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When the first Pacific Rim movie came out in July of 2013, it made everyone who watched it feel like they were 10 years old again. Giant Robots punching Giant Monsters? Brilliant! In almost every post-movie discussion though, the science behind the movie was being discussed. Why are the monsters called Kaiju’s? What the heck is a Jager? Why are two pilots needed to control the robots?

Not surprisingly, Google was flooded with questions and the internet did it’s best to answer them. Fast forward 10 movie years (spoiler alert) or 5 real Earth years and the sequel to Pacific Rim seems to have rekindled humanities interest in Giant Jagers and Kaijus. The movie itself touches on a lot of science subjects – Robotics, Genetics, Neuroscience but that’s not what the movie is about.

Nevertheless, we were curious as to what people are Googling about this movie, so we did a little research and came up with a huge list of 300+ most asked Pacific Rim questions based on their popularity worldwide.


The List of Most Asked “Pacific Rim” Questions

SL No. The Most Asked “Pacific Rim” Questions
1 what does jaeger mean
2 how pacific rim should have ended
3 what kaiju are you
4 Are Newt and Gottlieb drift – compatible?
5 why jaegers need two pilots
6 if the government wanted to coverup a kaiju attack on a major city how would they go about it?
7 was ist ein jaegerschnitzel
8 why did the kaiju want newt
9 how many jaegers are there in pacific rim?
10 how are jaegers named
11 does pacific rim 2 pass the bechdel test
12 who are jaeger competitors
13 where to buy a kaijudo card
14 is godzilla a kaiju
15 are godzilla and pacific rim related
16 how are kaijus made
17 what does kaiju mean
18 what if kaiju were real
19 how much would it cost to build a jaeger from pacific rim
20 what is kaiju blue
21 how do jaegers stand in water
22 are kaiju dinosaurs pacific rim
23 Does Pacific Rim 2 have a longer name?
24 how many kaiju are there
25 how did kaiju return in pacific rim: uprising if the breach was destroyed in pacific rim?
26 what is kaiju combat
27 what are kaiju movies
28 where to buy kaiju beer
29 does pacific rim 2 have an after credits scene
30 which kaiju was pregnant
31 how to draw kaiju
32 are the kaiju actually a metaphor describing sea level rise and the attendant risks of global climate change?
33 are atlantic rim and pacific rim related
34 where do kaiju come from
35 are the game grumps going to be in pacific rim
36 how do you draw jaegers
37 in pacific rim, about how many feet tall were the jaegers?
38 what are jaegers made of
39 does pacific rim have subtitles
40 can jaegers be built
41 what do kaiju eat
42 what do jaegers eat
43 can a jaeger from pacific rim beat an autobot from transcormers?
44 is earth or the human race prepared enough in case of a kaiju attack?
45 how do you pronounce kaiju
46 how can specific rim 2 be more successful than the original
47 could kaiju exist?
48 what are the pacific rim countries?
49 why does the pacific rim experience so many earthquakes
50 how do you play kaijudo
51 how to draw mechas
52 is pacific rim on netflix
53 what does mecha mean
54 what does mecha stand for
55 what does mecha mean in anime
56 what does mecha mean in japanese
57 what does mecha mean in spanish
58 are actors sam and amber jaeger married
59 Are animal sizes of kaiju (Godzilla monsters) or King Kong scale possible on Earth or some other planet?
60 Are Atlantic Rim and Pacific Rim the same?
61 are jaeger sizes big
62 Are Jaegers from the movie Pacific Rim really feasible in the future?
63 are jon and arin in pacific rim
64 are kaiju decks good
65 are kaijudo and duel masters the same
66 are sam and amber jaeger related
67 Are there any posters out yet for Pacific Rim 2?
68 Are there now enough IMAX theatres in existence to justify Hollywood making movies like PACIFIC RIM entirely in the format?
69 At the beginning of the movie did Raleigh and Yancy make a fatal mistake in saving the little boat just before engaging the Kaiju?
70 Back in 2002 there used to be a series in Cartoon Network where the hero and his team battle with the enemies sitting in large robots (like the ones in Pacific Rim) what’s the cartoon series name?
71 Can a Jaeger from Pacific Rim beat an autobot from Transformers?
72 Can a person born outside the Pacific Rim area/USA with Euro-Asian ethnicity also be called Hapa?
73 can kaiju summon be negated
74 can mecha be a noun
75 can mecha frieza dokkan awaken
76 can mecha gods be poisoned
77 can pacific rim be real
78 China in 2015: Why doesn’t China invest in bases in Cuba and Venezuela as a way to counteract the U.S.’s containment policy in the Pacific Rim?
79 Chuck is so angry about Raleigh running defense for me in that old rust bucket. What would he prefer? That some other inexperienced / new pilot come aboard? Or that Gipsy Danger not ride at all? What’s the point of being so negative toward Raleigh?
80 Could strong iron-like bones support a giant kaiju-like creature?
81 Could the US build a Jaeger like in Pacific Rim?
82 Could Tony Stark defeat a category five kaiju with the Hulkbuster armor?
83 Could Pacific Rim have done better in the US with a massive edit job and revised story?
84 Did the Jaegers get bigger as they evolved matching the growth of the Kaiju?
85 Do Kaiju fans think Toho’s King Ghidorah’s wings make sense?
86 Do we have the technology at present to build Jagers?
87 Do we have the technology to build a Jaeger (the giant mecha from the movie Pacific Rim)?
88 Do we presently have the technology to mentally control giant robots like the Jaegers from Pacific Rim?
89 does hulu have pacific rim
90 does pacific rim have an after credits scene
91 does pacific rim pass the bechdel test
92 Does Russia and Russians really want to see Europe falter? Especially with regards with NATO and the EU? The prospect of the US disengaging in Europe and moving more to the Pacific Rim. How will this affect Russia?
93 Does the movie Pacific Rim take place in the same universe as the game Portal?
94 Early in the film what does Raleigh mean when he lectures Mako about what it’s like to be a pilot?
95 Given the Jaegers’ edged weapons were most effective against Kaiju why brawl so much?
96 Has the US ceded control of the Pacific Rim economy to China by pulling out of the TPP?
97 How are critics comparing the monsters in Godzilla to those in Pacific Rim?
98 How big would a monster be if its atoms were the size of the category 5 monster in Pacific Rim?
99 how breed kaiju dragon
100 How can I shoot Super Sentai/Kaiju films using little-to-no-budget using only practical effects?
101 How can I watch Kaiju movies in India?
102 How can Pacific Rim 2 be more successful than the original?
103 How did Hannibal Chau survive being eaten by the baby Kaiju?
104 How did Kaiju return in Pacific Rim Uprising if the Breach was destroyed in Pacific Rim (2013)?
105 How did the actors in Pacific Rim get along with each other?
106 How did the Kaiju War began in the Pacific Rim series?
107 How did Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018 movie) get greenlit? What’s the backstory of how the movie got made?
108 how do jaegers work
109 How do Kaiju reproduce?
110 How do the classic Japanese monsters fair against the gojira from Pacific Rim?
111 how do you breed kaiju
112 how do you breed kaiju dragon
113 How do you think ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ will compare to the original?
114 how do you unlock kaiju in godzilla
115 how do you unlock kaiju in godzilla ps4
116 How does Godzilla compare with the Kaiju of Pacific Rim?
117 How far are we from Pacific Rim-style Jaegers/Power Ranger Megazords?
118 How is that Godzilla (2014) has better box-office in Japan than Pacific Rim?
119 How kid-friendly is Pacific Rim specifically pertaining to sex and violence?
120 how many jaegers in pacific rim
121 how many kaiju in godzilla
122 how many kaiju in pacific rim
123 how mecha frieza was made
124 how much are kaijudo cards worth
125 How much damage was caused by the Kaiju War?
126 how much does jaegers paintball cost
127 how much is jaegers paintball
128 How much skin or shell would Kaiju (Pacific Rim) or Godzilla need to be resistant to be military weapons?
129 How much steel would be necessary to build the Wall of Life?
130 How much will John Boyega’s addition to Pacific Rim 2 help ticket sales?
131 How much would it cost to build a Jaeger from Pacific Rim?
132 How similar is Pacific Rim to Evangelion?
133 How strong would the Leatherback Kaiju have to be to throw Gipsy Danger that far?
134 How thick and strong the coastal wall Anti-Kaiju Wall to withstand Kaiju category 4?
135 how to breed kaiju kitty
136 how to download pacific rim movie4k
137 how to draw jaegers
138 how to get kaiju dragon by breeding
139 how to get kaiju kitty
140 how to play kaiju yugioh
141 how to play kaijudo card game
142 how to unlock kaiju in godzilla ps4
143 How was Coyote Tango destroyed in the Pacific Rim?
144 how was mecha naruto made
145 how was mecha sonic created
146 How was Pacific Rim filmed?
147 How well did Pacific Rim do in its opening weekend in the box office?
148 How would medieval people react to a Kaiju?
149 How would the Avengers (Iron Man Cap Widow Hawkeye Thor Hulk Spider Man Vision Black Panther Scarlet Witch) fare against a category 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 Kaiju (Pacific Rim)?
150 How would the world be affected if there were one immortal Kaiju?
151 How would win a fight a Pacific Rim Jaegar or a Mass Effect Reaper?
152 How would you say The Pacific Rim was similar to Attack on the Titans?
153 I just watched the trailer of Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific rim. Why does the voice of AI at the end sound familiar to me?
154 If giant robots became a reality are their movements relative to their body size likely to be slow as in Pacific Rim or fast as in Transformers?
155 If Godzilla got transported into the Pacific Rim universe and fought both the Jaegers and the Kaiju who would win?
156 If I somehow made a Jaeger from Pacific Rim that worked like it did in the movie what would happen?
157 If the government wanted to coverup a kaiju (giant monster) attack on a major city how would they go about it?
158 If the portal and kaiju in Pacific Rim became a reality what would the world do?
159 If you had to watch either Pacific Rim or Elysium for eternity which one would you pick?
160 If you were a scientist in the movie Pacific rim (2013). What recommendation would you give to kill Kaiju?
161 I’m looking for 100 CEOs from around the Pacific Rim for a conference in Hawaii next year to make corporate commitments to environmental responsibility; who should I invite?
162 I’m seeing a lot of reports and arguments online that the marketing budget for Pacific Rim have made it a flop despite making almost $400 million dollars worldwide. Does anyone actually know how much was spent marketing this movie and if it was profitable or not?
163 I’m writing a book about monsters coming through a portal. Kind of like Pacific Rim or Stranger Things. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could make the portal(s) get destroyed?
164 In all the Kaiju films she has appeared in why does Mothra generate a loud constant “hovering” sound when flying?
165 In Pacific Rim (2013) what did Hannibal Chau mean when he “tried it once” drifting with a Kaiju or a public refuge?
166 In the 2013 movie Pacific Rim how did the pilots of the Gypsy Danger get out of the portal in a capsule even though there is no Kaiju with them to camouflage themselves?
167 In the Hollywood movie Pacific Rim which one of the movie characters looks like Bollywood actor Ayushmaan Khurana?
168 In the movie Pacific Rim how many helicopters would realistically be required to lift a Jaeger robot?
169 In the movie Pacific Rim it’s stated that the population of Anchorage Alaska is 2 million people. Why would that many people be allowed to live in an area that the Kaiju attack?
170 In the movie Pacific Rim how did Otachi stop Crimson Typhoon’s blades?
171 In the story of Pacific Rim what is the math explaining the acceleration of Kaiju attacks over the years?
172 In the third act of the movie why did the Kaiju keep pounding Hong Kong?
173 In which movie did Earth suffer the most damage – Pacific Rim or Independence Day?
174 In Pacific Rim (2013 movie) about how many feet tall were the Jaegers?
175 In Pacific Rim (2013) what did Hannibal Chau mean when he tried it once drifting with a Kaiju or a public refuge?
176 Is it conceivable that in the future we would be able to build a robot as big as the Jaeger from Pacific Rim?
177 Is it possible to achieve a neural link as shown in the movie Pacific Rim?
178 Is it possible to build a machine that can link two people’s brains as shown in the movie Pacific Rim?
179 Is it possible to build giant robots in the present generation like the ones in Pacific Rim? How much would it cost if it were built?
180 Is it possible to create a gigantic kaiju sized life form out of carbon fiber via genetic engineering?
181 Is Jaegar your favorite Pacific Rim weapon?
182 is kaiju a word
183 is kaiju dragon breedable
184 is kaijudo duel masters
185 is kaijudo on netflix
186 is kaijudo the same as duel masters
187 is pacific rim on redbox
188 Is the circle of volcanoes around the Pacific the Ring of Fire of the Rim of Fire?
189 Is the western Pacific Rim more seismically active than the eastern Pacific Rim?
190 Is there a relation to upcoming blood moon the almost simultaneous earthquakes and volcano eruptions this month in the Pacific rim?
191 Is there any Indian Jaeger in Pacific Rim 2?
192 Is there any kind of realism to the Pacific Rim Uprising jetpacks at all?
193 Is Pacific Rim available on Netflix? If not when will it become available?
194 On the day when the first Kaiju attacks San Francisco (August 10 2013) how far South does the Kaiju devastation extend? Is Silicon Valley safe from the attack and from the military counterattack?
195 Optimus Star Scream Grimlock & Megatron vs the baddest Jaegers from Pacific Rim—who comes out on top and why?
196 Right after co-pilot trials it seems like Pentecost is going to pick someone other than Mako. What was his best option at that point? Himself? One of the other candidates?
197 Right before Yancy and Raleigh got crushed by the Kaiju Pentecost gives them a set of very specific orders. What did he tell them to do?
198 Should Pacific Rim be perceived as first and foremost a kids movie?
199 Shouldn’t Raleigh have heard of the story of Mako when he was younger? Shouldn’t he have recognized her and her name when he met her in the Shatterdome?
200 So at one point there were single-pilot Jaegers? What happened?
201 SPOILER: How did Hannibal Chau survive being eaten by the baby Kaiju?
202 Three of the best action movies in the last few years: Pacific Rim Mission Impossible 5 and Edge of Tomorrow had really low-key romances. Is this a trend and if so what is its cause?
203 Was Chau right — was the Kaiju actually coming after Newt because their mind connected in the drift? What did the Kaiju want?
204 Was Chuck the best Jager pilot or was he just fortunate to be in the best Jager?
205 was cloverfield a kaiju
206 was godzilla a kaiju
207 was ist ein kaiju
208 was ist jaeger sauce
209 Was the Jaeger program a good idea in Pacific Rim?
210 Was Pacific Rim a Godzilla remake?
211 what are kaiju dragons weak against
212 What are some ideas for a Pacific Rim costume?
213 What are some movies with great background music like Inception Interstellar Pacific Rim 21 Jump Street etc.?
214 What are some mythological Asian daikaiju? Not counting dragons. I don’t think they’re kaiju and I already know about dragons anyway.
215 What are some Pacific Rim toys for young children?
216 What are the average critical and film goer reviews of Pacific Rim?
217 What are the landmarks that Kaiju have attacked?
218 What are the most unrealistic parts of Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018 movie)?
219 What are the movies similar to Pacific Rim Transformers Pirates of the Caribbean James Cameron’s Avatar TMNT 2014 Harry Potter and The Hobbit series?
220 What are the plot inconsistencies/holes in Pacific Rim?
221 What are the qualifying criteria for a monster to be called Kaiju?
222 What are the themes explored in Pacific Rim?
223 What are the Pacific Rim countries?
224 What are the Pacific rim economic affairs?
225 What are we supposed to make of Raleigh as a character? Is his problem with authority a flaw or a weakness?
226 What are your reviews on the Pacific Rim Uprising tralier?
227 What are your thoughts on the Pacific RIM uprising?
228 What benefits do the deal between the US and the 11 pacific rim nations recently will bring to them?
229 what category kaiju is godzilla
230 what category kaiju would godzilla be
231 What could have been alternate titles for the movie Pacific Rim?
232 what did mecha mean
233 What did science fiction enthusiasts think of the movie Pacific Rim?
234 What did Tendo Choi mean when he said 50 diesel engines per muscle strand?
235 what do kaiju means
236 What do people like about Pacific Rim?
237 What do you think of Pacific Rim Uprising? I loved the first one but I’m kinda scared the sequel will be bad.
238 What do you want to happen in the Pacific Rim sequel?
239 what does kaiju mean in english
240 what does kaiju mean in japanese
241 what does mecha club stand for
242 what does mecha do
243 what does mecha error mean
244 what does mecha genre mean
245 what does mecha kawaii mean
246 what does mecha mean in russian
247 what gamera kaiju are you
248 What happened between the kaiju and the dinosaurs?
249 What if instead of an American thriller Jaws was a Japanese kaiju film made by Toho?
250 What if ‘Pacific Rim’ happened in the MCU?
251 What inspired Guillermo del Toro to create Pacific Rim?
252 what is kaiju in japanese
253 what is kaiju in pacific rim
254 what is kaiju negora
255 what is kaijudo tcg
256 What is the backstory of Pacific Rim?
257 What is the backstory on the 3-person Jaeger? How did that work and who were those pilots?
258 What is the best Kaiju movie that isnt a Godzilla movie?
259 What is the closest real life research on The Drift – base on DARPA Jet Fighter Neural Systems which enable Jaeger Tech?
260 What is the current state of the Pacific Rim sequel?
261 What is the meaning of Gipsy Danger — the name of the main Jaeger in the film?
262 What is the meaning of Pacific Rim?
263 What is the role of Europe and Africa in the Pacific Rim universe since they didn’t border the Pacific region?
264 What is the scientific rationale for the scene in which the EMP affects only digital Jaegers but not an analog Jaeger?
265 What is your review of Pacific Rim (2013 movie)?
266 What is your review of Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018 movie)?
267 What is Pacific Rim about?
268 what jaegers are in pacific rim
269 what kaiju are in godzilla 2014
270 what kaiju category is godzilla
271 What kaiju would put up a good fight against Godzilla?
272 what kaijudo civilization am i
273 what kaijudo creature am i
274 What kind of education do we need to build large intelligent robots like Transformers/Pacific Rim (which can fly if needed)?
275 What kind of jaegers should there be in Pacific Rim 2?
276 What kind of Kaiju and Jaeger toys and posters can I buy?
277 What major studio science fiction movies are set for release over the next 5 years?
278 What mature content is there in Pacific Rim?
279 what mecha anime should i watch
280 What movies are similar to Pacific Rim?
281 What technological advances needed to build a yeager like in Pacific Rim?
282 What was Raleigh’s backstory? What happened to their parents?
283 What was the critical reception like for Pacific Rim?
284 What was the inspiration behind the movie Pacific Rim?
285 What was the point of the scene where the balls clicked together humorously?
286 What was the process of licensing the voice of GLaDOS in Pacific Rim?
287 What were Guillermo del Toro’s sources of inspiration behind his new film Pacific Rim?
288 What were the economics of making Pacific Rim?
289 What would be the best way to solve the Kaiju problem from Pacific Rim? It can’t really be giant mechanized wrestlers can it? It certainly seems like drones or something similar would be about a million times more efficient.
290 What would be the social economic and political impact for the world if Kaiju were real?
291 What would happen if a Kaiju stopped one of North Korea missile tests?
292 What would happen if all of the kaiju films took place in the same timeline?
293 when did mecha aatrox come out
294 when does mecha frieza appear
295 when does mecha sion come out
296 when is kaiju combat coming out
297 When is Pacific Rim 2 going to be released?
298 When is Pacific Rim going to be released in India? And why is the country not on Imdb’s list of country-wise release dates of the movie?
299 When the one Kaiju in Pacific Rim sent that EMP blast and disabled the one Jager why didn’t Gypsy get affected? Was it because it was analog?
300 when was mecha founded
301 when was mecha malphite on sale
302 when will mecha kha’zix be on sale
303 when will mecha kha’zix be on sale 2015
304 when will mecha kha’zix be on sale 2016
305 when will mecha kha’zix go on sale
306 when will mecha malphite be on sale
307 when will mecha sion be released
308 when will mecha zero sion be available
309 Where can one get the umbrella used in the movie Pacific Rim?
310 where did kaiju come from
311 where did mecha naruto come from
312 where does kaiju come from
313 where does mecha dog go
314 where is kaiju eats
315 where kaiju come from
316 where to buy kaiju figures
317 where to buy kaijudo cards
318 where to play kaijudo online
319 where to sell kaijudo cards
320 where to watch kaijudo
321 Where would Godzilla rank on the Pacific Rim kaiju scale?
322 Which category Kaiju would it take to stop Godzilla? Let’s say Godzilla from the most recent movie.
323 Which Chinese immersion elementary schools exist in the Bay Area?
324 Which country does the Gipsy Danger Jaeger represent?
325 Which is the better movie Pacific Rim or Godzilla?
326 which kaiju are you
327 which kaiju destroyed cherno alpha
328 which kaiju monster are you
329 which kaijudo character are you
330 which kaijudo civilization are you
331 which pacific rim kaiju are you
332 Which prehistoric mammal would you imagine being a badass kaiju like Godzilla or Kong?
333 Which song or music used in Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018) trailer?
334 who are jaegers competitors
335 who are the kaiju in godzilla 2014
336 Who is directing Pacific Rim 2?
337 Who is your favorite kaiju and why?
338 Who would win between Gipsy Danger piloted by Rayleigh and Mako (Pacific Rim) and Legendary Goji (Godzilla 2014)?
339 Who would win in a battle between a next generation Kaiju Jaeger like Gipsy Danger and a 40k Titan?
340 Who would win in a battle Gypsy Danger (Pacific Rim) or Achilles (Robot Jox)?
341 Who would win in a fight between Gypsy Danger (Pacific Rim) or King Kong?
342 Who would win in a fight between Jaeger from Pacific Rim and Iron Man?
343 Who would win in a fight: Gurren Lagann or all of the Jaegers from Pacific Rim?
344 Who would win King Kong (Skull Island) vs Category 5 Kaiju (Pacific Rim)?
345 Who would win Titans from Attack on Titan or the Mechs from Pacific Rim?
346 Who would win Pacific Rim Series Russian Cherno Alpha Jaeger vs Pacific RimSeries China Crimson Typhoon Jaeger?
347 Who’s your favorite Pacific Rim Jaeger?
348 Why are all giant monster battle scenes from Cloverfield to Pacific Rim to Godzilla (2014) set during nighttime?
349 Why are the green-screen scenes in Pacific Rim so bad?
350 Why are/were kaiju movies popular in Japan?
351 Why did anyone think the Wall of Life would work?
352 why did kaijudo die
353 why did the kaiju attack
354 Why did Pacific Rim 2 get a new director?
355 Why did Pacific Rim flop at the box office opening weekend?
356 Why didn’t Guillermo del Toro direct Pacific Rim 2?
357 Why didn’t the military use nuclear weapons to kill kaijus in the movie Pacific Rim?
358 Why didn’t Pacific Rim despite the giant robots get the top spot in Japan?
359 why do jaegers need two pilots
360 Why do most disaster/monster movies (like 2012 Godzilla It Came From Beneath the Sea Pacific Rim and many more) need to show the Golden Gate Bridge being attacked/destroyed?
361 Why do the Jaegers in the new Pacific Rim movie look more like toys when they move like they lack weight or mass?
362 Why do the Jaegers in Pacific Rim have odd names such as Gipsy Danger or Striker Eureka?
363 Why do you think middle and high school students in the USA score lower in science and math than students in the Pacific rim Asian nations?
364 why does mecha naruto have 7610
365 Why does Pentecost allow Mako to spar against Raleigh?
366 Why does the Pacific Rim experience so many earthquakes?
367 Why doesn’t Japan have a thriving movie industry? Even Hollywood beat them to Pacific Rim when their Macross valkyries and Gundam robots are far superior.
368 Why has the sequel to Pacific Rim been delayed so much?
369 Why is Battleship 2 not happening despite it being far more realistic than Pacific Rim (Pacific Rim has a sequel)?
370 Why is Gipsy Danger’s new iron hull no alloys considered a newer and better option than something that wouldn’t rust underwater?
371 Why is Grown Ups 2 making more money than Pacific Rim?
372 Why is Mako more vengeful than others who lost loved ones to the Kaiju?
373 Why is Marc Bodnick so interested in Pacific Rim (movie)?
374 Why is Pacific Rim 2 taking so long to come out?
375 Why is Pacific Rim a national park?
376 Why is Pacific Rim rated PG-13?
377 why mechs are impractical
378 why was kaijudo cancelled
379 why was the kaiju pregnant
380 Why wasn’t Stacker Pentacost’s son not mentioned in Pacific Rim?
381 Why weren’t the Jaegers piloted via remote control?
382 Why weren’t there more female Jager pilots?
383 Wich is better MBA from rims or PGDM from Asia Pacific Institute?
384 Will monster movies like Godzilla and Pacific Rim overtake comic book movies in the box office?
385 Will the Pacific Rim Free Trade Area contribute to America’s economic health or erode it? Why?
386 Will we ever need giant robots to fight giant monsters as in Pacific Rim?
387 Will you watch Pacific Rim 2 even though they didn’t recast the star of the franchise Charlie Hunnam?
388 Will Pacific Rim 2 be good for John Boyega’s career?
389 Will Pacific Rim robots be possible?
390 Will Pacific Rim Uprising be released in Sweden? When?
391 With our currently level of scientific understanding what is the closest possible thing to a kaiju to be able to exist?
392 Would it be better for Pentecost to have Striker join Cherno and Typhoon early against the 2 Kaiju?
393 Would Jaegers be the most effective way to fight kaijus if we were faced with attacks similar to those in the movie Pacific Rim?
394 Would mech suits similar to the ones in Pacific rim be possible to build with current technology or technology from the near future? What’s the cost?
395 Would Pacific Rim 2 make a good basis for a video game?
396 Wouldn’t an energy based weapon from space aimed at the breach be more effective than Jaegers?
397 You are in the movie Pacific Rim and are in charge of improving the Jaeger design. What would you choose to alter to make them more effective? You are only in charge of the Jaeger program you cannot suggest other methods that do not involve Jaegers.

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