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How to Use Clubhouse: A Beginner Guide

How to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a rising star in the social media world. It has brought a refreshing twist to online interactions with its audio chats. Although social media has grown so much in the last few years, people have still been craving real-time audio conversations.

After all, they offer a more intimate interaction that texting simply cannot match. Hearing each other’s voices, tones, and emotions adds depth and authenticity to conversations. Therefore, this platform gives you the opportunity to build a unique brand.

But if you are a newbie on Clubhouse, you need to learn how this app works and how to engage with others and network. And that’s where today’s article comes in. Below, we will discuss the best ways to utilize Clubhouse so that you can have the best experience on the platform.

How to Use Clubhouse

Here are some expert tips and tricks on networking and building your brand on Clubhouse.

1) Build Your Community

 Build Your Community

Growing your fan base on Clubhouse is critical to maximize your time on the platform. As you accumulate more followers, your credibility and influence over others grows. That’s because a larger following automatically enhances your authority within the community.

To boost your following on Clubhouse, communicate with your audience often, join discussions that concern you, and share useful ideas in every room you join. You will eventually create a supportive network for yourself by constantly engaging with other people.

2) Setup Your Profile

Like other social media platforms, Clubhouse gives you a profile that you can use to tell others about who you are and the kind of content you offer. If you have a strong profile, you will be able to attract a lot of people and stand out from other creators.

So, start by choosing a clear picture for your profile image so that people can easily recognize you when they come across your profile. Clubhouse also gives you plenty of room for your bio. But keep in mind the first three lines are the ones that are visible in your profile preview.

Use them to tell people what value you will bring to conversations. List the topics you are interested in so that people know the kind of conversations you’d want to be invited to. Lastly, complete your profile by including direct links to your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

3) Join or Start a Club

Clubs are groups with a specific focus or theme. They provide a platform for people who want to discuss and engage in areas that interest them. In many ways, they are just like Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

You can use them to find and interact with other users who have common interests. To join a Club, search for ones related to your interests in the ‘Explore Clubs’ tab and request to join.

If none suits your taste, you can form your own. This enables you to create a community around something that you are passionate about. You can host discussions, select speakers and expand it by inviting others.

4) Raise Your Hand to Speak

People hold live audio conversations on different subjects in Clubhouse rooms. For you to speak, you need to raise your hand, and moderators may ask you to take part in the conversation. Once you have joined, listen attentively, be patient before talking, and use polite language.

Respect the guidelines provided by those who facilitate discussions so that other users don’t feel interrupted or disrespected. In this way, you will contribute meaningfully to conversations, thereby enhancing the experiences of others present in the room.

5) Active Participation in Other Rooms

Whenever I think about what Clubhouse is all about, I like to think of networking, learning, and sharing knowledge. So, when you see a chatroom you want to join, don’t be afraid to tap in and start listening.

Join various rooms to explore different topics and engage with diverse communities. Anyone can join open rooms; hence, these are ideal for networking purposes. Closed rooms are more exclusive and might require invitations, but they facilitate more in-depth conversations.

Regardless of the kind of room you join, contribute, listen, and seize every opportunity to connect with other like-minded people. If you are active on Clubhouse, you will grow your network and build valuable relationships.

6) Invite Your Friends

Do you host a room, or are you part of a room that you love so much? If yes, invite your friends and relatives to join Clubhouse so that they can enjoy the conversation, too.

You can use the invite feature on the app to send invites to your contacts or share referral links via chat apps or social media. By recommending friends, you will grow your network and make it more exciting for everyone involved.

7) Follow Other Users in Your Niche

Follow Other Users in Your Niche

Following other creators in your niche helps you stay updated on the relevant conversations and trends happening around you. Find others who have similar interests, skills, or values and follow them so that you can engage in discussions that interest you.

For example, you can check out the ‘People’ tab or search for keywords associated with your niche. That can help you increase your network base, acquire knowledge, and forge meaningful partnerships.

8) Partner with Other Creators

When creators join forces on Clubhouse, they get to meet various audiences and a lot of new followers. To discover the possibilities for future partners, find other virtual rooms in your field and contact participants who seem to be very active on the platform.

In your message, you can point out how you think working together will benefit both of you. For instance, you could mention how you’ll both get more room guests and access to a bigger audience. Such collaborations will enhance your reputation and strengthen your social network.

9) Use the Explore Page

If you are not interested in what’s being shown on your homepage, you can use the Explore page to find other users, clubs, and rooms to follow. It helps you find exciting discussions, discover new clubs, and meet people outside your circle.

That way, you stay on top of what’s hot in rooms, topics, and users. To learn about all the popular topics going on around the platforms or get involved with various communities, try exploring some of the trending rooms in the Explore Tab.


Clubhouse is an amazing platform that allows you to socialize with others, get new ideas, and build your social circle. It helps users increase their reach, develop skills, form valuable relationships and earn money on Clubhouse.

So, whether you plan on using it for business networking or personal interests, there are endless opportunities to form connections and collaborate with other people who share similar interests.


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