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Simplifying the Guest Posting Process. Get Accepted Faster.

Guest posting is a long, hard and tedious process. It can take weeks to find a good opportunity and then another few weeks to really get something accepted and published. Sameer Panjwani talks about some simple tactics you can follow when approaching guest posting.

Guest posting can be so much more simpler if we just follow an outline and ensure that we’re doing it properly.

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Today I want to talk about guest posting. Guest posting is a much advocated for link building tactic. However it’s become a noisy tactic as well because it’s so well known that many people are doing it. So, how do you really make it easy, how do you simplify the process because if too many people are doing it the environment becomes so crowded that editors or bloggers don’t want to accept anyone and everyone who approaches them so there has to be a simpler and there has to be better way.

So, first thing that many people are doing wrong is they don’t have the work to show. If you want to guest blog, if you want to publish content any where, you should have content on your own blogs or on your own platforms or somewhere that where you can show off your writing skills or show off the thought leadership that you have in the topic or industry that you are taking charge of.

So, because when you reach out to an editor or you reach out to a blogger with an opportunity to guest post for them, what they are looking for is some one who can add value, so they don’t want someone who can add just content for the sake of content, you want to add value so you want to first in your email outreach to them, you want to show samples, you want to show how much effort you put not only in developing the content but how much you have invested in actually promoting the content and how actively you have engaged with the people who commented on those articles because if you show that you are willing to go much beyond the traditional.

So, every guest blogger or every opportunist I would call them out there who wants to guest blog would just email a blogger saying I have these topics in mind let me know what you think.

Now if you had to really make your pitch or proposal stand out what you would tell the editor in-charge is here’re some topics I have in mind if not this topic if there’s anything else that you propose I am willing to write on that. Here are some samples and its not only the writing that I do where I also will promote the article within my network, I will actively engage with the readers of your blog.

So, it’s more than for me is about adding values so you want to show that you are actually care about the bloggers blog themselves basically. So, your approach can be much more simplified and more effective if you actually follow a value based outreach approach rather than one way you just spamming and hoping for the best.

Then the next part about getting content written is you may not necessarily have to do it on your own. Once you got a topic that’s approved, don’t expect to write it on your own if you are not the best writer. There many writers available out there, co-ordinate with them, give them the points that you think it through. You know what needs to be written you write the outlines, get the articles written from someone else, do the editing yourself. Many people are not natural writers so focus on your strengths, work to your strengths and get it outsourced.

You apply your thought leadership, you apply your outline, you apply your points make it work. Then after you have submitted it to the editor, make sure you follow up. Many people submit an article and they don’t follow up and then those articles lie waste and then things can become stale very fast.

So follow up is necessary – follow up, follow up, follow up follow up till the article is published and after your article has been published do not do not just let it lie out there without actually engaging with the readers out there, without actually promoting it in all the social channels that you have. You want to build a relationship with each and every editor and each and every blogger that you connect with.

You want to show that you really care beyond just offering content for the sake of content. So, if you want to make guest blogging really simple really easy, personalize your  approach  invest in building your relationship, invest in the content you do and make sure that you have something to show in terms of content that you already have. That will make your proposal and pitch much more viable, so there you go guest blogging can be much more simple if you just follow the outline that I gave you.

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  • Guest Posting is one of the best methods to build quality backlinks and as per your words, it is not that easy to pick any website for guest posting. One must need to maintain the relevancy. Guest Posting must be done on the relevant websites only.

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