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How is Mondovolytics different from Google Analytics?

Mondovolytics is a lot different compared to Google Analytics. Here is a list of things which Google Analytics will not show but Mondovolytics will show:

It shows where your live users are from on a global map. The below screenshot shows that 5 visitors are present in Mondovo.com as of now. One of them is from UK & a couple of them are from India.


It provides a list of all live users on your website and the webpage in which they are present any time, along with the user’s email, IP address and referrer information.

It shows the complete history of any specific user’s visit and the number of actions he had taken in your website. The below screenshot shows all visits and actions of an Australian user in Mondovo.com.

Mondovolytics provides complete data regarding any specific user. The below screenshot shows data like user’s exact location within Australia, user’s browser, operating system and screen size etc.

These are just a few features of Mondovolytics to mention.


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