Facebook Page Analytics

Our Facebook Page Analyzer will help you draw actionable insights from all the activity that takes place in your Facebook Page. Our Facebook analytics and monitoring tool will also help you strategize what you could be doing better with your content posting strategy.

Identify the right days and times
to engage with your audience.

Our Facebook Monitoring Tool will analyze your posts and help you identify the most important days and times of the week to engage with your audience. Engaging at the right time can make a huge difference to your traffic and engagement numbers.

What kind of Facebook posts
are working well and which aren't?

Identify the types of posts that are working well with your audience base. Sort and analyze your posts by engagement numbers and dissect the data to see whether certain types of links, videos or images are workng well. Tweak your Facebook posting strategy accordingly.

Manage multiple Facebook Pages
without logging in to Facebook.

Bid adieu to the hassle of logging into Facebook every time you wish to manage multiple Pages or to see your wall, insights, likes, comments or shares. Use our Facebook Page Management tool to see everything in one place and save plenty of time in the process.

Generate beautiful & easy
to understand Facebook Reports.

With our Facebook Reporting Tool, we make it really easy for you to export and whitelabel reports that show the evolution of your stats over time. Get Facebook reports that highlight the growth in the number of likes, unlikes, page views, people talking and reach of your Facebook Page.

How does your Facebook engagment
compare with that of your competition?

Use our supplementary tool, the Facebook Competitor Analyzer, to see how well you're doing vs your competitors. Identify the kinds of posts that are working well for them and adopt the successful strategies they're implementing on your Facebook Page as well.

Discover powerful insights
pertaining to your Facebook fans.

Where do your fans live? Which countries are they from? What sort of updates do they prefer? Get to know the anatomy of your fans in just a few simple steps.