Online/Internet games have become one of the most popular forms of media over the past few decades. One of the factors that affected its rapid growth was the emergence of the internet. In fact, gaming searches account for a good amount of search queries on a regular basis. With search engines playing a big part in gaming, utilizing SEO strategies for gaming sites is one of the most effective ways to improve visibility and authority.

Below are real online/internet games genre-related search terms typed into Google, along with their monthly traffic which you can use for optimizing your website for better rankings.

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A List Of Most Searched Internet Games Keywords

Rank Internet Games Keywords Global Monthly Search Global CPC Find Related Keywords for Free
1 game game 1000000 $0.09 “game game” related keywords
2 no internet games 110000 $1.75 “no internet games” related keywords
3 internet games 40500 $1.32 “internet games” related keywords
4 the internet games 40500 $1.32 “the internet games” related keywords
5 games new games 18100 $0.09 “games new games” related keywords
6 game kid game 12100 $0.55 “game kid game” related keywords
7 internet free games 9900 $1.04 “internet free games” related keywords
8 games play games 9900 $0.40 “games play games” related keywords
9 play games play games 9900 $0.14 “play games play games” related keywords
10 games all games 8100 $0.19 “games all games” related keywords
11 free games free games 7128 $1.29 “free games free games” related keywords
12 game the game 4470 $0.05 “game the game” related keywords
13 games online games 4400 $0.24 “games online games” related keywords
14 online games online games 2900 $0.14 “online games online games” related keywords
15 online games in internet 1900 $0.72 “online games in internet” related keywords
16 internet games online 1900 $0.72 “internet games online” related keywords
17 internet game online 1900 $0.72 “internet game online” related keywords
18 games cool games 1600 $0.32 “games cool games” related keywords
19 fun internet games 1000 $0.98 “fun internet games” related keywords
20 games free online games 1000 $0.38 “games free online games” related keywords
21 internet games play 880 $0.34 “internet games play” related keywords
22 games to play on the internet 880 $0.34 “games to play on the internet” related keywords
23 internet games archive 720 $0.00 “internet games archive” related keywords
24 internet games best 720 $1.37 “internet games best” related keywords
25 internet connection games 590 $5.08 “internet connection games” related keywords
26 internet spades games 590 $0.39 “internet spades games” related keywords
27 internet games to download 480 $0.16 “internet games to download” related keywords
28 internet games for kids 480 $1.23 “internet games for kids” related keywords
29 internet games download 480 $0.16 “internet games download” related keywords
30 internet games free 400 $1.04 “internet games free” related keywords
31 internet card games hearts 390 $0.00 “internet card games hearts” related keywords
32 internet games multiplayer 390 $0.44 “internet games multiplayer” related keywords
33 internet games to play 320 $0.12 “internet games to play” related keywords
34 internet pokemon games 320 $0.43 “internet pokemon games” related keywords
35 internet drinking games 320 $0.00 “internet drinking games” related keywords
36 internet games free play 260 $0.44 “internet games free play” related keywords
37 internet card games 260 $0.99 “internet card games” related keywords
38 internet games shooting 210 $0.25 “internet games shooting” related keywords
39 internet games car database 170 $0.00 “internet games car database” related keywords
40 internet games database 170 $0.00 “internet games database” related keywords
41 internet games hearts 170 $0.96 “internet games hearts” related keywords
42 cool internet games 170 $2.06 “cool internet games” related keywords
43 good internet games 170 $1.17 “good internet games” related keywords
44 play games free online games 170 $0.12 “play games free online games” related keywords
45 internet games for 2 players 140 $0.03 “internet games for 2 players” related keywords
46 no internet games iphone 140 $0.00 “no internet games iphone” related keywords
47 2 player internet games 140 $0.03 “2 player internet games” related keywords
48 internet card games solitaire 140 $0.00 “internet card games solitaire” related keywords
49 internet games 2 player 140 $0.03 “internet games 2 player” related keywords
50 internet mahjong games 140 $0.25 “internet mahjong games” related keywords
51 internet war games 140 $0.20 “internet war games” related keywords
52 internet bridge games 140 $0.37 “internet bridge games” related keywords
53 internet explorer games 140 $0.51 “internet explorer games” related keywords
54 internet games chess 140 $0.04 “internet games chess” related keywords
55 best online games in internet 110 $4.17 “best online games in internet” related keywords
56 how to download internet games 110 $0.13 “how to download internet games” related keywords
57 internet cafe games near me 110 $1.52 “internet cafe games near me” related keywords
58 internet games free download 110 $0.23 “internet games free download” related keywords
59 internet games car racing 110 $0.03 “internet games car racing” related keywords
60 best internet games online 110 $1.83 “best internet games online” related keywords
61 internet less games 110 $0.52 “internet less games” related keywords
62 internet sweepstakes games 110 $4.09 “internet sweepstakes games” related keywords
63 internet games to play with friends 90 $0.00 “internet games to play with friends” related keywords
64 internet games to play now 90 $0.04 “internet games to play now” related keywords
65 internet games spider solitaire 90 $0.06 “internet games spider solitaire” related keywords
66 internet archive video games 90 $0.00 “internet archive video games” related keywords
67 internet cafe games online 90 $2.91 “internet cafe games online” related keywords
68 internet nfl games 90 $1.64 “internet nfl games” related keywords
69 internet games rpg 90 $0.99 “internet games rpg” related keywords
70 rpg internet games 90 $0.99 “rpg internet games” related keywords
71 free games play free online games 90 $0.10 “free games play free online games” related keywords
72 internet games addiction 77 $0.00 “internet games addiction” related keywords
73 internet safety games for middle school students 70 $6.62 “internet safety games for middle school students” related keywords
74 do you need internet to install games on xbox one 70 $0.00 “do you need internet to install games on xbox one” related keywords
75 internet backgammon games free 70 $0.74 “internet backgammon games free” related keywords
76 internet safety games ks2 70 $4.30 “internet safety games ks2” related keywords
77 no internet games download 70 $0.49 “no internet games download” related keywords
78 free internet games no download 70 $1.20 “free internet games no download” related keywords
79 internet games for ipad 70 $0.03 “internet games for ipad” related keywords
80 internet word games 70 $0.13 “internet word games” related keywords
81 internet trivia games 70 $0.42 “internet trivia games” related keywords
82 internet quiz games 70 $0.16 “internet quiz games” related keywords
83 internet puzzle games 70 $1.73 “internet puzzle games” related keywords
84 internet pool games 70 $0.11 “internet pool games” related keywords
85 internet golf games 70 $1.54 “internet golf games” related keywords
86 internet browser games 70 $0.42 “internet browser games” related keywords
87 internet games backgammon 70 $0.86 “internet games backgammon” related keywords
88 internet magic games 70 $1.82 “internet magic games” related keywords
89 internet games to play when bored 50 $0.44 “internet games to play when bored” related keywords
90 no internet games responded to the query 50 $0.00 “no internet games responded to the query” related keywords
91 how to play internet games 50 $3.30 “how to play internet games” related keywords
92 internet games for toddlers 50 $3.47 “internet games for toddlers” related keywords
93 internet video games database 50 $0.00 “internet video games database” related keywords
94 internet cafe games list 50 $0.00 “internet cafe games list” related keywords
95 online games internet usage 50 $0.02 “online games internet usage” related keywords
96 no internet games android 50 $0.00 “no internet games android” related keywords
97 internet casino games free 50 $5.85 “internet casino games free” related keywords
98 internet zombie games 50 $0.00 “internet zombie games” related keywords
99 internet barbie games 50 $1.85 “internet barbie games” related keywords
100 internet mario games 50 $0.75 “internet mario games” related keywords
101 internet board games 50 $0.00 “internet board games” related keywords
102 internet games sites 50 $0.61 “internet games sites” related keywords
103 internet co op games 50 $0.00 “internet co op games” related keywords

To get started, we present you the most searched, long tail internet games question keywords containing the term ‘Internet Games’ on Google, along with the Monthly Global Search Volume and CPC data. Besides being interesting, this internet games SEO keywords list will aid you in creating relevant content for your niche audience.

The Global Search Volume and CPC data are monthly averages calculated using the data collected over the last six months.

The Top Internet Games Keywords For SEO

Rank Internet Games Keywords Global Monthly Search Global CPC Find Related Keywords for Free
1 how to download internet games 110 $0.13 “how to download internet games” related keywords
2 do you need internet to install games on xbox one 70 $0.00 “do you need internet to install games on xbox one” related keywords
3 how to play internet games 50 $3.30 “how to play internet games” related keywords


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