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Long-Tail Keyword Research: Find more than 1000 Keywords in No Time

This article will demonstrate exactly how you can use Mondovo’s Free Keyword Research Tool to find more than 100 1000 long-tail keywords in less than a minute for your niche site. Finding long-tail keyword research can typically be time-consuming but we show you how it can be done in super quick time!

Will you spend half an hour or more for something that takes less than a minute to get done?

I guess not.

Unless of course, you have all the time in the world, or you are living on Venus, where a day lasts a whopping 5,832 hours, or it’s something you terribly enjoy doing and hence can’t help.

long-tail keyword research

Humor apart, we all want our work to be completed fast. As in, real quick. That’s the reason why I am here today to show you how you can generate more than 1000 long-tail keywords in less than a minute.

Most traditional keyword research methods let you find only about a hundred keywords in not less than 25-30 minutes. Some of the popular methods exceed even the 1-hour mark.

And, if you think other long-tail keyword research tools let you find the same number of keywords and have the same set of features, wait until you read till the end.

Ready to use Mondovo’s Long-Tail Keyword Research Tool?

Set your timer. Let’s begin.

To get started, hop over to Mondovo, create a FREE account (if you do not already have one), and go to the “Keyword Research Tool” (available under the “Keyword Tools” menu item).

Don’t worry, this is the only time I’ll ask you to hop. For, this keyword research tool lets you find all the keywords you need at just one place.

No jumping around from tab to tab, window to window. Convenient enough right? Saves time too.

Now let’s run a couple of searches on Mondovo’s keyword research tool.

Since I am writing a blog post on our keyword research tool, let me go ahead and type ‘keyword research tool’ as my first search query.

Text String:
‘keyword research tool’

keyword research tool

Time Taken: Less than 6 seconds. Result: 2,420 Results. For only ONE search query.

So what’s happening behind the scenes and where does Mondovo source all this data from?

The keyword data we get is fetched from 5 sources:

  1. We fetch keywords from Google’s Auto-complete using a bunch of modifiers.For instance, if you go to Google and type in your keyword along with the letter “a”, e.g “keyword research tool a”, you’ll get a list of suggestions from Google within the search bar. All those keywords can be really useful.So what we do is we append modifiers to your keyword ranging from “a..z” (eg. “{searched keyword} a”, “{searched keyword} b”, etc) along with some other smart combinations, we then fetch all those results and return them in your keyword research report. A lot of time saved there!
    long-tail keyword research. Google Suggest with modifiers
  2. We then do something similar with a data source from Amazon.
  3. We have also accumulated a database of more than 1 billion phrases that are often used on documents mentioned on the web. We fetch relevant keywords from this database.
  4. For the keyword results we get, we then fetch the Global Monthly Search Volume for each of those keywords. This would be the average monthly search volume for the keyword on Google on a global level.
  5. Until the step above, your report is absolutely free and that usually is sufficient enough for most long-tail keyword research purposes. If you select the option of fetching a paid report, we also then fetch more related keywords that would be similar to what you would get from Google’s Keyword Planner.You would then not only get more related keywords but also get the search volume and CPC for that keyword in the selected country.The difference in our reports vs what you’d get in Google’s Keyword Planner is that you’d get exact search volume data, unlike the volume ranges that Google’s Keyword Planner has been showing.
Added Benefits of Mondovo’s Long-tail Keyword Research Tool
  • Get location-based/geo-targeted search results
  • Sort results on the basis of word length, relevance
  • In one-click, you can view the Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Quora & Google Trends results for each returned keyword
  • Download the complete report in either CSV or Excel formats
  • Powerful filters where you can filter just “question keywords”, find keywords with “positive” or “negative” sentiment, find keywords “starting with” or “ending with”, and you could do a LOT more.

This is an example of the Google Trends result we show for the searched term:

long-tail keyword research. google trends. mondovo keyword research tool.
Now 2,420 results is a big amount of keyword data to sieve through. The reason why Mondovo has these awesome filters as well.

You can use them wisely to narrow down to the keywords that matter the most to you.

Long-tail Keyword research tool filter by phrase and related
long-tail question keywords

For the sake of our article, let’s go with the ‘Positive Keywords’ pre-defined filter and see what we get.
long-tail keywords by sentiment

There I have it. 223 filtered long-tail keyword results.

If you wish, you may further narrow down your search results by adding more filters.

Go ahead and run a few searches. See how you fare.

So, there you have it. Thousands of keywords within seconds for you to work with.

More Advantages that Mondovo has over other similar long-tail keyword research tools in the market

Plenty! And I’m not kidding.

Unlike traditional subscription plans, Mondovo’s inexpensive subscription plans come with a Pay-As-You-Go component. What it enables you to do is continue running additional reports even after you’ve exhausted your credit balance. You simply need to top-up your account, and voila—you are on your way again. If you are new to Mondovo, you can start with a Free 7-day trial, after which you can upgrade to any of the reasonably-priced subscription plans that start at $20 per month.

Depending on the subscription plan you choose, you can set up multiple campaigns; assign multi-user access, get white-label reports, email/chat support (whenever you need), and more.

What do you do next after you’ve identified the right keywords?

Now that you have a loooong list of keywords, create engaging content around the selected keywords, run PPC ads (if you so wish), or optimize your current sets of pages for the selected keyword phrases. Your ultimate objective should be to rank high in Google, get traffic, get leads, get conversions, and beat your competition at their own game.

If you’d like, you could also see the comparison of our tool vs the other keyword research tools in the market.


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  • This would be the average monthly search volume for the keyword on Google on a global level.

  • Great article!!!
    I dont know about this tool and its really helpful as long and short tail keyword research.
    Keep posting such blogs.
    Thanks for Sharing..

  • Hello Sameer,
    Keyword research is one of the most important and competitive market now. Everyone need to spend most of their time to do keyword research. I have been a user of long tail and it helps me to get many profitable keywords. Thanks for sharing this information.

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