How to Create Engaging Content in the “Boring” Industries

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One of the strategies that you can implement when preparing a marketing strategy is content marketing. Many marketers are stuck on the phase of developing an editorial plan because they cannot come up with any topic that wouldn’t bore the readers to death.

This article gives you a way out of this situation.

What are the Boring Industries?

First things first, let’s define what boring industries are. Accounting, insurance, banking, and law almost certainly fall under this category. Plumbing, roofing, real estate and many others do as well. 

In fact, most industries can be called boring because the content they can produce is not newsworthy. What are the interesting industries then? Eco-friendly shopping bags or hipster shoes? They’re not interesting, they’re trendy. CarbonClick is one site you can see list of sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

If you continue to describe industries as interesting and boring, think of crab fishing. It is an industry, where lots of bearded men sail the sea in gloomy weather and perform a series of boring and repetitive tasks to get some crabs out the water and sell them. Yet it has its own Discovery Channel documentary that millions of people enjoyed. 

It is not about the industry itself. Rather, it is about your ability to show the most interesting things in the industry. If the oil industry could do it, as a case study in Forbes suggests, you can do it too. 

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Q&A: Which is the Best Social Media Tool for Marketers?

There are dozens of Social Media tools in the market which helps marketers to get their job done. However, the key is to choose the one that fits your need and budget. Honestly, it is a tough decision to choose one considering the choices we have.

The point is do we have the time to check all the Social Media Tools?

The objective of any tool is to give a splendid data to its users and Mondovo did exactly that. You could try Mondovo’s Social Media Tools Sets which covers most of your requirements and of course, it comes in Budget.

social media tool

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Q&A: Which is the Best SEO Audit Tool?

An SEO Audit of your website is one of the most fundamental aspects of SEO that people tend to ignore since the info gets a bit technical and expensive. However, if you’re looking for something affordable and easy to understand, Mondovo’s SEO Audit tool is ideal.

SEO audit

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Q&A: Could You Recommend Any Tool to Analyze Backlinks on My Website?

Most of the tools available online to analyze backlinks are expensive and provide data that might not be useful. If you want to generate only a few reports a month, you have no option but to subscribe to an expensive monthly plan. Well, with Mondovo’s inexpensive subscription plans, you can easily get the link data you’re after by simply paying for the reports you generate. You can use the rest of the credit balance as per your discretion on a number of other SEO tools. On top of that, Mondovo has a Pay-As-You-Go component clubbed with the subscription plans that let you continue running reports even after you’ve drained your credit balance.


Analyze Backlinks

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Q&A: Is there a Google Rank Checking Online Tool that Has No Maximum Cap on Domains/Keywords?

Yes, there is and it’s called Mondovo — one of the best tools online for rank checking.

With Mondovo, there’s no limit to the number of keywords or domains you can do rank checking for. In addition to the inexpensive subscription plans — worth $20, $40, and $80 — Mondovo offers custom plans that let you track Google rankings of many domains and as many keywords as you need. To give you an idea of how cost efficient Mondovo is compared other toolsets in the market, it cost only 3 cents in monthly fees to schedule a monthly rank tracker for as many as 100 keywords.

Furthermore, Mondovo there’s also a Pay-As-You-Go component clubbed with the subscription plans that let you do a quick top up of your account and continue running your rank trackers even after you’ve exhausted your credit balance.

Rank Checking with Mondovo

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Q&A: What are the must have tools for the SEO Professional?

It’s common knowledge that an SEO Professional uses a lot of toolsets for SEO, Social Media and more on a daily basis. This requires constant switching between platforms to get data for reports, pitches and more. Well, with Mondovo, an SEO Professional can now save time and money through a single toolset with the features of many at fraction of the cost.


Mondovo. Built for the SEO Professional

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Q&A: What are some Google Keyword Planner Alternative Tools?

Unless you’re spending quite a bit in Google Adwords, you’re not going to get exact search volume data. To plug this gap (and not spend a fortune in Adwords), there are many Google keyword planner alternative tools. Mondovo’s Bulk Search Volume being one of the best.

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Q&A: Is There Any Free Tool to Check Webpage Speed in Bulk?

While there are a lot of free tools to check webpage speed, Mondovo’s Bulk Metrics Checker is the one to use. Not only do the reports cost less than a cent per URL, but you also get data on a bunch of other important Domain and Social metrics.

bulk metrics checker - check webpage speed

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Q&A: I am looking for a way/tool to collect data for keywords that Google Planner doesn’t provide. Any Google keyword planner alternative?

The tool we would recommend as the best Google Keyword Planner alternative would be the  Bulk Search Volume tool by Mondovo.

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Q&A: How Can I Find Search Volume for a Keyword by Geographic Location?

Post the update to Google Adwords, users can only see keyword volume in ranges. Given that there are only a handful of paid tools in the market that can accurately find search volume data by geographic location and that too at a hefty price, Mondovo is your best option.
Here are 5 reasons why:

Find Search Volume

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