All-in-one Mondovo SERP Tool

Mondovo’s all-in-one SERP Tool makes it easier to modify and manage Rank Tracker at any point during a campaign. It allows you to improve keyword tracking, reorganize competitors list, filter and download SERP data for reporting. You can view top 100 competitors, along with SEO metrics like their target keywords, ranking pages, average rank on search engines, CTR and total traffic flow.

Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | google ranking tool
Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | google ranking tool

Edit your Rank Tracker Profile at any point of time

Mondovo SERP Tool gives you the option to edit your Rank Tracker Profile in the middle of an on-going campaign. Any time you feel the need to revise your keyword list or change search engine locations that you have been tracking, you can do so by clicking on “Edit Existing Tracker” option placed in the top right corner of the Rank Tracker and it will open a new window with the following editable options

  • Monitored Keywords- Add/Remove/Pause keywords
  • Competitors - Add/Remove competitors from auto-generated competitor suggestions
  • Search Engines - Add/Remove preferred search engine locations from an existing list
  • Frequency - Choose between Daily, Weekly and Monthly tracking frequency This window also gives you an option to Pause or Delete and rename the existing profile.
Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | rank checker online

Filter SERP data by competitors to track competitors who matter

The chances of missing out on competitors, using the same target keywords as you, is high when you manually make a list of rivals and remain limited to it. Therefore, Mondovo SERP Tool creates a detailed table with multiple columns that gives you an insight into all other websites using the same target keywords and competing to be on top of SERPs. This table is called Competitor’s Landscape and it provides you with the following columns

  • Website URLs - Competitors’ websites that are you using the same keywords as you
  • Number of Pages Ranking - Number of pages ranking on top from your competitor’s website
  • Number of Keywords Ranking - Number of keywords ranking on top of your competitor’s website
  • Average Rank - Average rank of the competitor’s website on search engines
  • Average CTR - Average Click-through-rate of competitor’s URLs Total Traffic Flow
  • Total Traffic Flow - Estimated total organic traffic flow to your competitor’s website

These columns are further divided into two sub-columns which show you comparable data between current and previous dates of the selected date range. Additionally, you can add more columns to the list from these filters to view changes between the current and previous data -

Difference represented by a numeric value

  • Change in number of page rankings
  • Change in the number of keywords

Difference represented in percentage

  • Change in average rank
  • Change in CTR
  • Change in Traffic Flow

Additionally, the numbers mentioned under columns Numbers of page rankings and keyword rankings reveal the specific keywords being used by your competitors and also, provides the respective website URLs in which these targeted terms are present.

This table is arranged in descending order by default, that is, it starts from the top performing competitor and ends with the lowest performing one. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on the first top ten or first top fifty competitors from the start without having to figure out challenges manually.

Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | google position checker

Filter SERP data by a specific date range

Instead of hoarding piles of reports in your drives, Mondovo’s SERP Tool lets you quickly view data for previous date ranges. “Report Filters” option on the top right of Rank Tracker allows you to filter the whole Rank Tracker by keywords and dates. When you select “Filter by Date”, a small window pops up on your screen that allows you to choose and submit date range comprising of

  • A search date, and
  • A comparison date.

The dates for which ranking data is available gets highlighted for you to manually choose from available ranges that depend on dates when your rank tracker would have run in the past to track all the data for SERP ranking, keyword ranking, and other information. Besides extracting old data for your own keyword ranking and SERP ranks, Mondovo’s SERPs checker tool equips you to update all comparable tables with competitor’s old data of respective dates. Furthermore, you can compare your current rankings and measure your personal progress. Such a dynamic Rank Tracker indeed!

Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | track google rankings

Export any ranking data table instantly into a CSV/xls file

Mondovo SERP Tool is dynamic yet designed to be convenient to use for all types of users and reporting. In a single click on the Export option on the top right of every table, you can download +complete data in CSV or XLS format. It is suggested that you apply necessary filters and add or remove columns in the tables before exporting them. This will help you save time by pre-arranging the data in columns and the downloaded files can be directly used for reporting or presenting

Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | google keyword checker

Find out the Total Ranking Instances of any URL with a click

Mondovo’s SERP Tool helps you in finding all the pages for which you and your competitors are ranking on search engine. The Page-Wise Ranking table has the following columns

  • Domains Rankings - The homepage URLs of you and your competitors’ domains
  • Pages Rankings - URLs of you and your competitors that rank on SERP
  • Number of Ranking Instances - Pages ranking in top 1-10 pages, 11-20 pages, and 21-100 pages
  • Total ranking instances - Number of times respective URLs rank on search engine between any ranking instances
  • Average click-through-rate of each URL
  • Total traffic flow from each URL
  • Total traffic potential - Estimated traffic of each URL in case of attaining position 1 on search
  • Average position of each URL
Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | google keyword checker

However, this is not it. When you click on the numeric data provided under column Total Ranking Instances, it opens a new window that reveals the following information about each URL listed on the table

  • Keywords - The targeted keyword that made the URL rank on search engine
  • Search Volume - Number of times a keyword has been looked up in a search engine and by the users of selected locations
  • Ranking Position - Ranking positing of the URL
  • Cost per click - CPC that was charged for the URL
  • Estimated Click-Through-Rate
  • Traffic Flow - Number of people who visited this URL
  • Result Type - Web, Images, Videos, News, Maps, Shopping, Books, Flights, Finance Personal

The Page-Wise Ranking table also provides you with predefined filters that show only pages from any one particular domain. All the URLs containing that specific domain are filtered out and displayed under each column. This table and the data within column Total Ranking Instances can be easily exported in CSV and XLS formats.

Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | Rank Tracker}

Export the Top 100 SERP data with a click

In-depth Keyword Analysis on Mondovo’s SERP Tool helps you in discovering details of the entire set of results ranking in top 100 positions on search engine page. It gives you two options to view your data - Table View and Snapshot View. Snapshot View, as per the name, displays results in a pictorial form, that is, a snapshot of how Google result page looks like when a keyword is entered. On the other hand, Table View creates columns for all the data related to the keyword and allows you to download the view in CSV and XLS formats. The report includes the following columns :

  • Ranking URL
  • Title in Search Result
  • Ranking Position
  • Estimated Click-Through-Rate
  • Traffic Flow

Another set of crucial data that can be referred to while working on your SEO metrics is looking out for High Impact Keywords table that highlights the most commonly targeted keywords used in the titles, descriptions, and URLs of each search result. This table can also be exported in CSV and XLS format and distributes data in the following columns :

  • Common Words
  • Impact Score
  • Word Count
  • Number of Pages

The table allows you to filter down to top 10, 25, 50 and 100 results. This makes it possible for you to track all the top 100 results.

Mondovo Keyword Rank Checker | Ranking Monitor

Other Benefits

The Intelligent Search Engine Rank Checker

  • Filter Reports By A Set Of Keywords Which Matter The Most
  • Monitor The Keyword Metrics That Matter In This Keyword Checker Tool
  • Discover The Biggest Opportunities Using Mondovo’s Keyword Rank Checker

Powerful SEO Insights And Reporting with Enterprise Rank Tracking Tool

  • Compare The Rank Change Across 365 Days
  • Branded Ranking Reports With White Label Reporting
  • Autopilot Your Rank Tracking With Predefined Intervals

The Intelligent Tool to Monitor SEO Rankings

  • Full Search results for each keyword
  • Historical Performance Analysis
  • Mobile Rank Tracking

The Easiest And Most Powerful SERP Checker Tool For All Search Engines

  • Receive Scheduled Email Reports
  • Analyse The Real-Time SERP For Specific Keywords
  • Get Consolidated Ranking Data Across Multiple Search Engines

SERP Tool to Monitor your Keyword Rankings

  • Edit Your Rank Tracker Profile At Any Point Of Time
  • Filter SERP Data By Competitors To Track Competitors Who Matter
  • Export The Top 100 SERP Data With A Click

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