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Top 10 Content Marketing Tips to expand your online presence

Content marketing has been ever-growing, thriving like a living organism. With more than 600 million blogs flooding all over the internet in the year 2021, the competition is getting tougher every day. To survive in this cut-throat business, your quiver should be full of arrows and not miss the target. How do you ensure that your content reaches its target audience amidst this chaos? Is there a different approach to this? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

This article will contain some best content marketing tips that we have to offer.

With marketing trends that change and improve every day, you need to keep up with the pace by learning and mastering them. To make sure your content stands out and reels in legitimate traffic consistently, we have for you, 10 practical content marketing tips to expand your online presence. Let’s go!

1. Analyze your competitors

“Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer’ – This saying by Sun Tzu perfectly describes the situation.

If you’re struggling to rank number one with your main keywords, check and compare your pages with the ones that are outranking you. To make it simpler, analyze their performance for websites, social media platforms, and the keywords they’re using. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools, you can also assess their percentage for organic and paid traffic. These tools also help you understand the sites that are linking to your content and the important keywords that fetch quality leads to your website.

2. Post your best content only


While being consistent with posting original content and keeping your readers engaged is important, it is very crucial to focus on the quality of content that you’re posting. The amount of content being posted every day is very high and you cannot possibly think of succeeding if you’re posting mediocre content.

It’s better to post one excellent blog post rather than five with average quality. The quality of your content needs to be outstanding and you need to maintain it. Even the best of content production teams with the finest of writers will agree to the fact that producing good quality content is no child’s play. It requires giving consistent time, effort, and money.

Both the quality of content and SEO need to be on point. Did you know that the first page attracts 95% of web traffic? That simply means if you fail to land on the first page, you’re already at loss. And how would you land on the first page? By simply sticking to time-tested SEO practices like the use of meta tags, title tags, inserting keywords in the headline and first paragraph of your content.

Take for example, the brand of AARP, that clearly underlines the importance of knowing your audience and delivering the best content that resolves their needs. This is probably the only online publication that comes with three demographically versioned editions and addresses the needs of a target audience of 50 plus adults.

3. Update your existing content

Rewriting parts of the existing content on your website or blog is no fun. Ask any writer if they’d choose between writing a new blog or tweaking the old one, they will always choose the first option.

But, why do you need to update a perfectly written post?

The reason is that within a few months, your content becomes outdated. Maybe you didn’t target the currently trending keywords or maybe there’s a new update to the topic (especially for tech blog posts).

Instead of writing a new blog, we suggest you make the required changes that will help you preserve the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and the SEO juice.

How to do it? It’s pretty simple!

● Carry out a comprehensive research to find out about updates

● Edit and update those parts of the content

● Cite reliable sources

● Revamp the introduction and the conclusion

b) When to do it?

Make sure to perform a thorough content audit once a year and update your content marketing strategy.

4. Use infographics for your content


How many times have you enthusiastically ‘googled’ to read about something (a bit technical) and shut the tab disappointingly because it was too boring! You can make your content more interesting and simpler to explain with the use of infographics.

Infographics makers are highly popular in today’s world of content. Not only do they make your data look interesting but also less overwhelming. Moreover, content with images bags more views.

Here are a few reasons why you should use infographic makers:

● Grasps attention of the readers

● Makes information more understandable

● Enhances brand value

● Helps generate backlinks fundamental to SEO

5. Measure your success using data

For people who are new to the world of content, there is a common belief that once you start posting content, your hands will be full of orders and money will start flowing incessantly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really happen.

Clever content creators and marketers not only produce great content but also measure the results of their success. While having your blog shared on social media websites does increase engagement but doesn’t necessarily translate into money.

To make the best out of your content, it is critical to assess the performance of your content using analytics and a data-driven approach else you will simply be wasting your resources creating content that does not spin your wheels.

6. Level up your writing skills

Even if you are perfect with your play of words, there is always scope for improvement. Many content writers, new to the field, let their lack of confidence or experience hinder their success but sitting and just waiting won’t enhance the quality of the content you produce.

Like most skills, writing can also be improved with constant practice. Read books. Yes, it sounds like a piece of generic advice but is absolutely under-rated. Reading constantly and extensively will boost your writing skills immensely.

Write every single day even if it is a few words. Be steadfast in your search for perfection, and your writing skills will be far from ordinary. Remember – the more time and effort you invest in improving your writing skills, the easier it will become to attract readers.

7. Start video marketing for your products


So far we have been discussing written content, the targeted keywords, and their performance evaluations using Google Analytics. But videos on social media platforms are also a major hit!

a) The increasing need for video marketing

Why are videos vital to the growth of your business? Well, first of all, in this era of ‘attention economy’ where brands fight each other to get views and more engagement, posting videos can only make your job easier!

b) The data speaks for itself

On any social media platform, within the first few seconds of scrolling, you’re likely to find a video. This is because videos perform better with most algorithms and keep the viewer engaged for longer. It appeals to the Gen Z population, sticks around longer than content in written format, and can be repurposed across multiple platforms.

Video is trusted by 40% of millennials and half of the people between the age group of 18-35 would stop scrolling to watch a video.

c) Use subtitles to increase views

Adding subtitles to the videos can ensure that it reaches a wider range of consumers. Using software that can automatically generate subtitles will make your work much easier. All you need to do is upload the video and select the language of your choice. Viola! The outcome is amazing!

One brilliant example of video marketing is the blender brand called Blendtec. Blending could be a boring process, but their viral videos prove the fact that there is nothing like a boring industry.

8. Gather authority links using guest posting

Guest posting helps you familiarize your brand to a lot of people. Think of it this way, would you rather trust a common friend or a complete stranger on the internet? The first one is the obvious choice! A common link always increases your chance to get more traffic to your blog.

Let’s take a closer look:

a) Widens your reach

Guest posting will include posting your content to another blogger’s account. The host blogger will need to add a link in the post somewhere at the beginning or end of the post. Gradually, these backlinks will help raise the value of your blog to search engines and make your content easy to find via these search engines.

b) Increases your number of followers

When you post on someone else’s blog that has an established community in place, you invariably increase your chance of scoring more readers (read ‘followers’). You will connect with newer people and it will benefit your business.

c) Boosts your reputation online

Guest posting is most effective when it’s mutual i.e. you post on someone else’s blog and they post on yours. As long as you get the backlink using this practice, it will boost your presence and expand your reach. All bloggers need good quality content and by guest posting and adding value to their blog, you will be a part of an everblooming network and grow your influence in the world of social media.

9. Let your content speak for you

‘Content marketing lets you build and reflect the voice of your brand.’

● Does your voice align with the values that your brand presents?

● Are you honest and sincere or just pushing to make a sale?

● What kind of experience would it be to do business with you?

All of these questions are very important to address and set the tone of your brands’ voice. However, with bigger businesses and the best of content teams, it isn’t easy to find and maintain the voice of your brand.

Juggling with the tone and consistency can be a challenging task especially when working with larger teams. This task requires constant monitoring of content and the best editorial standards to sustain and boost your presence through content. Challenging, but worth the effort!

10. Repurpose your best headlines into PPC ads

Use your star performers to create strong ad copies. If you’re someone producing content on a daily basis and end up getting high views for them, using the headlines as an ad copy will be a great idea.

What do PPC ad copies and well-performing headlines have in common? The ‘hooks’!

These hooks like a strongly appealing CTA, easy yet attention-grabbing words, or simply emotions that resonate with your readers can appeal to prospective buyers.

Shorter headlines and ad copies have a similar length (character limit and word count) and that only makes your job easier.


Content marketing works! While it is an incredibly powerful tool, it just keeps getting tougher to use it right and gain leads.

What’s needed is revising and reworking your marketing strategies and understanding the mindset of your target audience rather than just pitching your service/product and trying to make a sale.

Focus on building your brand and earning loyalty, then you will unquestionably hit the bullseye!

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Atreyee Chowdhury

Atreyee Chowdhury works full-time as an Instructional Designer and is passionate about writing. She has helped many small and medium-scale businesses achieve their content marketing goals with her carefully crafted and compelling content.
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