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The Simplest & Most Effective Link Building Tactic

We all make link building sound harder than it can be. There are some really simple and basic things you could do to not only build links but also get some really high quality leads.

Sameer talks about some really simple yet effective link building strategies that you can apply today and from which you can gain links as well as qualified traffic.

Link building is hard if you just look at the strategies listed out there in the many articles you find. However, there are some really simple things you could do.

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Link building is hard. Now, everyone talks about the necessity of link building and it is super important.

Google still values links very highly.

Now how do you go about building links. There are so many things that you could do.

You go through resources online and they talk about various things like: you could do guest posting, you could engage in spammy tactics like PBN links, then there’s buying links, and there is link outreach.

There are ridiculous number of things you could do for building links.

I’ll admit that most of them if not all of them are really hard. In fact, they said the harder the link is to get, the better the quality of the link.

Now there are some really simple things you could do to build links. And we’ve got to not ignore those aspects. We should not just think that link building is hard, and forget about it.

There are many easy things that you could do to build links. And I’ve just focused on one thing. One tip that we’ve done for our own product MondovoAnd I believe that it applies to any niche or any product/service that you offer.

When we launched Mondovo, first we launched it as a beta product. Now there were many many such directories and platforms online which promoted beta products. So what we did, we registered ourselves on each of these platforms.

We actually found sites which listed beta products – beta SAAS products. We got ourselves listed on each of these platforms. Then, when we evolved from beta to a new officially launch product, then we found platforms which listed startups.

So, basically these are all non-traditional avenues but you’d call them directories for specific industries or specific categories of sites.

So, you might be health practitioner, you might have a dental site, you will find sites or directories that list professionals or services within your area, within your location and they may just provide you those do-follow links that may give you enough traction for you to build some kind of authority, to give your site some kind of juice to get started with.

So, I believe there are enough and more opportunities like this which you would term as directories or resources or list based sites.

If you look, you will find. It doesn’t matter which industry or it doesn’t matter what keywords you’re targeting. There will always be some people who are listing resources about sites like yours. And try to find them first.

Look at your competitor’s backlinks. You might find such opportunities. First, I would say, focus on those links first if you’re starting out link building. Then move on to the next level.

So, keep it simple. There are simple things you could do. Don’t make link building to be really hard.

It’s not that hard. If you sometimes think of the basics. And the basics is you wanna get yourself promoted and this is not only a link, it also gets your exposure.

We in fact got a lot of traffic for Mondovo from these platforms. Some of them were no-follow links, but it didn’t matter.

It gave us enough branding and enough exposure to even attract a few natural links.

So, I would say look at these platforms as avenues for marketing as well as link building.

So, there you go. A simple thing that you could do find resource site, find directories, find platforms that could list you for your industry.

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Sameer Panjwani

Sameer Panjwani is the CEO & Founder of Mondovo.com, an online marketing toolset that helps you track your rankings, monitor your site stats and research your competitors'. A man of many talents, Sameer occasionally writes about social media marketing, content marketing and SEO. In his free time, he loves reading about the latest trends in SEO as well as spending time with his two little daughters.

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