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10 Smart Hacks to Improve SEO Through Social Media

Social media engagement has become a necessary part of the search engine optimization process. People who utilize the internet for their business need to focus on how their social media presence could enhance their ranking in search results. By optimizing their social media profiles, they can more effectively reach potential customers.

Improve SEO Through Social Media

A customer can be seen in a different manner by various people. Some will be bloggers who view customers as site visitors reading their blog content. Businesses will view customers as the classic concept of a paying consumer. However, one thing to note is that both will see better results by focusing on their social media presence.

Major search engines such as Google are reported to now include various social media signals in their search algorithms. They try to interpret the most high-quality content to put before the searcher. By ranking on the first page of search engine result pages, online businesses can have a greater chance of getting a person to click on their link.

Search engines have seen the value of calculating the social media reach of content as a way to recommend it. People endorse content to others when they choose to share or link to it on their social media account. Actual humans have gone out of their way to tell others about a specific piece of information. This is an important way for search engines to make a distinction of superior content.

Businesses and blogs should focus on figuring out ways to get their content in front of social media users. If this content is interesting and engaging, word of mouth will do the trick. This can lead others to the social network to seek out the origin of the content. When a potential customer shows up on a website from a social media share, there is a greater chance they will be in a buying state of mind. Businesses or blogs should make sure that they already have a well-planned selling process in place.

Improve SEO Through Social Media

A customer needs to be spoken to in a unique way. By creating an information funnel, a business can increase their odds of a sale. A blog should make sure to have a funnel in place to move the reader to other recommended postings. This entire process starts with the social media presence of the business and blog.

1. Call-to-Action Buttons

Improve SEO Through Social Media

Visitors are most likely to share something when it is as easy as possible. It is important to have all the major share buttons located on the blog or website. Locations can vary where the buttons are placed. This is a chance for the website owner to test out different locations to see if there is a possible increase in sharing.

People can present the same content at various times but with different button locations. Then they can analyze their site visitor statistics to see if there are differences in engagement. Continual testing should be a part of the optimization process. The type of share buttons might also make a difference and the owner can decide what are the most popular choices used by their visitors. Apart from that, the choice of colour for the call-to-action buttons also matters as certain colours are known to convert the best. So, keep that in mind as well.

2. Keywords

Improve SEO Through Social Media

Keywords in content that a person posts to social media platforms can make a difference in the search results. It is a prudent idea to include top keywords in the Facebook post titles when someone hopes to rank more highly. The keywords will give search engines a better signal to what is being actively shared.

At that same theme, Facebook users who have a business should make sure that the URL on their Facebook account includes the business name rather than a number identifier. This can make it clearer to searchers, who they are seeing when the link appears in various places.

3. Share

Taking time to ask a visitor to share the content they are reading or watching is another option. Businesses should not be timid and if they are proud of what they have produced, they should not hesitate to ask the audience to “spread the word.”


Improve SEO Through Social Media

Setting up a reward system might be an effective way to increase shares or likes. Finding programs that produce contests or giveaways that reward people who do a specific task should be explored. There are various ways to create catchy content. Giving users, who perform the task, a reward increases their chances of participation.

5. Profiles

Another technical detail that businesses and blogs should check is their social media profile settings. Some networks don’t automatically set the information posted to the public. People who want more shares need to ensure that all their profiles have been set to the public rather than private. Having the account set to public will ensure that the maximum number of people can view the content posted there.


Improve SEO Through Social Media

A challenging but rewarding goal will be to increase the number of followers on a business or a blog’s social media account. The more followers an account has, the stronger it will be seen by the search engines. The reason this is challenging is that it should be grown organically. Paying for followers can get an account penalized and algorithms are reportedly in place to detect this type of activity. If people see value in what is on the account they will be likely to follow it. Building followers is a long-term goal which takes time.

7. Bio

In the theme of optimization, people should fill out their social media bio completely. It can be a good idea to include phone numbers, email, site URLs and addresses. On specific platforms like Twitter, you can have hashtag keywords in the bio for phrases you think people will search on. On other platforms such as LinkedIn, strong signals can be sent to the number of people linking back to a specific business bio.

8. Videos

Improve SEO Through Social Media

Adding different content formats to social media can help in engaging a user. Putting up a video linking back to a website or blog might drive visitors. Having contact information and a link embedded in the video will make it easier for the viewer to visit the website for further action.

9. Local

Improve SEO Through Social Media

Including a quality map in a Facebook account can help people see where a business or blog is located locally. Having specific addresses will also help the business show up in local search engine results based on the searcher’s location.

10. Platforms

When focusing on things that consumers might be interested in, platforms such as Facebook can be a good way to reach them. For more business-minded ideas, content platforms such as LinkedIn can be more appropriate based upon the user types.

Social media has become an integral part of optimizing for search engine results. It is possible that content posted on social media will rank higher than the original source. Businesses and blog owners should take advantage of these concepts to help drive more users back to them. People who arrive via a social media path will likely be more willing to fully explore different areas of the website or a blog. By reviewing the ideas above, someone can get a general idea of steps that can be taken to increase their social media presence.

New York Times bestselling author Neil Patel is one of the many who built his business just by mixing SEO and Social Media. He knows what the right tactics are and what things are to be avoided.

On KissMetrics, Neil Patels’ team published a great article about the things You Need to Know About Social Media & SEO and on his personal blog he wrote Why A Poor Social Media Strategy Can Destroy Your SEO. He perfectly structured all the above points to his business and is now reaping the benefits.

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