7 Online Security Risks Every Digital Marketer Should Know

Marketing is all about the digital realm. From social media to search engines, viral videos to Google Analytics, your online game needs to be strong as a marketer – and so does your digital security.

As a digital marketer, you need to keep all your systems and data secure, whether you’re a solo freelancer, an in-house team, or a digital agency.

To help you assess your own digital marketing security risks, we’re going to look at:

  • 7 of the most important risks you need to know.
  • What that risk looks like for you as a digital marketer.
  • 4 ways you can protect your online marketing business from cyberattacks.

Risk 1: Social media

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok take up hours of the day for many digital marketers. Whether you do social media management or run paid ads, it’s undeniable how important they are for the sales funnel.

There are plenty of pitfalls when it comes to your online security, though. You need to access your Business Manager account through your personal profile, as does anyone else on your team. This means your account is only as secure as the most vulnerable profile accessing it.

Pages, profiles, and even groups can get hacked and taken over without warning or notice. Years of building audiences and engaging communities can be lost in minutes when your social media security isn’t up to scratch.

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Tips on Using Social Media Monitoring Tools to Grow Your Business

All business owners are aware that social media is a powerful tool for attracting new customers and building a brand. But what you may not realize is that social media monitoring tools can be just as valuable in helping you achieve your business goals.

With the right social media monitoring tool, you can track mentions of your brand, analyze sentiment, and even find new leads. In this article, we’ll share some tips while working overtime on social media monitoring tools to grow your business.

1. Use social media monitoring to track brand mentions

One of the most important things you can do with a social media monitoring tool is track mentions of your brand. This includes both positive and negative mentions, as each can give you valuable insights.

Positive mentions can show you what customers like about your brand, while negative mentions can help you identify areas for improvement. Either way, tracking brand mentions can give you a better understanding of how customers perceive your business.

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4 Tips For Taking Your Retail Store Online

Image: Pixabay

With the high street still struggling to recover from the economic damage inflicted by the pandemic, the world of eCommerce has never looked so lucrative for business owners. The isolation imposed by the pandemic of 2020 accelerated the shift away from traditional brick and mortar stores and toward digital shopping. For most physical store owners, maintaining an online presence is now considered an essential aspect of business, as opposed to an optional extra.

However, establishing and managing an online store can be a frustrating and difficult process for those unfamiliar with the territory. If you’re thinking about launching your business online, we’d recommend that you thoroughly equip yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary for success. With the eCommerce market as competitive as it is, it’d be a fool’s errand to head into battle unprepared.

Planning on launching your business online? The process can be daunting, but fear not — we’ve gathered some useful tips that should make the transition process as stress-free as possible.

Design Your Store With No Coding Necessary

In days gone by, the honor of owning a website demanded a range of specialisms; from fluency in coding languages to understanding aspects of server and network maintenance. Luckily, those days are planted firmly in the past. Store owners can now create a fully-functioning eCommerce store within a matter of hours, all without the hassle of stumbling through the complexities of HTML and CSS or outsourcing development to a costly team of third-party developers.

A What You See Is What You Get editor simplifies the process of website creation dramatically. With such an editor, even those with little experience can edit their web pages without the need for any technical knowledge. Design and layout are taken care of in real-time using drag-and-drop mechanics and users are guided by an intuitive graphic interface. Wix and Squarespace are two great examples (and are popular choices among budding business owners), but there are a huge variety of editors to choose from online, all with varying features and quirks.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that most WYSIWYG editors come at a price — usually, the software is offered as part of a subscription model. While using these editors may represent a saving over hiring a team of well-paid web developers, these monthly fees can quickly stack up. It’s also common for such software to have pricing plans aimed at generating extra cash from the sale, so always check the small print!

If you’re confident in your web development skills but you’d prefer to save your cash, WordPress may be for you. As one of the most powerful and reliable CMSs (content management systems) available, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to build a store from scratch. This software allows for a greater degree of customization than is typically offered by the more simplistic editors on the market, thanks to the huge selection of plugins and extensions available to download and implement at the drop of a hat. You can get in touch with Blacklight Software if you need an expert advice on the best software solutions for your business.

If you do decide to opt for WordPress, you’ll need to pair your website with a suitable host, too. Most providers will specify which CMS platforms they’re compatible with. Some hosts might focus on eCommerce, whereas others may market themselves toward SaaS hosting. In any case, be sure to make an informed decision based on the specific needs of your site. Specialist integrations are also worth considering; Cloudways is well known for its Cloudflare integration, for example.

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Why Is HTTPS Critical for Websites These Days?

While visiting websites, sometimes you can encounter warning signals such as “Not Secure.” At that time, Google gives you two options, either continue to the site or go back to the results page.

That “Not Secure” sign shows that a website does not have HTTPS encryption. Only when a website owner purchases an SSL certificate for their website, will users be allowed to pass through without hindrance.

As a wise customer, you would rather go back to the main results page and scroll for another option instead, right?

Thus, this sums up the value of HTTPS in today’s context. But what exactly is HTTPS?

Let’s take a look:

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is a security protocol responsible for safely transmitting data from a web server to a web browser.

An unsecured website that displays a “Not Secure” sign works on HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol. But when an ‘S’ is added, it becomes secure by encryption.

Now, you must be wondering, well, how does HTTPS protect a website, right?

HTTPS facilitates an SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate of 2048 bit key. The work of SSL is to encrypt and authenticate data.

When an SSL is installed, it activates a gray padlock ahead of the HTTPS URL. Meanwhile, HTTPS establishes a secure network for data to pass through.

HTTPS encrypts the data transfer so that no hacker can intercept or steal it. Also, it protects the file from getting corrupt and protects data from building authenticity.

Moreover, we would like to bring some facts about HTTPS that you must know.

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How to Write Content That Sells

The role of content in a modern business’s success is impossible to undervalue. Due to the global digitalization and a massive shift to the web, content now remains one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach a large audience and deliver their messages.

If you wonder what the main purpose of every piece of content your business delivers is to boost engagement and drive sales. Whether it is a landing page, product description, or just a blog post – these goals remain unchanged. Thus, the highest level of mastery in content creation is the ability to generate content that sells.

But what makes a particular piece of content great enough to convert and sell? And how do you create such content yourself? The expert in digital content marketing from a trusted essay writing website that sells paper writing services to college students is going to help us figure this out. Let’s dive in!

Know Who You Are Writing For

In today’s world, all businesses are adopting a customer-centered mindset. Why? Because modern consumers want to feel that brands they use know their needs and can cater to them.

This approach should be at the core of everything your business does. Including the content you create. And it would be impossible to implement it if you don’t know who you are writing your content for.

Therefore, the first key to writing content that sells and converts is getting to know your audience. You want to discover their pain points, needs, expectations, interests, etc. The more you know about them, the more relevant and helpful content you can create, and the higher ROIs you can get in the result.

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7 Important Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field. Every year it introduces us to new rules for winning over the hearts of consumers. And marketers have to follow these rules to achieve the best results and learn even more by checking this post about Adwords management.

Want to know how to ensure the success of your marketing efforts this year? We have figured it out for you. A proven expert in the field of digital marketing, currently working at the top essay writing service where students can have professional writers make my essay and get quick and high-quality help, is going to tell us about the top seven trends in digital marketing that will predominate in 2022 in this article.

First & Zero-Party Data

Without any doubt, collecting valuable data about consumers is always crucial for marketing. But the methods used for data collection are also important. So the first digital marketing trend we want to highlight is first & zero-party data.

In fact, relying on third-party data has long been out of trend. We observed the rise of first & zero-party data in 2021. And it will stay with us in 2022.

What does this mean in practice? This basically means that marketers should start owning their audience. They have to create their own first-party data (information collected by your business) instead of using data collected by someone else.

How to make this real? There are plenty of options. To name a few, emails, social media, newsletters, and CRM tools can all help brands collect valuable insights about their consumers.

As for zero-party data (information provided by consumers directly), it is also going to be trending in 2022. This means that marketers should put more effort into harvesting vital data from their consumers directly. This can be done through different online interactions, such as surveys.

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8 Impressive Content Marketing Examples You Can Use Today

Today content marketing has its own and very wide niche. This industry has seen the emergence of both trendsetting companies and firms that simply follow the general trends. In our article, we will give 8 impressive content marketing examples you can use today.

The Furrow

American agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere started content marketing when it was not yet mainstream. The first issue of his magazine The Furrow was published back in 1895 (on paper, of course). The publication told farmers about the latest achievements of the agricultural industry and gave them useful advice, only occasionally mentioning John Deere products.

It is a tactic The Furrow follows to this day. On the magazine’s website, you can read articles from the paper version. There is, for example, a story about the life of hereditary farmers from Louisiana, an article about the work of a vertical farm in Cincinnati, and a report from Georgia about the life of local cattle farmers.

There are still very few mentions of John Deere. And this is a conscious and principled position. “We do not talk about ourselves in the editorial space of the magazine. We take believability very seriously. We know that a reputation that has taken 175 years to build up would only take a fraction of that time to tear down” says magazine editor David Jones.

Today, John Deere publishes several magazines on topics ranging from logging to shipping. The Furrow is published in several languages. There is also a podcast On Life & Land and a strictly corporate The John Deer Journal.

The Orange Dot

Headspace is a meditation app. And the first thing that catches your eye when you look at its blog, called The Orange Dot, is a soothing color scheme and an abundance of smiles in the author’s illustrations. The design of the website is fully in line with the company’s mission to “make the world a healthier and happier place”.

On its blog, Headspace publishes articles on mental health, meditation, sports, and work. For example, you can find advice on how to cope with financial stress or how to meditate before exams.

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Running a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Emails may be old tech, but they are still relevant in the marketing world. If anything, email marketing is 40x more potent than social media and is three times faster at speeding up the buying process.

It is not as simple as turning on your computer and sending emails. You need to research and determine your target audience, where and how to get their emails, etc.

This guide details how to run a successful email marketing campaign for a small business and tips on improving it once you get the show on the road.

What is email marketing?

It is the process of sending multiple commercial emails to your customers, intending to inform them of your services, deals, requests for business, or new products.

There are main types of marketing emails:

a) Promotional: these stimulate sales by encouraging people to feel interested and buy, and they ramp up the visibility of that product or service.

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Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

As of 2021,about 4.2 billion people use social networks. On average, users spend 2-2.5 hours a day on them, so each brand has a great chance to be seen, the main thing is to make a worthwhile offer. Use these 2 hours as efficiently as possible, rebuild your business for the pandemic, implement technology and try to adapt to the ever-changing desires of customers.

Before you start working out your marketing strategy for 2022, analyze all the analytical data received for the outgoing one, and read this article.

Predictions for 2022

What will the New Year be like? It is difficult to give a clear understanding of all possible changes. One thing is clear, because of the pandemic, which is playing a tug-of-war with a stable life, a constant dynamic of the relevance of all marketing tools awaits us. You may need to change the strategy more than once throughout the year. The main thing is to constantly analyze its effectiveness and adapt to the situation.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with four trends that await us in 2022.

Interactive Marketing

Direct communication with the audience is the most effective strategy today. It should be based on a clear presentation of products to the client, depending on his preferences, interaction with the brand, and behavior.

Interactive marketing personalization, while not new, is the most effective way to influence a positive customer experience, and therefore increase sales. Its tools allow for two-way interaction and provide the consumer with all-encompassing attention.

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Best Tips To Save Time Planning and Creating Social Media Creative

In this hyperconnected world, companies need to make the maximum utilization of their time. Especially, while doing social media marketing, it’s critical to utilize the time right and the max ROI. To help you with excellent time planning and creating social media creatives, We as a leading SEO Reseller, got you covered with result-driven tips.

Prepare social media calendar

To start off with, you need to create a social media calendar. To utilize your time well, it’s important to have an exact picture of content type and timing. Without a social media calendar in place, you’ll end up doing ad hoc social media content. You’ll run out of time to optimize it and increase the engagement rate (by scheduling).

So, you should create a social media calendar for social media creative planning. The point is to have the right blend of content type and timing in place. This will ensure that your creative work gets maximum outreach without wasting time in planning.

Checklist for creative optimization

Before starting with actual content creation, make sure you follow this checklist for creative optimization. It’s important to go through all the steps in order to maximize the outreach of your content, which is again time-consuming.

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