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Why Should I Use Mondovo?

For digital marketers and business owners trying to carve a niche for themselves in the digital marketplace, there can be no resource more precious than time. The unfortunate hallmark of many digital marketing tools available today are that very few, if not none, actually offer you the ‘all in one’ convenience without sacrificing data depth and accuracy. Although we might be a little biased, we believe we’ve created something special in Mondovo because: 

  • Our data sources are from industry bell weathers, whether it’s integrating with Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter for your stats or to get backlinks data from major data providers, you have the best of all data sources collated it into one platform. You won’t get that elsewhere!
  • We have prioritized the user experience far more than most with a super easy – to – use dashboard which allows you to quickly access the metrics that matter most.
  • We’ve ensured that our ability revolves around our core area of expertise – SEO & SMM. You have all the tools and features you need to successfully manage your SEO & Social Media needs. No need to keep jumping to different sites and incur fees in the process.
  • We incorporate the best aspects of competitor analysis for our tools – you can find top ranking keywords of your competitors using our Keyword Research tool, evaluate their backlinks using the Link Research tool & also compare and measure your Facebook and Twitter accounts with that of the competition. After all, its good to know what’s working for them and what you can do to capitalize on it.

Keeping all this together is the glue that binds the team together which is a true sense of satisfaction by helping businesses grow and do better online. It’s what we live for, and what we have become exceedingly good at. You’d be hard pressed to find another company that interacts with their users as deeply and as quickly as we do, in an industry that’s used to treating their users as just that – users, not people.

If you’ve not already registered for a free trial with us, do so now from here!