Google Analytics

Make sense of your Google Analytics reports with filtered views of the data & metrics you should be focussing on. Our Google Analytics reporting tool simplifies the tonne of reporting data into actionable insights that you can use to improve your overall site traffic.

What sources of traffic are
delivering best value to your site?

Break down your traffic metrics to identify those sources of traffic that are delivering the best value to your site. You want traffic that converts, traffic that sticks, traffic that keeps coming back. Tweak your acquistion and growth strategy based on your best traffic sources - be it direct, referral or via search engines.

Which of your site's pages
are performing the best?

In a single click, obtain the metrics pertaining to your top performing pages and compare the traffic fluctuations over a period of time. Our Google Analytics Reporting Tool simplifies the data so that you can easily identify the pages you need to work on.

A simplified reporting dashboard
of all your key metrics.

There are just too many metrics that Google Analytics reports on. Do you really need to see all of them or would you rather focus on just the important metrics? We generate a simplified dashboard that reports on only the key analytics metrics you should be focussing on.

Track your visitor activity
and tweak your site accordingly.

Easily extract the vital metrics for analyzing the visitor behavior on your site. Use this intelligence to enhance your site design, content and functionalities for maximizing conversions.

Get a panoramic view
of your top referrers.

Compare the URLs that are driving the maximum volume of traffic to your site. Direct your efforts into monitoring this referral traffic and addressing any declining trends.