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How to Get Business Leads from LinkedIn

As a marketer, you must know about various platforms that are a perfect place for generating leads for your business. You might already have been using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The one platform you might not know about is LinkedIn.

If you have yet to make the most out of this platform or if you have only dipped your toe into the lead generation opportunities it offers, now is the time to get started with LinkedIn.

Chances that your competitors are already using it, and it’s never too late to catch up using advanced LinkedIn lead generation tools. So, here’s a complete guide for you on how to get business leads from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Generating leads on LinkedIn might feel a little overwhelming. But the truth is with little effort and time; you can become an expert in LinkedIn lead generation.

For marketers who want to take the next step, here’s how to use LinkedIn for lead generation:

Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

You can’t expect your website to generate leads if it’s not properly laid out, doesn’t provide proper information, and it’s not up-to-date.

Similarly, if your LinkedIn profile is not optimized and doesn’t conduct a purpose, none of the customers are going to buy from you.

Now, you must be wondering: how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, so it is compelling enough for lead generation?

Start by asking yourself the following questions that will justify what your audience expects from you:

  • What information does your audience expect to see when they first land on your profile?
  • What phrases or keywords might your audience be looking for to assess your product or service?

Use these questions to decide what to put on your profile that can attract your audience towards your brand. Make sure to add a catchy headline and a to-the-point summary. Also, do not forget to add the visuals. It is estimated that profiles with visuals are more likely to be viewed as compared to others. So, select high-quality visuals that describe your brand products or services.

Post-High-Quality Content On Your LinkedIn Page

To make sure that your LinkedIn profile has a great online presence, consider posting high-quality content types. Featuring the content on your page can help you position yourself as a knowledgeable source that establishes credibility with potential clients.

When you’re known to be a valuable source, you will soon start connecting with like-minded professionals that match perfectly with your ideal customer profile. If you post regularly, your profile will be shown on your leads feed, and the familiarity will make it easier to build further conversations.

If you think that your LinkedIn friends are professionals in your sector, the content you upload will expose you to new audiences. When your connections ‘Like’ a post you’ve created, it may appear in the feed of a new lead. This lead will see that your shared connection liked your post, attesting to your reliability and authority and maybe motivating them to make a connection request.

To ensure that you are creating content your audience might want to see, follow your page analytics that resonates the most with them and post content accordingly.

Examine Your LinkedIn Profile Views

Chances are you will get only 1-2 profile visits each day, and you will most likely ignore them.

Do not do such a thing. Each profile view is worth a lot as it can be a possible lead you missed. It could also be a valuable lead that reaches out to you. They can be a potential client that matters more than a random name in your cold email list.

There’s a simple solution to this if you ignore your profile visits. Just select “Who viewed your profile” in your page dashboard and scroll to the names that showed interest in your profile.

Send a message to each one of them, and it’s a possibility that some of them will be your potential leads and be interested in your product or service.

Be a Part Of Groups

You must wonder how to get business leads from LinkedIn? Well, LinkedIn groups are the best way to do such a thing. There are about thousands of LinkedIn groups that are relevant to you and your brand. Professionals use such groups to gain insight into their industry and also to engage with other members.

The best part-these groups are private by default, so that you can expect high-quality lead generation in LinkedIn. You could also create your own group from the start, but it can be a difficult and time-consuming thing to do.

The best way to make the most out of such groups is to find the relevant, ready-made one. These are the groupings that contain your buyer persona and are closely related to the industry in which you operate. Small groups limit your lead potential, while large groups cause your message to get lost. It is best to aim for both.

To make your opinion known, use the ‘Discussion’ option at the top of the group’s site and post questions, comments, or assertions. Your messaging should be targeted to each group, and you should know who you’re writing to so they can make the best judgment about your organization.

Make Use Of LinkedIn Automation Tools

There are a bunch of the best LinkedIn automation tools that marketers can use to boost a LinkedIn strategy. These tools let you automate your LinkedIn activity and help you generate potential leads for your brand. It enables you to automate message requests, schedule messages, and also track your responses. It saves you a lot of time by automating all your time-consuming activities on Linkedin while you can focus on other relevant lead generation tasks.

One such tool is Dripify. With this automation tool, you can automate almost anything on LinkedIn in one command center and dashboard. You can develop LinkedIn lead generation campaigns with Dripify that might provide remarkable results. Also, you can keep an eye on these campaigns’ performance and monitor your total LinkedIn lead generation progress.

With the help of Dripify sales automation tool, you can easily modify your lead-generating funnel while maintaining all control over your LinkedIn account.

Nurture Connections

Generating leads is only the first step toward having meaningful prospects. You can not expect each lead to be directly impressed by your product pitch; some of them need nurturing too.

The first step towards moving a lead to a sales funnel is having a direct conversation with the connection. Send a custom connection request, and follow it up with a catchy InMail that urges them to respond.

There’s no secret recipe to being a perfect conversation starter, but personalization works best. Try to strike up a conversation about something you both have in common. Expect this process to take some time. Some of the questions you can ask the lead are:

  • What challenges are they facing in their business?
  • What are long-term and immediate priorities?

Finally, when the lead starts asking questions about your product, it’s time for you to pitch them and turn the lead into a client.

Give and Get Referrals

One of the best LinkedIn marketing strategy is to give and get referrals. You should introduce yourself to each new lead as your network of first-degree relationships expands. Share your e-business card, if possible. Making the initial remark breaks the ice, allows for the prospect of collaboration, and lessens the awkwardness of asking them to be directed to someone else later.

Look through a recent client’s relationships to discover which ones might be helpful to your company. If you are confident enough in your relationship, send them a list of the individuals and ask if they mind sending a brief introduction of you to each one. The worst-case scenario is that they refuse.

A sales team knows how to ask and who to ask for referrals. They can outperform the competition, reach decision-makers in a single call, and develop connections that can lead to sales.

Start using LinkedIn For Lead Generation Now!

Leads are like gold to salespeople and marketers. LinkedIn is the best way where you can generate potential leads for brands that can soon be converted into valuable clients.

But even though LinkedIn lead generation might be profitable, it takes time to do.

It is likely that you spend months without seeing any results if you don’t use the proper tactics to target the appropriate audience. You have to be consistent with your lead generation strategy and take time to find valuable LinkedIn connections using the tips given in this guide.

Optimize your profile, strike up meaningful conversations, or share high-quality content. Even then, not every prospect will turn into a sale – but you will have a great chance of converting those leads that are interested in buying from you!


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