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Using Video Testimonials to Improve Your Brand’s Credibility

As a marketer, you probably know of the importance of building trust in your brand and establishing credibility.

But that’s often easier said than done.

You can do all the marketing and use various strategies and tweaks, but that alone might not be enough to be seen as trustworthy.

To become credible, you need to provide excellent service first, but you’ll also want other people to know how good you are.

It’s a sort of a catch-22 situation that many marketers fall into, but it’s entirely possible to break out of it.


The best way is to show social proof using customer video testimonials, which will help you boost your credibility and trustworthiness.

But how do you do it? Let’s find out in this article.

5 ways how video testimonials help you improve your credibility

Marketers often get stuck with analytics and if the data doesn’t look good, they immediately look for alternative marketing strategies without investigating the reason for this. Perhaps you have high bounce rates or abandonment rates, which is telling you that you need to change something, but you just can’t put your finger on it.

Perhaps, at times, there is something off with your marketing and little tweaks might help you improve those numbers.

But more often than not, it’s likely something less tangible – for example, the vibe that people get when they visit your site.

After all, nobody wants to give their credit card info to someone they can’t trust.

Video testimonials create social proof

There’s nothing more powerful in marketing than having strong social proof. It’s the number one tactic to increase your credibility and become a more trustworthy brand.

Imagine you’re considering using a plumbing service to help you fit a new bathroom you’ve just bought, which may also have a splendid bathroom wall tile.

Of course, you want your new bathroom to fit 100% according to both your plans and the features of your bathroom. After all, only a minor mistake can cost you thousands of dollars.

Who do you decide to choose? Someone who has been recommended to you by a friend (or several friends), or someone who’s unknown and doesn’t have a lot of proof from other people for their work?

It’s likely the first one.

The same thing happens online. When you make a video testimonial it can help you become that business that everyone trusts because other people have found your services or products helpful. And all that can be successfully conveyed through video testimonials.

Video testimonials elicit emotions better

Many marketing guides and gurus tell you that you need to engage your customer’s emotions to successfully invite them to buy from you. Your product or service should address a specific need to solve your customer’s problem.

And that’s where testimonials can come in handy.

You can write all the articles and argumentative content in the world, but without using the persuasion tactic of video testimonials, you just won’t get the same results.

Potential customers will be able to relate to you better if you’ll be able to convey to them how you can solve your problems.

A great way to do that is by using video testimonials. You can get your customers to share how you provided a great service by solving one of their problems. The key is to get emotions involved, which will bring you success.

They can be used almost anywhere

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of video customer testimonials is the fact that you can use them practically anywhere. They’re extremely versatile because they will fit very well together with almost any other marketing strategy you’re already employing.

To illustrate, you could use customer testimonials on:

  • Social media accounts
  • Homepage
  • Landing pages
  • Emails and email marketing
  • Product pages

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to using your video testimonials. Your product page is probably one of the most important places for testimonials, so make sure you plan that during the web designing process.

They increase customer loyalty

When you have happy customers that want to spread the word about your business and your products, you’ve created a sense of loyalty among them. In turn, this helps you build a stronger sense of community.

And in the long run, this can be a powerful strategy. You can create an assessment of the customer satisfaction to gauge their level of loyalty to your business.

Ultimately, you’ll find some customers of yours that have been very happy with your business and their interaction with you.

You can consider asking those people for a customer testimonial, but you’ll probably need to entice them a bit with various awards and possibly discounts or other offers.

The goal here is to build brand loyalty among your existing customers, which can be extremely powerful as a long-term strategy.

Testimonials lead to higher conversion rates

Of course, testimonials are great for improving your brand’s credibility, but they’ll also help you get higher conversion rates.

Everyone just loves to see how other people have interacted with your products, which you can create in the form of video testimonials as case studies. And according to statistics, case studies and videos are two of the most highly effective strategies for boosting your conversion rates.

So a good strategy to increase conversion rates might be to merge videos and case studies and create video case studies. This could be a video of how one of your happy customers uses your product and how it has impacted their life – in a positive way, of course.

Not only do you get the above benefits with video testimonials, but they have proven time and time again to be one of the most highly effective strategies for increasing your credibility as a business and thus improving your conversion rates.

Different types of customer testimonials

Before we dive into how you can effectively use testimonials to boost your brand’s credibility, let’s take a look at a few different types of testimonials that you can create.

Case studies

Case studies have proven to be very effective at helping you boost your brand’s credibility but also creating a level of trust that not many other strategies create.

A case study is, essentially, a deeper dive into a person’s life or their specific situation of how your product or service helped them on their journey towards their goal. A case study could, for example, describe a typical day of your customer and how your product fits into their life or schedule.

For example, suppose that you’re selling a smartwatch and you want people to know how good it is. A case study, in this case, would simply be a story of one of your customers and their experience with the watch. How did the watch help them change their life for the better?

One of the best benefits of case studies is that they’re highly relatable. This is because potential customers often find themselves in similar situations to those involved in your testimonial.

Customer reviews

A customer review, on the other hand, will simply talk about your product in more depth. Customer reviews can be both negative and positive, but the overall goal is to present your product in more depth throughout the review.

Customer reviews should focus on your product’s features and should not be overly positive. A candid review will be much more effective than a video just talking positively about your service or product.

Interview-style testimonial

Last but not least, you could create a testimonial in the form of an interview.

These are simply accounts of people who’ve used your product to great effects and have had positive experiences with it.

It’s essentially an interview with one person that’s used your product and it’s also easy to create and follow since it follows a narrative.

How to use video testimonials

Your first step in creating great video testimonials will be deciding what type of testimonial you even want to create. Consider the above categories to help you guide you through the process.

The next step will be implementing the testimonial and weaving it into your overall marketing strategy. Once you’ve created them, placing these video testimonials strategically on your website is essential. This can include adding them to product pages, landing pages, and your homepage to build trust and credibility with your audience.

Here’s how you can use a testimonial in combination with other marketing tools.

  • On social media accounts. Combining social media with video testimonials is one of the best ways to create credibility in your service or product. With social media, your testimonials have the potential to reach thousands, or even more, of your prospects. Facebook insights report or Instagram analytics can show you how your testimonials perform.
  • On product pages. This is a no-brainer. Using testimonials on your product pages should be one of your priorities since that’s where customers will make their decision. You can even use a video QR code generator to make it easier for users to access testimonials.
  • Blog posts. Intersperse your testimonials and use them in your blog posts where you talk about the features of your product, for example. It’s a great way to raise a bit of awareness about your product.
  • In email marketing. Don’t forget about email marketing – it’s an often overlooked area for using video testimonials, but it can be extremely powerful, too!

Final thoughts

Customer video testimonials bring you a powerful way of interacting with your prospects and building trust with your potential customers.

When done effectively and correctly, they will portray you as a credible business that new customers can trust.

They might take a lot of time to create and you’ll need to think the strategy through a bit, but if they are implemented correctly, video testimonials are one of the most effective tools in your arsenal to build your credibility.

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