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Generating Quality Free Backlinks for Your Ecommerce Website: Important Aspects to Consider

Ecommerce Backlinks

Search engine algorithms continuously get better by dictating the best SEO practices and punishing the wrong ones. But there are few practices that are never outmoded. Quality backlinks are one of them. If you are running an eCommerce website with the ambition of getting on top of the search ranks, backlinks will be irreplaceable. E-commerce sites that need to target Google search rank for more traffic and sales, find backlinks even more crucial for their SEO strategy.

But only backlinks cannot make a substantial effect on your search rank. It is the quality and relevance of those links that matter most. So the real concern will be about finding quality backlinks for your e-commerce site. Before explaining this let us see what backlinks are and how to differentiate good links from the bad ones.

What Precisely are Backlinks?

External Backlinks

Backlinks are nothing but the websites that allow your website link to get published and remain accessible so that anyone by clicking on them can navigate to your website. Such links are published by the websites to enhance relevancy and make the user experience better. This also shows that other quality websites consider your website to be relevant and important for a certain context.

Let us explain how backlinks work really. For example, when a reader reading on Turkish lamps on a website can come across your website link and by clicking on that he can come to your store selling Turkish lamps. If your e-commerce store is found to be relevant and useful for certain products and related contexts, other websites can give you backlinks from their web pages.

The Importance of Having Backlinks

We have just explained how relevant backlinks can play a good role in enhancing user experience and consequently the search engine ranks of websites. Let us have a look at the key benefits backlinks provide to the e-commerce websites.

  • With quality backlinks, you enjoy better chances of being indexed higher in the search rank.
  • Quality backlinks help to create a loyal audience who enjoy using your website because of informative and useful backlinks.
  • Quality backlinks help improving traffic footfall and customer engagement for your e-commerce store.
  • With quality backlinks published in your site, it is easily established that you are respected by other competitors and web community.
  • Quality backlinks make your site more reliable in the eyes of the search engine and other major websites.

All Backlinks Do Not Have Similar Importance

Obviously, all backlinks do not carry the same positive effect. Yes, even backlinks from relevant websites have differences in terms of effectiveness. Good backlinks come from reputed websites with high domain authority. Good backlinks either create referral traffic for your website or pass on the SEO juice of their domains. Typically, backlinks from a low domain-authority (DA) website or no-follow backlinks that do not take the traffic to your website are considered bad backlinks.

Most Important Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

In numerous ways, you can create backlinks to your website. But all the ways cannot provide you with effective and good quality links. Here we are going to explain some effective ways to find quality backlinks for your e-commerce store.

#1. Create Social Media Pages

To get quality backlinks, first of all having a social media page for your store. It is the easiest way to get backlinks to your store as soon as you make your store live. Even if you are not going to have social pages on all platforms, you should not do away with the opportunities of generating easy backlinks in this way. Create your pages in all major platforms and have instant backlinks from these platforms. Though not all SEO algorithms consider social backlinks important, at least you can start with a few links instead of starting with zero links.

#2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Good content alone doesn’t sell unless you promote and market it. Your online store should also publish expert blogs on various topics that can easily ignite the interest of buyers in your products. Besides publishing contents rich with search-friendly keywords you also need to reach out to influential blogs and websites so that they can link your contents, blogs, tutorials or guides.

You need to reach out to influencers who can find your contents relevant and your link useful. Instead of targeting top domains in the very beginning start with mid-tier domains that can easily take interest in your links. Gradually, you can target more quality websites with higher domain authority.

#3. Publish Content About Your Products

It is a solution to a problem that every product delivered. The duty of the seller is to explain the problem and how it is solved by the product. This is why for an e-commerce store the ultimate content strategy should be about explaining how a product solves a problem.

For instance, quality garments offer a lasting, comfortable and fashionable solution to your clothing needs. If you are selling garments, you can publish contents that focus on these aspects and in turn encourage your users to buy them. When an e-commerce store creates contents on products and how they solve particular problems, they find easier traction, engagement and consequent push in sales figure.

#4. Guest Posting For Backlinks

One of the most effective ways to get quality backlinks is to publish guest posts in various relevant and high-quality websites of your niche. For guest posting, you need to aim for websites that are frequented by a similar target audience for your store. Secondly, it is important to provide high-quality relevant contents that can be useful for this audience. For instance, if your store sells exotic lamps and if you are writing for a well-known home furnishing blog, you should choose a topic like “5 exotic designer lamps to transform your old home” or other topics like this.

#5. Crowd or Forum Marketing

Every niche has some discussion rooms or forums where users inquire about various issues, give or take suggestions and help solving issues for others. These forums or discussion rooms offer great platforms for getting quality backlinks. While suggesting a solution to someone related to your product or while explaining a solution to a query you can just publish a link to your site.

Quora comes the most popular platform for publishing such links and getting attention from your target audience. There are also several niche platforms whereby providing relevant content you can publish your website links and get traffic.

#6. Work With Reviews

Customer feedback or reviews is another effective way to generate quality backlinks from other websites. As user reviews now play an extremely important role in shaping the purchase decisions, a store needs to work for positive reviews to boost sales.

You can encourage your loyal customers to give feedback about your company on major third-party websites where your target audience often frequent. Create your store profile across all major review platforms of your niche including TripAdvisor, Consumer Reports, Yelp, Influenster, etc. Don’t forget to leave a backlink of your website inside your profile.

#7. Work With Influencers

There are bloggers and certain influential persons on social media platforms who dominate influence over a large number of people in their niche or area of expertise. There are also influencers in e-commerce or various product niches. You can reach out to them asking for a mention or a review with a backlink to a product page or web page. You can also reach out to them with a humble and mutually beneficial offer.

#8. Online Tools for Building Backlinks

To generate quality backlinks for your e-commerce store there are also several credible and most useful tools. Many of these tools come from leading companies such as Google and other web and social media giants. Let us have a look at the various online tools that you can use for building backlinks.

#9. Google Profiles

As an e-commerce business, you need to create a company profile and list it with Google Profiles. While completing your Google profile provide a custom link to your website that easily allows the traffic to find and navigate to your website. This link will also help Google identify your online store and also help Google knowing about the impression other sites have about you. The link in the profile can also be used to access additional information about your business including your photos and videos. Thanks to the huge popularity of Google Plus as a social media platform, making a Google profile is so important.

#10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another invincible social media platform for generating backlinks and creating professional contacts in the business community. On LinkedIn besides creating your company profile also create profiles for all your key employees and company founders. Provide the anchor link to your website and provide two other links to two other relevant pages.

#11. Digg

Digg is called by many as the homepage of the web thanks to the tremendously effective role it plays in generating backlinks and traffic for websites of all niches and categories. It allows you submitting an article or blog post and wait to get traction. The best thing about this platform is that the links within the submitted articles are searched by the search engine crawlers.

#12. Google Business

No e-commerce store at least at the initial stage doesn’t want to lose its local appeal and appreciation to garner business. This is why while generating backlinks the store also needs to concentrate on target local keywords. Have a profile in Google business and besides providing your website links optimize the business description with appropriate local keywords.

#13. HubPages

This is a quality content platform where business thinkers share their views and opinions. If you have serious ideas about your online e-commerce business, HubPages is a great platform to share them and publish your website links along with the content.

#14. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a popular social platform that helps to generate quality traffic by following published backlinks. This is a platform where most published links are followed most frequently.


When you run an e-commerce business you already know the importance of having a robust SEO strategy for the long run. Quality backlinks created over time build the most crucial foundation for your website SEO. Quality of the links and their role in your overall SEO strategy are important considerations.

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Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is working as the Business Director at CMARIX TechnoLabs, a leading web and mobile app development company with 13+ years of experience. He loves to write about technology, startups, entrepreneurship and business. His creative abilities, academic track record and leadership skills made him one of the key industry influencers as well.


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