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Scale your Digital Marketing with proper Systems & Processes

The necessity of having a systems & processes in place to scale your digital marketing efforts. Many of us are too random in our approach to the tasks we have at hand. It could be related to SEO or Social Media or anything else in general. Without having a system and process, you’re not going to be as efficient or even half as productive as someone out there who has thought things through.

Sameer Panwani talks about some of his experiences in having a system & process for digital marketing.

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Transcript – 

Today I want to talk about the need for having systems and processes in place to make you as a business agency owner or a marketer more efficient. So, in our day to day job, I feel or what I’ve observed from many people I interact with, we’re quite random. So whether we get an SEO task list or we have a social media client that we have on-boarded, there too much time is wasted in just trying to brain storm, think things true, and it’s adhoc. 

There is no systematic or methodical approach to solving or going about the work that you do. So, I believe that everything can be systematized, everything can have a methodical approach and that would give you, your team a lot more to work with in terms of you can handle a lot more clients if you had systems in place, you could may be outsource also a lot more if you had a system in place that your person who you outsourcing to had a clear checklist of items to go by.

So, I believe there is a very strong need especially in our industry, the digital marketing industry to come up with systems and processes and I will delve into what kind of system and what kind of process you can follow for your agency in future videos but for now I am  just trying to communicate the need for having such systems and processes. So, let me give you an example how you can leverage such a systems, such a process.

So, back in 2006 my first business was directorymaximizer.comNow I spotted an opportunity back then, that people wanted to do directory submissions but it was a tedious process, if you have to submit your site to multiple directories, if you have do it manually you would take about say you can do 20 – 25 submissions in an hour. So anything we do is based on time, I was trying to leverage the sale of time saving you time so I built software I built technology in the back end. 

And then I hired a team of people who could actually be semi automated the process of submitting client side’s directories through smart technology where by my team could effectively submit a hundred, do hundred submissions within a span of 45 minutes or so, so I was able to charge the same rate or much cheaper rates than anyone else out there by having a system having a process and that system and process was enabled by technology.

So, what I am trying to say with that example is sometime systems and processes can be put in place not only by having an excel checklist. You can think of developing technology based solutions to really save your time so whether its coming up with proposals, can you have a system in place to build an SEO proposal automatically that’s something we are considering building Mondovo for agencies out there.

Or when you are pricing your services, is there a calculator based approach that you can follow or when its coming to on-page seo, is there a more methodical approach that you and your team can follow for more effective results. So, I am talking about making sure that you get higher ROI for every minute that you spend on your tasks and there are smarter ways to go about it. So, i just want you to think about it.

Think about how you can use either technology or a smart checklist based system but effectively some kind of system. Don’t be random, don’t be adhoc in your approach. I will delve into more details about certain processes or certain workflows if you could follow in future videos. Do lookout for those. How, for now, I want to communicate the need. Please do consider having some kind of a system. Don’t be random. But, be methodical in your approach.

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