The Intelligent Keyword Rank Checker

Mondovo’s Keyword rank Checker tool helps you to monitor your search engine position ranking for unlimited keywords on your site as well as your competitor’s site.

In one view, observe all the valuable insights and powerful opportunities. Use your trial credits and get started now.

Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | google ranking tool
Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | google ranking tool

Keyword Rank Checker enables you to track Keywords across Multiple Search Engines side-by-side

Toggle between the Search Engines to find out how your keywords are ranking on both Google Search and Bing Search simultaneously.

Choose up to 5 search engines and also see the consolidated report of all the keywords together side-by-side. Here is information you get in each report,

  • Summary of your current ranking data for each search engine
  • Your Keywords Ranking view on each search engine and also in consolidated section.
  • View Page-wise Ranking of your’s and your competitor’s website.
  • Get a list of your Competitor Keywords.
  • Advertisers Keywords in each Search Engine and the keywords they target.
Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | rank checker online

Filter reports by a set of keywords which matter the most

You can always track and export only a particular set of keywords that matter the most from the Rank Tracker.

Mondovo's search engine rank checker enables you to analyze how a particular set of keywords perform in SERP. The entire report is filtered for the segment you select. This allows you to see the top competitors dominating this segment under the keyword ranking tool’s Competitors Landscape section.

You also get to see the advertisers buying up ad space for this segment.

Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | google position checker

Monitor the Keyword Metrics that matter in this Keyword Checker Tool

Apart from the current keyword position, position change, and search volume, Mondovo’s SEO keyword ranking tool provides 15+ key metrics which are essential for an in-depth insight.

No other SEO ranking tool in the market provides this vital information of yours and competitors in one single view.

  • Get Search Volume of each tracked keywords.
  • Know the Cost Per Click (CPC) of each keyword to understand the competitiveness of the keyword.
  • Ranking details Comparision and Changes of you and each competitor.
  • Estimated CTR details for each keyword tracked.
  • In-depth Traffic Flow details.
  • The Ranking URL of each keyword.
  • The type of result that is shown in the selected search engine. Know if the result is,
    • Regular
    • Local
    • News
    • Image
    • Video
    • Answer Box
    • Brand Pack
    • A Document
Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | track google rankings

Discover the Total Traffic Flow of every tracked keyword with Mondovo’s website ranking tool

The Traffic Flow is a metric rendered for each keyword to show the approximate amount of traffic a website receives from the current position in the search engine.

The metric is calculated based on:

  • Get Search Volume of each tracked keywords.
  • Know the Cost Per Click (CPC) of each keyword to understand the competitiveness of the keyword.
  • Local search volume of the tracked keyword.
  • Pixel position of the result
  • The estimated click-through rate (CTR) for the pixel position
  • Presence of site-links for the result
  • The type of result [local, news, video, image, regular, answer box, brand pack, document]
Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | google keyword checker

Discover the Biggest Opportunities using Mondovo’s Keyword Rank Checker

You do not have to examine manually to find out the keywords which are your biggest opportunities. Mondovo’s online rank checker’s ‘Quick Filters’, lets you discover keywords with the biggest opportunities.

The Quick Filters option in the Keyword Rankings section of the Mondovo’s SEO rank checker tool lets you find the keywords that are performing well and as well those performing poorly.

In addition, the Quick Filters option lets you discover keywords with the biggest opportunity to rank.

Here is the list of options you get in ‘Quick Filters’ while you check site ranking,

  • Best performing Keywords
  • Biggest Opportunity Keywords.
  • Keywords Ranking in 1 to 10 position.
  • Keywords Ranking in 10 to 20 position.
  • Keywords Ranking in 21 to 100 position.
  • Keywords not in 100 position.
  • And also Keywords filtered by tags.
Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | Ranking Monitor

Pull out a list of your Competitors’ Ad Copies and Ad metrics on the fly

Besides providing information and data about the organic results, Mondovo gives you an insight into the sites advertising for these keywords.

Discover the top spenders and get the list of all Ad URLs & Ad Copies

Know who is spending the most on the keywords you target. View the ad copies they’re using along with their landing pages.

  • Discover new Competitors in your Keywords target space.
  • Know the no. of keywords and the no. of ads they use in reach your potential audience.
Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | Rank Tracker}

Get to see the Display URL, Ad Title and As Description of each ad.

Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | SERP Checker

Other Benefits

The Most Resourceful All in one Rank Tracking Tool

  • Geo-Specific Rank Tracking
  • Discover Unknown Competition To Stay One Step Ahead
  • Unveil The Top Performing Keywords With A Click

The Easiest And Most Powerful SERP Tracker For All Search Engines

  • Receive Scheduled Email Reports
  • Analyse The Real-Time SERP For Specific Keywords
  • Get Consolidated Ranking Data Across Multiple Search Engines

The Intelligent SEO Rank Monitor

  • Full Search results for each keyword
  • Historical Performance Analysis
  • Mobile Rank Tracking

Enterprise Rank Tracking For Powerful SEO Insights And Reporting

  • Compare The Rank Change Across 365 Days
  • Branded Ranking Reports With White Label Reporting
  • Autopilot Your Rank Tracking With Predefined Intervals

All-In-One Mondovo SERP Tracker

  • Edit Your Rank Tracker Profile At Any Point Of Time
  • Filter SERP Data By Competitors To Track Competitors Who Matter
  • Export The Top 100 SERP Data With A Click

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