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Get Google's Search Volume Data for Free

Get the global search volume for every search term for free. You also have the option to pay and retrieve the search volume for every keyword in a particular country or city.

Google & Amazon Autocomplete

Get a list of all the auto-suggestions provided by Google & Amazon for each of your keyword searches for free. Use this valuable free keyword search data to power your keyword research.

Check the Difficulty for each Keyword

We offer a built-in keyword difficulty checker in our keyword tool. Apart from being able to check the approximate difficulty for a keyword, you can also view a break-down of the strongest and weakest sites competing for that keyword.

Better keyword optimization through smarter targeting

Refine your keyword research even further through user intent parameters i.e. terms that are questions, commercial or e-commerce related, positive or negative in sentiment

FAQs for our Keyword Tool

We have accumulated a large database of real user searches over the course of the last few years and through various partnerships in the industry. Apart from our large keyword database, we also show you data that the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool would show you. The difference with our keyword research tool is that you get a lot more keyword ideas and you get the corresponding search volume data for each keyword. You also have the option to filter keywords by various criteria, like:

  • Phrase Match
  • Related Terms
  • Question Terms
  • Commercial (E-Commerce) terms
  • Terms with Positive or Negative Sentiment

Yes, you should find a reasonable number of keywords for different language searches. However, the results will usually come only in the paid option. The free option pulls in data from our internal database and the majority of our keywords are in English. The paid option pulls in data from other sources including the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool.

Our search volume data has been collected from the Google Keyword Planner over the course of many months. The search volume data will be as recent as 6 months old and can be a good indication of how often a keyword is being used in searches.

Yes, the free keyword option is completely free to use as many times as you like. The free report will include the global search volume and also show details such as keyword relevance and word count for all the search results which can then be filtered based on your requirement. Paid search results include the above details along with possibly more related keywords along with localized search volume and CPC data per term. The paid report will also include the keyword difficulty score for the searched term.

Our goal was to create the perfect google keyword planner alternative with the most comprehensive query database, better keywords with higher relevancy and the lowest cost per report anywhere. You will not only find a lot more keyword results for each keyword searched but you also get accurate search volume data, which you will need to make better keyword selection decisions. Moreover, you don’t need expensive monthly plans to use our keyword tool. It's free for the most part and the paid report cost just cents and you pay only for what you generate.

One of the 3 pillars of Mondovo is ‘Easy Reporting’. The data that you generate can be exported to a CSV or Excel document which can also be white-labelled. Or you can also export the data to any another tool within Mondovo using our unique Tag Manager system.

Keyword Lists we've compiled using our Free Keyword Tool
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Managing a Digital Agency, I had to be on my toes to get the right info at the right time. Mondovo has made my life easier by giving all the info in a single place. I only need to download the data, tinker around a bit and everything is ready saving me hours of time.

Varun Celly

Co-Founder - Geeks of Digital

Mondovo offers a powerful set of SEO tools and an easy-to-use dashboard. The Website Audit, On-page Analyzer & Keyword Research features were very helpful in making our websites SEO-compliant. The toolset is comprehensive and provides me weekly summaries & scorecards on how my website is progressing.

Kevin Klasing

Owner - Venice Beach Villas

Mondovo provides many more features compared to the big competitors in SEO industry. I use it as a Backlink checking tool, but you can also use it for On-page Analysis, Keyword Research & Competitor Research. I’d definitely recommend it as a viable alternative to the more famous SEO tools out there.

Szymon S

E-Commerce Specialist - Cortland Apple Premium Reseller

I love the platform and all the changes they've been making, allowing us SEO agencies to report even more data to our clients. I also love that Sameer and his team listen to our feedback and implement some of our ideas to make their platform the best out there.

Matt Deloff

Founder & CEO - FMS Online Marketing