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Top 5 Video Game Marketing Campaigns that were Extremely Successful

Marketing Campaigns have always been the key to a game’s success, and here are some of the best game marketing campaigns that actually paid off.

Developers and Publishers spend millions of dollars in making the games and wouldn’t it be a shame for them to miss out on reaching the maximum number of people out in the world. For that, the makers spend tons of money on marketing as well because marketing actually decides if the game makes the money or falls in the books of the flops.

No doubt, marketing is a key component in deciding whether the game will reach the desired popularity or hit the dirt. But in some cases, the publishers tend to go over the top to try and make their games look extravagantly good. As we all witnessed the surreal hype surrounding the Robo-armed role-playing sensation “Cyberpunk 2077”, which was created among the community of gamers.

Although, when the game was released, it was far from being the life-changing experience the developers promised. Ultimately, People were heavily disappointed because the game itself was a major letdown. Nevertheless, here we’d be shedding some light on 5 of the greatest marketing campaigns that worked wonders for the games.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda went to the next level with their marketing with an ultra-unique stunt that would be unimaginable if they hadn’t done it. The publisher promised free Bethesda games for life to fans who had a baby on the game’s release date and named it after the protagonist of the game Dovahkiin.

An American couple Megan and Eric Kellermeyer accepted the challenge and Bethesda fulfilled the promise. Bethesda always does quite the unimaginable, be the games or marketing.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds needs no introduction due to its amazing marketing. The game has been played by billions and has been loved equally for its story, graphics, and its gameplay. Angry Bird is probably the game that revolutionized mobile gaming and took it to the next level. The founders of Rovio teamed up with the publishing company Chillingo and took it to Apple which showcased it as “game of the week”.

Rovio has been nailing the marketing job with the game’s trailers as well which gave the game its distinct and made it one of a kind in the world of mobile gaming. Similarly, the role of custom game development in creating unique and engaging gaming experiences cannot be overstated, as it allows developers to tailor games to specific audiences and market demands.

Halo 3

Microsoft wasn’t joking around when it released Halo 3 in 2007. It went all out on the marketing job which led to the game selling over 14.5 million copies worldwide reaching every corner. Microsoft dropped its marketing bomb called that “Believe” campaign, featuring a video series, a website, and a diorama which surely was it.

If you haven’t already played this game, you are missing out on one gem of fps game with a great story and one of the most popular fps heroes of all time. And since Halo Infinity, the latest addition is also out, you can buy HALO 3 for a very cheap price as well.

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar had the most successful marketing drive of all time. By perfectly and strategically placing the billboards and posters, and brimming up Manhattan with murals. The developers went an extra mile with the marketing for their best creation ever and a game like GTA V deserves all the hype for sure. The game made $800 million in one single day and went on to 7 new world records for the quickest entertainment property to gross a billion bucks. Even to this day the game can keep the excitement levels high where players keep finding various easter eggs in GTA games which keeps everyone’s interest.

And I am pretty sure that the next game in line GTA 6, which was just recently confirmed by the developers to be in development for quite a while, will break all the records of popularity and Rockstar will surely have a HUGE budget in mind for the sole purpose of marketing the game in this hot market.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The biggest console franchise ramped up their marketing and advertising machine in the preparation for Black Ops II. Activision has always been good with the trailers of its game but they just hit new levels with the trailer of COD: Black Ops II, the sci-fi action-packed trailer attracted millions of people and the game broke the records for the most pre-ordered game. As the game was released, They sold over 5.6 copies in a single day.

They kicked off their campaign by working with the 7th most viewed channel on youtube, “FPS RUSSIA”, Where they showed off “a weapon from the future” and teased that it might appear in the next COD. Plus, Activision partnered with two ad firms, 72andSunny and The Ant Farm, to create a feature documentary and several teaser trailers.

This, among all the efforts Activision put in their Tiring marketing campaign, helped them achieve a great milestone and the number one spot on our list.



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Chandni Panjwani

VP - Business Development at Mondovo
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