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Mondovo has been voted as the best alternative Rank Tracker when compared with other top ranking tools

With inexpensive subscription plans that come with a Pay-As-You-Go component, Mondovo has been able to set itself up as a powerful alternative to rank tracking tools like Rank Tracker, Rank Watch, Rank Trackr, Positionly, etc. In addition, Mondovo also offers Free Migration option from their existing tool.

In the Rank Tracker Comparision table below, we take a look at how Mondovo fares in comparison to a few of the other popular ranking tools. From checking On-Demand Rank to tracking data up to the last 365 days, all are reviewed without any biases. Evalute each feature and track the benefits for yourself.


Rank Tracking & Monitoring

$0.003 per Keyword

$0.36 Each Keyword

$0.176 Each Keyword

$0.059-$0.116 Each Keyword

$0.091-$0.19 Each Keyword

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and onetime ranking checks Flexible Only Daily Updates Flexible Only Daily Updates Flexible
Mobile ranking checks
Keywords to Track Unlimited 250, 1000, 1750, 3500 50, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 10000 250 to 7500 100 - 10,000
One-Time Rank Check
Countries 145 Not Specified 239 177 Not Specified
Local Search
Highlight potentially new competitors
Monitor rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing
Get the specific URLs which rank
Page Titles of URLs which rank*??
Spy Competitors
Show search volume for each keyword
Showing Estimated Traffic Flow *

Subscription with Pay-As-You-Go

7 day trial - $20, $40, $80 per mo


$29, $89, $169, $299 per mo


$9, $19, $39, $69, $99, $139, $179, $219, $429


$29, $99, $449 per mo


$19, $100, $190, $280, $370, $460, $550, $640, $730, $820, $910 per mo

Number of Campaigns / Website 2, 5, 20 & Custom Not Specified Not Specified Unlimited (Keyword Cap Exists) Unlimited (Keyword Cap Exists)
Multi-User Access 1, 3, 20 & Custom 1, 2, 4, 6 Only in Pro Plan*
Whitelabel Reports * Only in Pro Plan* *
Report Export CSV & PDF CSV & PDF CSV & PDF Excel, CSV & PDF CSV & PDF
Customizable Dashboard
Tag Manager *
Chat Support
Free Migration
Help & Tutorials
Other Tools
Website Audit
Keyword Research Advanced Keyword Suggestions*
Bulk Metrics
Link Research
URL Audit
Analytics Advanced Limited
Social Analytics
Social Competition Analytics Facebook and Twitter
Keyword Gap Analysis
Live Web Analytics
Google Search Console
* - Limited to subcription Plan

We believe tracking rankings on search engines should be a simple and hassle-free process

Comprehensive Solution

Broad range of SEO Tools & Solutions under a single roof


Lighter on your pocket and heavier on the insights


Track rankings worldwide and find powerful SEO opportunities

Easy to use

Easy to setup and a wide range of reports to choose from

Get an Easier Understanding of Search Engine Results

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Updates

    Get ranking updates delivered directly to your inbox

  • 100% Accurate Results Guaranteed

    Get precise results all the time.

  • Cloud Based Tool

    No software to download or proxies to install. Access from anywhere & everywhere

  • Privacy Guaranteed

    100% data privacy guaranteed

All Accounts Comprise Of
Unlimited Whitelabel Reports

Impress your clients with unlimited reports

Unlimited No. of Downloads

Download unlimited CSV & PDF Reports

Unlimited Client Projects

Create unlimited client projects

Intelligent SERP Reporting

Get Search Volume for Target Keywords

Measure estimated site traffic from ranking keywords

Find out the advertisers for specific keywords

Discover new competitors based on ranking data

Single & consolidated search engine view

Find out page-wise competitor rank information

Use pre-defined filters for an easier analysis

Get to know the avg. site rank across all ranking keywords

The Perfect Rank Tracker for Glocal (Global + Local) SEO







Showcasing Powerful Features for High Performance SERP Reporting

  • Mobile Rank Tracking

    Understand the top performing keywords on mobile vs other platforms

  • Unlimited Keywords*

    Track unlimited keywords to capture your competitors’ traffic

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Tracking Frequency

    Switch from daily to weekly to monthly tracking frequency for updated ranking data

  • On demand Rank Check

    Need to do a quick one-time rank check. We’ve got your back

  • Track Multiple Language Keywords

    Track keywords in up to 83 languages

  • Get Full Search Results for Every Keyword

    Find out how your target terms are ranking for Images, videos, local search and maps

  • Get the Best Value From Search Data

    We analyze the top 100 results to give you the best value

  • Preview Search Results

    Get to know how your target terms appear in specific search engines

  • Historical Performance Analysis

    Gauge overall performance by viewing and comparing your ranking report for up to 365 days

  • Measure Summary Performance by Device, Location etc.

    Tweak SEO strategy and make better decisions for your ranking data based on device, location, country etc.

Mondovo is trusted by 2,500+ Webmasters and SEO Agencies, Worldwide!

Managing a Digital Agency, I had to be on my toes to get the right info at the right time. Mondovo has made my life easier by giving all the info in a single place. I only need to download the data, tinker around a bit and everything is ready saving me hours of time.

Varun Celly

Co-Founder - Geeks of Digital

Mondovo offers a powerful set of SEO tools and an easy-to-use dashboard. The Website Audit, On-page Analyzer & Keyword Research features were very helpful in making our websites SEO-compliant. The toolset is comprehensive and provides me weekly summaries & scorecards on how my website is progressing.

Kevin Klasing

Owner - Venice Beach Villas

Mondovo provides many more features compared to the big competitors in SEO industry. I use it as a Backlink checking tool, but you can also use it for On-page Analysis, Keyword Research & Competitor Research. I’d definitely recommend it as a viable alternative to the more famous SEO tools out there.

Szymon S

E-Commerce Specialist - Cortland Apple Premium Reseller

I love the platform and all the changes they've been making, allowing us SEO agencies to report even more data to our clients. I also love that Sameer and his team listen to our feedback and implement some of our ideas to make their platform the best out there.

Matt Deloff

Founder & CEO - FMS Online Marketing

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