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Is Your Mobile App User-friendly? All You Need to Know About Usability Testing

With over a million mobile apps available in app stores, every factor matters to win a competition for user attention. And it’s time when mobile app owners ask themselves: “Does my mobile app have an excellent and user-centered functionality”

As marketing reports reveal, it is time to pay attention to usability. Users choose to download a mobile app to complete certain tasks or deal with a particular problem. They are expecting to solve their current problems and not create new ones. They want to get the job done and not time wasted.

User-centered mobile development has become a priority for many mobile app development companies like JatApp software development that focus on delivering value to their users.

If a mobile app has a non-intuitive design or is overwhelmed with UI elements, it becomes a critical obstacle between you and your potential users. Business owners need to consider that the demands of modern users are constantly growing and the developers and designers need to do their best to meet the high user requirements. And the most effective process to ensure that you are launching a 100% user-friendly app is performing usability testing.

Mobile App Usability: What is It and How to Work on It?

According to experts, usability defined how easy it’s to use a certain software product.

Usability involves such notions as efficiency, performance, and satisfaction that fulfill the certain demands of every mobile app user.

When it comes to mobile applications, usability is a part of user experience (UX) that reveals how users work with a product, including ease of usage, feelings, and the app’s performance.

Key Factors Affecting Mobile App Usability

Here are the crucial factors that have the biggest impact on the usability of mobile applications.

  • Navigation. It is preferable to make all the content available in 3 taps and create intuitive navigation.
  • Design. You need to prepare one style that will be on all the pages of your mobile application.
  • Simplified order form. Order forms in your app should contain a minimum number of fields and ask for only critical information.
  • Load speed. The faster your pages load, the better it is
  • Content. Content is the king of any website or app. It should be regular, consistent, and interesting for your users. And you also shouldn’t overload your users with content.

What is App Usability Testing?

Mobile app usability testing is all about getting your target users to interact with your mobile application. The highlight of this testing type is that developers can observe user interactions, behavior, and responses to an app and make changes where possible. It can be tested with a single user or a more comprehensive one with a few groups of users who have different interests

This stage plays a huge role in your mobile app development as it helps look at your mobile app from users’ perspectives and implement the necessary changes to meet user needs. It also helps validate many things related to your app (such as UI, UX, and features) and make their maximum tailored to user needs.

How to Do Usability Testing for Mobile Application

Here are things to consider while performing usability testing for mobile apps.

  • Using the right devices. If you want to know how different people are going to interact with your mobile app, you should launch your prototype on multiple devices with different screen sizes.
  • Diverse test groups. Make up your application usability testing group of different users. Pay attention to choosing users who don’t have much experience in using mobile phones and apps.
  • Different screen sizes. To perform effective usability testing, mobile apps should be installed on devices with various screen sizes. This will help eliminate any UX issues.
  • Test in various environments. Perform your testing in different conditions close to your real life, including indoors, outdoors, and when you lack time.

Advantages of Usability Testing for Mobile Apps

Here are the most important benefits of mobile app user testing that are worth your attention:

  • Helps create a better first impression on users.
  • Increases user involvement from the first interaction with your app.
  • Defines and helps increase user satisfaction with using your mobile application.
  • Helps find out weaknesses in the interface, user experience, and app performance.
  • Plan your mobile app fixes and improvements most efficiently.

Common Usability Mistakes in Mobile Apps

Here are the most widespread mistakes in your app usability that don’t let your users have a flawless experience.

  • Too much or too little content. The amount of test in your app should be informative enough by at the same time it shouldn’t overload the users and distract them from their key interaction steps.
  • Overload with visual elements. Make sure the number of graphic elements goes along with the amount of content on your pages.
  • The unsuitable and uncommon placement of the main functions – Your app should match the common principles of mobile app organization and structure. The main icons and signs should look familiar to your users.
  • Lack of support. Your app may be as intuitive as possible, however, this doesn’t guarantee that the users will not get lost while using it. You need to prepare sufficient assistance as a chatbot or a help center for these cases. Such features should be accessible, concentrated on the core processes, and well-structured.
  • Poor dealing with errors. If something goes wrong with your mobile application – you need to be able to inform the user about what is going on. This will enhance their experience.
  • Problematic navigation – If a user can’t intuitively integrate with an app, it worsens the user experience and disengages your users.

Wrapping Up on Mobile App Usability

Usability testing is a process that helps define that you need to pay attention to every aspect of user-friendliness that can play a decisive role in your app’s success.


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