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Too much data, too many reports…where do you start?

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that right now, things couldn’t be going better. You’ve managed to find Mondovo amidst a sea of less attractive alternatives and now you’re bursting at the seams to get started. So off you go, full of the enthusiasm and glee that only exploring a new software can provide (if you’re a techno buff like most of us here, you’d relate).

Cut to a few minutes later and your reports are ready to be analyzed (the industry’s favorite term). Only one small problem, being new to the tool, you’re still slightly unfamiliar with the data layout and how to get the most out of the report as quickly as possible.

Here’s your answer. Highlighted below are the key sections that you should look at under each report. The other micro-details can be looked when you have more time.

Rankings Monitor:
All of our tool sets in Mondovo have a ‘Summary’ option so that you can quickly get the gist of whatever the report contains. For the Ranking Monitor Tool, be sure to check the ‘Top 3 Keyword gains and losses’ in addition to the ranking movements under ‘Quick Summary’

Ranking Monitor

Scrolling down a bit, you would find the meat of the report, handily categorized under 4 main tabs i.e. data on ‘Your Website’, ‘You vs Your Competitors’, ‘Full Search Results’ & ‘Competitor Ranking Pages’. We would recommend starting  with the first two as they will give you insight into what’s working for your enemies and what you need to correct or improve. Also keep in mind that some tabs have options to manipulate the data as you require, such as the ‘Show / Hide Competitors’ button under the ‘You vs Your Competitors’ tab.

Ranking Monitor tabs

Website Audit:
Going by the assumption that your website was created by a person, chances are, there could be some errors somewhere or the other – we’re all only human after all. It takes time though – If you don’t have a someone to guide you along the way. Fortunately, Mondovo’s got you covered.

Start by scrolling through the summary which encapsulates all the main issues that you have across your site – highlights the number of broken links, number of duplicate pages, how many missing meta descriptions, etc.

WA 1

We would however recommend going through the following tabs, just to peek into the important stuff namely, the ‘Meta Issues’ – check for missing meta titles, descriptions and duplicate meta data.

WA 2

The ‘Broken Links’ column under the “Linking Details” tab is another important area you need to look into and to take appropriate action. You don’t want too many broken links on your site, that’s never good – neither for the search engines and more importantly, nor for your end-users.

WA 4

Finally the ‘Content’ Tab. This bit is super important because Google on multiple occasions has outlined how the best way to rank better is to have killer content. That being said, its prudent to ensure that your content is correctly optimized with no duplicates, a good link to text ratio and and clear targeted keywords.

WA 3

Link Research 

Once you have gotten your content under control, its vital to spend time nurturing your Linking Strategy. Quality links growing in a constant upward trajectory will yield good returns by allowing Google to rank your site higher (depending on the authority of the links, that is).

Go through the ‘Summary’ tab to get an overview, focusing on which links are ‘No-Follow’ and how many ‘backlinks’ you or your  competitor site has.

LR 1


Google Analytics

Navigating Google Analytics can be a very tough challenge to those unfamiliar with the software. With endless permutations and combinations to view your data, its very very easy to get swamped. By linking GA to your dashboard, or even going to the seperate GA app, Mondovo makes GA data palatable  and more importantly actionable through quicker insights

GA 1

Facebook Competition Analyzer

When analyzing your competitors on Facebook, I would recommend looking at just two sections: (i) the Summary and (ii) the Post Engagements section which shows you a detailed break-down of which posts have been working well for your competitors.

FB 1

Twitter Competition Analyser 

Similar to Facebook competition, if you just focus on the first and last sections of the report, you should get enough info. to know where you’re lacking and what kind of strategy you need to follow to grow your follower base and increase engagement amongst them.

Twt 1


Finally, I would highly recommend populating your dashboard through the ‘Add Widget’ tool and you can monitor your progress daily with minimal effort and time. You can track your search rankings, your Facebook stats, your Google Analytics stats and you could also configure some competitor blog feeds just to keep tabs on what they’re posting on a regular basis on their blogs.



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