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Follow These Brilliant Content Marketing Ideas From July 2019

With the first half of 2019 already over, one thing about content marketing that has become quite sure is it’s going to become more and more important to digital marketers.  

While many companies are still contemplating its effectiveness, the content marketing tools, channels, and strategies are continually evolving to create a bigger and better impact in the digital domain.

Content Marketing

As you can see from the image, only 37% of B2B marketers invest in a proper digital and content marketing strategy, while others are still lagging in some way or another. Content marketing improves customer engagement and helps in conversion. It is the most efficient form of marketing that works today.  

So, before you start marketing your content, you should know what are the latest content marketing ideas and how to implement them in your content marketing strategy. In this post, we will try to find the answers to these questions. 

#1. Create Relevant Content 

The first suggestion that you’ll ever get from any content marketer is to create original and relevant content. Take inspiration from your competitors, but generate your own ideas. If you cannot produce unique ideas or content, hire a consultant or an agency that can help you with fresh and meaningful content for your marketing efforts.  

Remember that your audience is smart, and they would not fall for anything that looks like clickbait. If you want to build and improve trust amongst your customers, you need to be consistent and develop content that they want to read.  

A lack of relevance in content can drive away more than 80% of your audience. Being in 2019, you need to figure out ways to make your content more personalized so that your audience can connect to your brand easily.

#2. Cross-Team Input 

The latest content marketing trend focuses on bringing in new content to the table from various departments, right from your CEO to your ground staff. This will give you two main benefits.  

Firstly, every member of your company will be able to pitch in new ideas.  

Secondly, every member of your organization will have their own unique understanding of company values and customer expectations. This will help improve the overall user experience through measured content marketing strategies. 

#3. Personalize Content with Chatbots & AI 

According to Business Insider, around 80% of companies will have chatbots to revolutionize user experience. Artificial Intelligence, with its numerous applications, is streamlining work and helping brands maintain consistency amidst the fierce competition.  

With chatbots, businesses can reduce the wait time during a chat, offer seamless customer experience, and take care of all the day-to-day tasks that a person would have to do manually.  

With AI progressing, chatbots are working as personal assistants for your customers and helping them find the best deals and products by tracking the customer buying behavior.  

By integrating chatbots with your content marketing goals, you’ll be able to bring a personalized approach to your customer emails, chats, and post-purchase customer experience as well.  

#4. Utilize the Power of Visual Content 

Content marketing in 2019 is not limited to blog posts, press releases, and articles. Most marketers admit that videos and podcasts have helped their customers get a better understanding of their products and services than plain, written content.  

Video marketing is an effective content marketing strategy to use in 2019. The graph below will help you understand the popularity of different types of content in the current scenario.

Video Marketing

As you can see from the statistics of a survey carried out by Hubspot Research, more than 50% of people prefer watching videos over any other form of content. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are also catching up on exclusive video content sites like YouTube.  

The primary reason for people preferring videos over other types of content is because they are entertaining besides being informative. Businesses are now experimenting with different kinds of videos to strike the right chord with their target audience.  

Some of the popular types of videos created these days are: 

  • Brand Story
  • Live Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Interviews
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Explainer Videos
  • AR/VR Videos

#5. Repurpose Old Content 

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your old content, which once worked really well, start to gain traction again. So, if there is a detailed blog post on a particular topic with graphs, charts, and images, try to repurpose it by creating a video on the entire post.  

Everything that you have written can be explained in a few minutes and that too, much elaborately and clearly than written content. Other ways to repurpose your old content is by publishing podcasts and sharing them on iTunes or Soundcloud.  

#6. Use Influencer Content Marketing 

Influencer Content Marketing is currently on the rise. It helps in accomplishing the tasks that traditional marketing fails to deliver. Through Influencer content marketing, brands and businesses target specific niche influencers to promote their products and services through them. Influencers are content creators with a large number of followers. They endorse different brands to their followers and help generate more revenue through it.  

Influencers act as opinion leaders for consumers, and consumers trust what influencers recommend more than what brands advertise. Brands have also come to realize that promoting their product through celebrities and eminent personalities won’t gain any benefit because their followers do not include any targeted audience.  

On the other hand, niche influencers will be able to reach out to the right audience for your products and services.  

Nowadays, most people are skipping ads or blocking them, which means your brand is losing power to influence the audience on its own. In 2019, if you want to drives sales and gain more followers, you have to reach out to the right influencers to get the work done. If your audience is smart, you have to play smarter.  

#7. Explore the Power of Topic Cluster 

Topic clusters can be utilized more effectively in 2019 to market your website content and drive relevant traffic to your website. Cluster topic ideas can be generated from pillar content. Each cluster content can be used to provide in-depth insight into various sections of a particular topic and linked back to the main pillar content.  

Cluster topics are also often based on low-competition keywords. By creating several cluster content pieces related to your pillar content, you can redirect traffic and improve organic rankings. 

Content marketing ideas have been constantly evolving for the past few years, and many businesses are trying to make the most out of it by improving the user experience.  

With the huge competition online, brands are leaving no stones unturned to reach out to their potential audience through content marketing and personalized solutions.

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Jafar Sadhik

Jafar Sadhik - A content specialist working in the digital marketing field from the past 4 years. Currently, works at Neil Patel Digital India and is keen to learn about social media marketing and Google algorithm updates that are being rolled out each day. He also loves to read the works of Agatha Christie.

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