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How to Boost Your Content Marketing Campaign With Videos

Brain Process

What strategies are you using to boost video marketing campaign? Is video part of your digital marketing tactics for 2019? I know you are interested in learning the best video content marketing tips that will help you grow your business. In fact, that is why you are reading this post in the first place.

So ensure to read the entire. Thus, before we go any further, let us find out why you really need to use video content I’m your marketing techniques.

Why use Video Content Marketing?

The benefits of video content in your digital marketing plan are enormous as recent expert surveys indicated. Some of the benefits of using video include:

  • Higher engagement rate
  • Reach a new audience
  • Strong emotional connections
  • Boost search engine optimization (SEO) and Google search rankings
  • Help retain customers
  • Etc.

For example, a study shows that visual content is a remarkable marketing tool for sharing information. Why?

Because the human brain process visual data 60,000× faster than text content.

Video content is one of the visual content types that engage users and make them stick. Video enhance your ability to retain information as statistics have shown.

For instance, after you watch videos you can retain 95% of the information. But you can only remember 10℅ of the same information that you read three days later.

Further analysis indicates that 70% of marketers agreed that video content dramatically increased their conversion rate.

So, why these staggering numbers?…

Because videos provide your buyer persona a background view of what’s happening behind the scene with your brand. It enables users to better connect and build trust with your brand.

More research revealed that adding video to your email marketing tactics can skyrocket your email click-through rates (CTR) by 50%.

Furthermore, email subject lines with the word video can skyrock CTR by 65%. Here’s how to optimize your video.
The statistics speak volume, and I’m sure you’re not looking for more proof.

But although photos and images are the primary visuals that are widely used, video content must be given priority and used often to enable you to create content that people would love to share and engage with.

Recent research by HubSpot revealed that over 50% of respondent want to watch videos than any other content type.

Video Content

Now that we’ve covered why video marketing is vital to your content marketing campaign, let us consider the best techniques you can use today to boost your video content marketing.

Take Advantage of User-Generated Content (UGC)

Using in-house videos to communicate your brand message to your buyer persona is a remarkable way to create brand awareness and improve your credibility.

But did you know that it is more rewarding to use user-generated-content (UGC) to create compelling videos? Yes! It is because a video created from UGC has more force–it conveys authenticity.

Research revealed that marketers who created a mix of official brand videos and UGC attracted 28℅ more website engagement.

Furthermore, UGC videos saw 10× more views on YouTube than other brand videos. Why is that? The reason is that we tend to trust recommendations from others? It’s human nature!

As a result, user-generated-content (UGC) videos offers you a platform to humanize your brand message and tell your story accordingly.

Optimize Your Videos for Search Engine

Search engine optimization enables you to enhance content visibility and increase Google search rankings. Video content is not left out.

Therefore, when creating videos for your marketing campaigns, it is vital that you find the best keywords for your content–keywords your competitors are using to rank high on Google.

Also, make sure your videos provide a solution to the problems your audience is dealing with.
If your content is relevant to your audience’ needs, it will increase:

  • Clicks
  • Engagement
  • Social shares
  • And so on.

These factors will greatly enhance your search engine optimization (SEO).
Consequently, do the following:

  • Use the keyword in the title and description.
  • Add keywords in tags and meta-tags to boost your chances of ranking high on SERP.

Create Short Videos

The length of your video plays a crucial role in the success of your marketing strategy. The era of longer videos is gone. People have a lower attention span, which calls for the need to create shorter videos.

Video LengthHowever, some messages may require a lengthy video to stress or highlight the main points correctly. In such cases, you can create lengthy videos in series of:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • A soon.

So, it all depends on the weight of the message you want to convey. The point is to make sure your video is very brief and to the point. Try to package your video at approximately one minute in length.

However, there is much controversy regarding the optimal length of videos, especially YouTube videos that attracts more clicks, engagement, and generate leads.

An article on the Wistia blog points out that two-minute videos are the best performance in terms of engagement.

*Important* Start with a one minute video and for a test drive. It will enable you to understand what works best before you invest in longer videos.

Please, read this HubSpot’s report on the optimal length of videos for each major social media platform, including YouTube.

Promote Your Videos Across Marketing Channels

When you’re done creating your video, you definitely want to publish it on your blog or website.

That’s not all…

Do not let your video sit on your blog or website without proper promotion.

You have to promote it sparingly across marketing channels to increase visibility.

Not only will it boost your content visibility, but it will also help you:

  • Drive more website traffic
  • Improve clicks
  • Boost site engagement
  • Generate more leads
  • More sales, etc.

Therefore, distribute your videos on platforms such as:

  • Major social media sites
  • Email campaign
  • Landing pages.

For instance, the study shows that video content that is added to a landing page can boost conversion by 80℅.

A HubSpot study also shows that 80% of consumers watch videos on Youtube and 70% on Facebook

Hubspot Study
As a result, make sure to promote your videos on all social media marketing platforms including Facebook to improve your video content marketing campaign. You’d love to read

Create Interactive Videos

Just as a video made from user-generated content (UGC) can attract more views and increase social media shares, an interactive video has the capability to boost website traffic and engagement as well.

Please read this post to know the types of videos that attract the most engagement.

As the name indicates, interactive video content offers your buyer persona the opportunity to respond to and leave feedback on your content–which in many cases might be about your product and services.

Using interactive videos in your marketing mix offer your audience an avenue to interact and better connect with your brand. Thus, the best way to create an interactive video is to host a contest.

Contest generates much engagement and leads. And when the contest is about your product and services, the response will triple.

Evaluate Your Results

Why should you track and evaluate your video campaign? Because it helps you figure out how well your video content strategy is performing.

By gauging your campaign, you get to see first-hand what you need to do to improve your video strategy and the necessary adjustment for a seamless content marketing tactics.

It goes to say if you cannot determine your results or have a comprehensive knowledge of your video marketing return on investments (ROI), you will.be missing out on your objectives.

Therefore, use website analytic tools to measure results. If it’s on social media, all the major social sites have an analytic dashboard where you can track your content performance.

You can calculate the following metrics:

  • Number of views
  • Likes
  • Mentions
  • Impressions
  • Comments
  • Click-through rates
  • Average view time
  • Etc.

The data you gathered will enable you to figure out what is working and what is not. From there you can comfortably enhance your video content.

Wrapping It Up

Today’s digital marketing is all about being observant of latest trends and technology. This has made the challenge to keep up with the competition even more intense.

And with new challenges coming up every day, you, as a video marketer must contend with these challenges to reap the benefits of your marketing efforts.

Therefore, having a well-defined video marketing strategy or framework to work with will surely boost your video content marketing.

The steps in this article are simple, practical and easy to apply. Use them to boost your content marketing efforts and grow your business.

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