
  • What are the most important points to remember from the video?
  • What is our call to action? After they have completed watching the movie, what do we want them to do?

You can look up Google Docs when making a brief. There, you can simply create a brief that will act as a living that you can edit over time and through which you can collaborate with your team.

Start brainstorming:

Brainstorming is always a good idea. Hence, first of all, write your main point at the top of the page. This maintains it in the forefront of your mind, preventing you from deviating or becoming distracted by a bright new thought. Then take the following steps:

Take out 15 minutes to think and write down every thought that comes to mind on the paper, whether it is in your head or in the heads of your teammates; just jot it down on one piece of paper.

Choose the ones that best suit your video’s goals while also appealing to your targeted audience. Then, in rough order, flesh out the few thoughts you have. Remember your goal is to identify the best communicator of your core message.

As a result, you must have one concept by the end of this brainstorming and idea exploration session.

Use your summary to write the outline:

It is now time to begin writing your video script after you have chosen a theme and produced a brief. Before getting into the whole screenplay, we recommend you make an outline to split your video down into subtopics and figure out how your dialogues will evolve.

In a video script, you should integrate pauses and verbal explanations into your speech patterns that you wouldn’t have on the paper. Whether your video script is based on a blog post or not, you must make a well structured outline. Think about the specific best practices for the subject you are going to address in your video.

For instance, if your video’s subject is “How to Start a Business”, then you may structure your script around the various steps that a prospective entrepreneur must do when starting a business, such as:

  • Investigate the market.
  • Make a research report.
  • Make a development budget.
  • Meet with investors who could be interested.
  • Create a marketing strategy for your business.
  • Create a marketing strategy.
  • Determine the location of your office.

Begin your script by introducing yourself and the topic:

Even while videos are the preferred medium for many individuals who are willing to learn something new, like written content, they must hook their viewers in the initial few seconds. Since you have much competition everywhere, either on the internet or the corporate world and you would definitely not want your viewers to click away as not being able to engage effectively with your video.

Hence, we would suggest you utilize the first few lines of a video screenplay to introduce the narrator and what the viewer will learn in the video. Doing so will help you hook your audience while effectively pursuing them.

Writing your script from section to section:

It’s important to keep in mind that the video script’s sole aim is to be functional so try not to make it fancy. Remember, a good screenplay allows people on the camera to communicate their message while sounding genuine. Hence, consider the following while writing your video script:

Write in a conversational tone:

Producing a video script for a business related presentation is not the same as writing a play’s script. You must be capable enough to write the video script in the manner in which you communicate the video subject easily. Hence, we would suggest you keep sentences short and simple; if at all feasible, avoid complicated sentences and make them conversational. So that audience can get involved in it easily.

Must cover everything:

A script is more than just dialogue. If you think your narrative or your theme requires several shots, scenes, or characters, then you can add as that would make your video more appealing. If not, you can just use visuals to portray what you have to say, as business presentations can be dull with only complex numbers and graphs.

Essentially, you want the screenplay to be detailed enough that you could pass it off to someone else to film, and they would be able to follow it.

Never lose sight of your audience and the platform:

It would be best if you never overlooked your targeted audience and the platform you chose to deliver your video through. For example, are you targeting young teenagers, middle-aged professionals, or senior retirees? Is your video going to be shared on Youtube, Instagram, YouTube, or your own website? Or if you are presenting in front of your committee in a professional meeting? Please ensure you have all this in your mind while writing your script to avoid losing track of your objective.

Every word must be scripted:

It’s fair to believe that you can scribble down the essential elements for a script, especially if you’re familiar with the subject matter. However, at times through this, it is difficult to express your point as concisely and simply as possible. Which you should strive for in any video you are willing to make in order to avoid the need for frequent redos.

As a result, we recommend scripting every single word. Doing so would keep you organized while recording and will save you time later when making a video.

Be concise:

Shorter films are more interesting than longer ones, particularly when it comes to marketing. Hence, you’ll need a simple script to make a short, efficient video. It’s better if it is concise to a single page; if not, then two pages are more than enough. Try not to exceed more. Moreover, it is also worth undertaking 2 or 3 rounds of edits dedicated entirely to removing all unneeded material from your content. Also, it would be beneficial if you read it aloud to hear if there are any opportunities to make it more conversational and concise. Once you’re done with it, take some time out to do a brief run through of your work to avoid any mistakes.


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