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How to do an one-time crawl of the existing rank tracker?

If you’d like to not wait for your rank tracker’s next crawl and would like to check your rankings instantly, you can make use of the On-Demand Rank Check module. Please follow the below steps for this purpose.

Step 1: Go to the On-Demand Rank Check form and fill up the following details.

  1. Domain URL
  2. Competitors’ URLs
  3. Language
  4. Search Engines
  5. Report Name

Mondovo Rank Tracker Form

Step 2: Import all keywords present in your Rank Tracker by using the ‘Tagged Keywords’ option.

While filling up the keywords section in the On-Demand Rank Check form, just click on ‘Options’ and then click on ‘Tagged Keywords’.

Mondovo Tagged Keywods Option

In the next step, click on ‘Filter by Tags’.

Filter by Tags

In the next step, choose the right tag based on your Rank Tracker report name.

Tagged Keywords. Rank Tracker.

In the next step, select and add all required keywords to the On-Demand Rank Check form.

Add Tagged Keywords

Step 3: Run your On-Demand Rank Check report.

Rank Check Generate Report

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