If you’re a manufacturer or wholesale distributor and looking to improve your business then ‘B2B eCommerce’ is likely/either already is in the part of your current business model, or soon will be.

But what actually is a B2B eCommerce?

As defined by Wikipedia, “B2B eCommerce is selling products or services between businesses through the internet via an online sales portal.”

Instead of picking up the phone to engage with a vendor, B2B buyers increasingly prefer the online, self-serve option for research, buying, and managing their accounts.

If you are someone who is interested in developing a B2B eCommerce business, you will have to spend a lot of time reading books & articles online that makes you better understand the industry and strategies that are currently being followed worldwide.

As a part of improving your knowledge on the subject, you will have to research on B2B eCommerce keywords that make your business to rank easily on google. To make your life much easier, we at Mondovo have come up with a list of “B2B eCommerce Keywords” that have high global search volume.

Tracking and monitoring “B2B eCommerce” related keywords is easy and on this page, we bring to you an exhaustive list of top B2B eCommerce keywords. We have leveraged the power of Mondovo’s Free Keyword Tool to get you this complete B2B eCommerce keywords list.

Rank B2B Ecommerce Keywords Global Search Volume CPC Find Related Keywords for Free
1 b2b ecommerce 6,600 $20.01
2 b2b ecommerce platform 1,000 $22.47
3 b2b ecommerce examples 1,600 $14.09
4 b2b ecommerce platforms 1,000 $22.47
5 b2b ecommerce in india 390 $3.48
6 what is b2b ecommerce 480 $50.54
7 b2b ecommerce solutions 590 $50.23
8 b2b ecommerce india 390 $3.48
9 b2b ecommerce platform open source 70 $46.05
10 b2b ecommerce companies in india 140 $1.22
11 b2b ecommerce trends 2018 170 $25.50
12 b2b ecommerce website 210 $19.44
13 b2b ecommerce indonesia 170 $1.34
14 b2b ecommerce swarovski 170 $6.70
15 b2b ecommerce software 260 $31.80
16 b2b ecommerce market size 90 $0.00
17 best b2b ecommerce websites 70 $33.00
18 b2b ecommerce companies 170 $23.69
19 b2b ecommerce platform comparison 90 $42.86
20 b2b ecommerce meaning 70 $15.02
21 b2b ecommerce features 140 $14.83
22 b2b ecommerce marketplace 90 $18.61
23 b2b ecommerce world 90 $0.00
24 b2b ecommerce trends 2017 50 $0.00
25 b2b ecommerce strategy 90 $21.30
26 b2b ecommerce portal 70 $7.76
27 ecommerce b2b b2c c2c 50 $0.00
28 ecommerce b2b b2c 140 $12.26
29 b2b ecommerce trends 140 $20.62
30 b2b ecommerce sites 110 $39.95
31 b2b ecommerce growth 50 $31.04
32 b2b ecommerce pdf 50 $0.00
To get started, we present you the most searched, long tail B2B eCommerce question keywords containing the term ‘B2B eCommerce’ on Google, along with the Monthly Global Search Volume and CPC data. Besides being interesting, this B2B eCommerce SEO keywords list will aid you in creating relevant content for your niche audience.
The Global Search Volume and CPC data are monthly averages calculated using the data collected over the last six months.


Rank B2B Ecommerce Keywords Global Search Volume CPC Find Related Keywords for Free
1 what is e commerce 49,500 $0.97
2 what is b2b business 720 $1.27
3 what is b2b ecommerce 480 $50.54
Mondovo’s Keyword Research Tool has been designed not only to let users find keywords but to deliver key insights for each keyword so that users, like you, will be able to make sense of what you get and get things done with them.
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