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How to add a new user?

Follow these steps to add a new user:

  1. Hover your cursor over your profile name in the right upper corner of your Dashboard (above the Navigation Bar) and proceed to click on “Manage Users”
  2. Click on the green-colored “Invite Users” button on the upper right side
  3. Enter e-mail address of the user you wish to invite
  4. Click on the “Select Access Level” field to define access level (read-write, read-only)
  5. Specify campaigns you wish to allow access
  6. Click on “Invite Users”

The following images illustrate how you can add a user:

Step 1: Go to “Manage Users”

Manage Users

Step 2: Click on “Invite Users”

Invite Users

Step 3: Select Access Level

Access Level

Step 4: Specify “Campaigns Allowed” and click on “Invite Users”

Campaigns Allowed

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