How Internet of Things Will Test the Limits of your Imagination

The Internet of Things (IoT) has slowly started taking over the show. If you have any technical background or you follow the latest in technology, it is impossible that you have not come across the word IoT till date. The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the following decade.

Actually, everything will be connected with everything. Yes, your smart watches can now advise you on how to improve your fitness or how and what you should probably eat. Your mobile phone can talk to your door locks and get it locked, in case you have forgotten to do it yourself.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of smart devices, which are powered by sensors that collect and exchange data to operate as per user’s instructions. The fundamental rule for the Internet of things automation is that all hardware devices of the ecosystem must be ‘smart’ in nature & have WI-Fi capabilities.

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4 Proven Strategies to Build Your Audiences’ Trust Faster

Quick question:

How many of your readers would say that they actually trust you?

Trust your opinions. Trust your knowledge. Trust your intentions.

Difficult question to answer, right?

A few years ago, I asked myself this same question.

I thought to myself “Why would anyone trust me and what I have to say? After all, I’m not well known and readers may favour tips from people with more experience, knowledge and authority.”

Boy — was I wrong.

I learned that even though trust is a hard thing to gain, it’s developed if you continuously work at it. And because I did, opportunities opened up.

I made several key connections. My blog is growing steadily. And people started to trust me — and more importantly, the advice I share about business growth and content marketing.

You can achieve the same thing.

My goal with this article is to provide you with proven strategies that’ll put you on the express lane of getting your readers to trust you. And loving your content in the process.

Sounds like something you’re interested in? Let’s get to it!

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7 Simple Tools for a Better and Smarter SEO Campaign

When wrapped in thousands of both critical and mundane tasks, most of us tend to search for the best possible way to escape the vicious circle we are in. While we focus our efforts on building an effective marketing strategy, we somehow always end up looking for the right set of tools that will make our road to success much easier and our SEO campaign much smarter.

SEO Campaign - 7 SEO Tools Discussed

This is particularly true when it comes to online digital marketing. Although today’s ever-increasing market offers a set of user-friendly, effective tools, you should search for the ones that will help you work smarter and faster and achieve the best possible results.

Here, we’ve rounded up a set of 7 tools we believe will cover most of your needs and ultimately have a huge impact on your SEO campaign.

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The Complexity of Facebook Ads [Infographic]

While many business owners and marketers are enjoying significant returns from their investment on Facebook Ads, many others are yet to find their success on the said social media platform. Truth be told, Facebook Ads, while effective and rewarding, requires a full understanding of all its complexities in order to generate a positive result. Otherwise, one simple mistake can lead to an unproductive ad campaign, thus wasting your resources, and possibly affecting your brand image as well.

Because of the complexity of Facebook ads, business owners and marketers need to know how each feature works, and on their end, the required elements that have to be present on their Facebook ads. While the task of mastering the ins and outs of this platform might seem too demanding, the rewards that come afterwards are surely worth it.

To sum up, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from Harris Myers which discusses how Facebook ads work, and how you can optimize your Facebook advertising campaign for successful results.

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5 Ways to Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Having an email database of customers is an incredibly valuable resource for any business. So much communication is done through email now, making it an inexpensive, fast and easy way to get a message through to interested people. The effectiveness of each email message, however, is all dependent on how well you’re able to convert those sent messages to clicks and buys.

Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rates

There are some important details that cannot be overlooked when you’re composing and sending out email marketing campaigns. Making an error in any of these areas could mean you’ll be seeing a much lower conversion rate than you would have otherwise had. Increase your email marketing conversion rates quickly, simply by following these five tips.

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3 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know

The Internet evolves very fast. If you want to keep growing your website or your online business, you need to keep your radar on for the latest marketing trends. Below you will find three digital marketing trends you absolutely need to know, and how you can leverage them to attract more visitors and customers.

Digital Marketing Trends

1. Retargeting

The cost of convincing an Internet user to return to your website, after he has visited it at least once, is much lower than convincing an Internet visitor to visit your website for the first time. This fact gave origin to a strategy called retargeting. The basic idea is to create advertising campaigns that only target visitors who have already visited your website. Advertising networks know this based on Internet cookies that are placed on their browsers.

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16 Practical Restaurant Marketing Strategies to Drive More Customers to Your Restaurant in 2019 (Bonus Tip Added)

Get more customers to your restaurant
In 1995, less than 1% of the world population had an internet connection. Today, over 3.6 billion people use the internet. That’s more than 40% of the world population.

A huge chunk of this online population search for and find restaurants online. They look up menus, compare prices, go through reviews before going over to a restaurant or ordering food from there.

As per a 2016 Adweek survey, 25% of people have at least one restaurant app on their phone. As per another survey, 85% of those who search for food on their mobile phones go on to complete a purchase.

But they don’t stop at merely having discovered a restaurant that they might like, or after making a purchase.

Modern, tech-empowered consumers click pictures of the food that they have been served, go online to post their reviews, and share their experiences on social media—which in turn could enhance footfalls at your restaurants or dissuade people from further visiting your establishment.

The thing is whether you are online or not, your customers are. Talks veer around your restaurant, its ambiance, the food you serve, the service you offer, and more.

Look at the infographic below, these stats have been compiled from Toast’s Industry Report and’s data:

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Creating an ‘About Us’ page? 9 components you might want to include.

About Page

Your About Me/About page is the face of your brand. Besides the homepage, it’s arguably the second most visited page on your site. This is because people want to see the human side of your business and connect with what your company does. Building this relationship is critical to keep people engaged.

Browse the About pages of your favourite sites and consider how you feel about them. Are they inviting? Do they seem casual yet professional? Effective About pages balance the formal and informal to create a humanistic and relatable page. Let your personality shine by looking at these nine styles and real-world examples to help get you started.

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SEOs Vs Web Developers: Why You Need Both?

seo vs web developer

Let’s talk about it. SEOs vs Web Developers. Clients often think SEOs or search engine optimization specialists and web developers are one and the same, and it’s not a completely ridiculous assumption. Good SEOs do provide a lot of recommendations that do apply directly to the web development team. However, most on-site SEO strategies cannot be executed without a web developer to implement the necessary changes.

The SEOs vs Web developers debate has been going on for quite some time but, in reality, you can’t expect your SEO to be a top notch developer who can implement every individual recommendation they make. And on top of that, it will take a significant amount of time for them to become comfortable enough to make any changes on your site without causing any damage.

At most development companies, it will be months before new employees are even allowed to really dig into the software. So how can you expect your brand new SEO team to just jump right in there and make all of the changes they’d like?

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67 key stats on how online user reviews can influence purchasing behavior

In a recent report published by, it was determined that for every additional star in rating that a business gets, their sales revenues are bound to increase by approximately 5-9%. On the other side of the spectrum, studies have shown that around 22% of consumers will not purchase a product in case they have read a negative review about it, thus showing the strong influence that online user reviews can have on purchasing behavior.

There are some interesting stats about the impact of online user reviews outlined in the infographic below. More than 67 data points have been researched and published in the infographic.

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