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Why Video Marketing is the Future of Content Marketing

Video Marketing

In this mortal world, nothing remains forever. We can see a lot of changes with the passage of time. Be it our eating items, clothing pattern, living style, or technology, everything keeps on changing constantly. 

Undoubtedly, technology has changed each and every aspect of our lives and in the last few years, digital media has gone under a lot of transition. There are even specialized college degrees in digital media that would allow you to work in a variety of settings. If we particularly talk about Content Marketing, starting with print media or Television, we can see a lot of change. 

The marketing trends keep on changing every year. In the marketing world, video marketing has become a trendsetter and it is also not wrong to say that the future lies in video marketing. Even adding video to the Search Engine Marketing campaign can also impact ranking. This is the reason many reputed companies like Mondovo recommends video marketing for delivering better SEO results. 

Youtube has become the second largest search engine after Google. It has received more than 1.5 billion logged in user monthly. 

Why Video Marketing is Gaining Prominence? 

Believe it or not, but more than 70% of marketers have claimed that video creates more conversions than content. The reason is – videos are more engaging, memorable and drives more traffic. Due to the ever-growing popularity and high conversion rate, video content is leading overwritten text. Here are the top reasons why videos are overtaking texts. 

Whether it is Vine, any integrated content or YouTube, the video has become the most impactful means to speak to the audience. Even according to a study by Usurv, if you want your visitors to interact and share your content, the video is the ultimate source. Here are the ways why videos stand apart. 

  1. Videos are engaging
  2. It grabs the attention of the people
  3. Videos drive more traffic to your website
  4. Videos improve brand recall and are easy to memorize
  5. It helps increase buying intent

If you are still unclear about video marketing, then let me tell you, Video marketing is intended to promote, market any service, product or a Brand. Video can be of any type be it a Live Video, Pre-recorded, or it can be an animated one.

What does Video Content Marketing Includes: 

  1. Vlogs(Video Blogs)
  2. Presentation Videos
  3. Product Launch Videos and Reviews
  4. Video Interviews
  5. Video Advertisements
  6. Live Stream Videos
  7. Tutorial Videos

Stats and Facts That Prove Video Marketing a Winner 

  1. According to Statistics, 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every day.
  2. According to video marketing statistics by Renderforest, 70% of the users use online video maker platforms, 20% hire a design team and 10% hire digital agencies.
  3. To learn about a product or a service 95% of people have watched a video.
  4. 85% of people say that they would like to watch a video from different brands in the coming years.
  5. According to HubSpot, 78% of people watch videos every week on youtube.
  6. According to Google, 50% of users Watch a video before purchasing any Product.
  7. According to Wysowl, 79% of consumers prefer to watch a video than to read about any Product.
  8. According to Statistics,80% of Internet Global Consumption Will be Video Content.
  9. 52% of the marketing professionals across the world believe that video is the best source to generate ROI.

Types of Video Marketing Trends for Businesses 

#1. Live Streaming Videos

Tech Giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are providing an option for live videos which gives users real-time experience. Moreover, it also makes them feel that brands are directly interacting with people and vice versa by commenting and asking questions in real time. 

According to Statistics, this trend will continue to grow in the coming years. Even today, companies are using live videos to launch new products, show tutorials and demonstrations. Live videos add personalization which encourages viewers to stay connected for a long time and increases the chances of purchasing that product. 

#2. 360-Degree Videos

These videos are recorded in all directions giving the user a complete 360 Degree view of that product, building or any location. While watching 360 Degree videos, users are able to control the viewing angle/direction from whatever perspective he likes. 

Although 360 Degree videos are amazing for travel-centric companies as they give user truly interactive experience yet they can also be used by different industry segments like museums, buildings, Art galleries, Real Estate, Dealers and to name few more. 

#3. Youtube Advertisements Over TV Ads

According to a fact, the number of Youtube users are 1,300,000,00. Not only Youtube gets 30 million visitors per day but also 400 hours of videos are uploaded to the YouTube every minute, So the place for advertisements has slowly slipped to Youtube instead of TV as more and more people are using Smartphones and everyone is watching Youtube so most of the companies are investing in Youtube ads rather TV because it is not only cost effective but also reaches more no of users in comparison to TV. 

#4. Vlogging

As the word “Vlogging” itself clarifies V+Blog or video log. It means a blog where part or all of the content is in video form. A few years ago people used to write blogs but due to advancement in technology, this has been replaced by Video instead of Text. More and more Businesses are using Vlogging and we expect this trend to grow more in 2019.


#5. E-Learning Videos 

Clearly, speaking Videos are very powerful advertising tool but its benefits don’t end here only. Videos are used for Training purposes also. Big companies are using Online Videos for providing training to their Employees. 

Wrapping the Post 

Certainly, the video is becoming an affordable and widespread means of marketing. Making videos for your business needs knowledge of human psychology along with creativity. If you are looking to create an emotionally charged video that helps you to get a million views, then Renderforest can help. 

The video creation tool of Renderforest can create an exceptional video for your marketing campaign in a matter of a few seconds. If you are looking to get the professional video for your marketing campaign, visit the website now!

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Roman is the Chief Marketing Officer of Renderforest since 2016 January, which is an online video production platform for creating videos. Specialist in Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Link Building and SEO. Featured on Forbes, CrazyEgg and Upwork.

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  • Creating new unique youtube video stories for the audience has been in demand nowadays.I believe video is the future also it makes more understandable to user.

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