Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing that scales with your needs.

No fixed monthly subscriptions.

  • Frequency
    Keywords x
    Costx 30 instances ${{{on_boarding_rank_tracker_price}}} =
    TOTAL ${{{on_boarding_rank_tracker_total}}}
  • Keywords x
    Cost(Per Search Engine) ${{{on_boarding_on_demand_rank_check_price}}} =
    TOTAL ${{{on_boarding_on_demand_rank_check_total}}}
  • Tools
    No. of URLs x
    Cost ${{{on_boarding_addons_select.number}}} =
    TOTAL ${{{on_boarding_bulk_metrics_addons_total}}}
  • Pages to be crawled x
    Cost ${{{on_boarding_website_audit_price}}} =
    TOTAL ${{{on_boarding_website_audit_total}}}
  • No. of URLs x
    Cost ${{{on_boarding_on_page_analysis_price}}} =
    TOTAL ${{{on_boarding_on_page_analysis_total}}}
  • Per Report (500-1000 suggestions) x
    Cost ${{{on_boarding_keyword_research_price}}} =
    TOTAL ${{{on_boarding_keyword_research_total}}}

Absolutely FREE to use.

Track Unlimited Facebook Accounts.
  • No. of Pages Upto 5 FB Pages x
    Cost ${{{on_boarding_facebook_competition_price}}} =
    TOTAL ${{{on_boarding_facebook_competition_total}}}

Absolutely FREE to use.

Track Unlimited Google Analytics Profiles.
  • Domains x
    Cost ${{{on_boarding_mondovolytics_price}}} =
    TOTAL ${{{on_boarding_mondovolytics_total}}}

Absolutely FREE to use.

Track Unlimited Search Console Accounts.
  • No. of Reports Each Report = 650 Keywords x
    Cost $ {{{on_boarding_bulk_search_volume_tool_price}}} =
    TOTAL $ {{{on_boarding_bulk_search_volume_tool_total}}}

We're cheaper than YOUR existing toolset. Here's how!

Pay only for what you run

Other toolsets have bundled features or limited plans. In Mondovo, run what you like and pay for what you generate.

Low cost per Keyword / URL

Our per unit prices are lower than any other toolset. This equals reports that aren't free, but as good as.

No monthly subscriptions

With Pay-As-You-Go, we don't have a monthly billing model. You pay only per report.

Never Upgrade. Ever.

Other toolsets have limited plans with limited reporting. In Mondovo, everything is unlimited. Forever.

Have a look at our Price list!

With Mondovo, run just one report or many. It's completely flexible and Pay-As-You-Go

  • Our Tools Price
  • Rank Tracker $0.003 / Keyword
  • On-Demand Rank Check $0.005 / Keyword
  • Google Search Console FREE TO USE
  • Bulk Volume Research $0.600 / Keywords
  • Keyword Research $0.30 / Keyword
  • Website Audit
    • Optional Add-ons Include Social Metrics $0.002 / Page Include Google Page Speed $0.002 / Page Include HTTP Status & Broken Links Check $0.002 / Page
    $0.001 / Page
  • On-Page Analysis $0.030 / URL
  • Link Research $0.560 / Report
  • Bulk Metrics
    • Metrics Server Details $0.001 / Domain Whois Information $0.02 / Domain Alexa Rank $0.002 / Domain SEMRUSH's Domain Metrics $0.003 / Domain Malware Detection $0.003 / Domain Google Page Speed $0.002 / Page On-Page Metrics $0.03 / Page MOZ Metrics $0.001 / Page Mondovo Link Metrics $0.003 / Page Social Metrics $0.002 / Page
    Based on Metrics selection
  • Keyword Generator FREE TO USE
  • Facebook Analytics FREE TO USE
  • Twitter Analytics FREE TO USE
  • Facebook Competition $0.300 / Pages
  • Twitter Competition $0.300 / Handle
  • Google Analytics FREE TO USE
  • Mondovolytics $5 / Domain
  • White-label Reporting $20 / Month

How Pay-as-you-Go works

Forget monthly plan subscriptions. Just run the report you want and buy it to download it

Add your card

You won't be charged till you're ready to buy. No worries.

Top up your account

Add money to your account. As much as you like.

Run Report

Select the tool you want and run the report

View and download

Report cost is deducted from your account balance

All Accounts Include
Unlimited Whitelabel

Create unlimited Whitelabel
reports for clients @ $20/mo.

Unlimited Downloads

Download Unlimited
PDF + Excel Reports

Unlimited Client Projects

Create unlimited
projects for your clients

Mondovo is trusted by 2,500+ Webmasters
and SEO Agencies, Worldwide!

Managing a Digital Agency, I had to be on my toes to get the right info at the right time. Mondovo has made my life easier by giving all the info in a single place. I only need to download the data, tinker around a bit and everything is ready saving me hours of time.

Varun Celly

Co-Founder - Geeks of Digital

Mondovo offers a powerful set of SEO tools and an easy-to-use dashboard. The Website Audit, On-page Analyzer & Keyword Research features were very helpful in making our websites SEO-compliant. The toolset is comprehensive and provides me weekly summaries & scorecards on how my website is progressing.

Kevin Klasing

Owner - Venice Beach Villas

Mondovo provides many more features compared to the big competitors in SEO industry. I use it as a Backlink checking tool, but you can also use it for On-page Analysis, Keyword Research & Competitor Research. I’d definitely recommend it as a viable alternative to the more famous SEO tools out there.

Szymon S

E-Commerce Specialist - Cortland Apple Premium Reseller

I love the platform and all the changes they've been making, allowing us SEO agencies to report even more data to our clients. I also love that Sameer and his team listen to our feedback and implement some of our ideas to make their platform the best out there.

Matt Deloff

Founder & CEO - FMS Online Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

About Mondovo

Mondovo is an SEO & Social Media toolset that helps you research, track and report your way to higher rankings on search engines and manage your social profiles on Facebook & Twitter.

Mondovo’s biggest feature is that it is the only Pay-As-You-Go SaaS based toolset in the industry for SEO & Social Media. With Mondovo, data is more accurate, prices are much lower, and tools are more flexible. For more information on how Mondovo compares with other toolsets in the market, do click on the links below.

Account Information

There are no restrictions on the number of team members who can access your Mondovo account. You can invite as many as you wish.

Please view our detailed calculator by clicking here to see how much can be achieved for your budget.

There are no restrictions on the number of campaigns you can create in Mondovo. Add as many as you need.

Since there are no monthly subscriptions or plans, cancelling a Mondovo account is as simple as not using it. However, money deposited in the account will have to be used and will not be refunded.

Pricing and Billing

Traditional SaaS toolsets are based on a monthly subscription model and every plan comes with certain limitations. If you need more or less during a specific month, you have to consider upgrading or downgrading your plan accordingly.

With Pay-As-You-Go, it’s completely flexible. Using Mondovo is as simple as picking the tool / report you need, setting up the form, then buying the report to view and download or authorising the tool to monitor the data until you decide to stop.

Once you create an account and verify your email, your account is automatically credited with $3. The trial is for 7 days and the $3 will expire at the end of the trial period. Within that time, you're free to use the $3 on any tool that you would like to experiment with, using your own sites data.

During the 7 day trial period, if you wish to upgrade your account, whatever balance is remaining in your account will be added to your top up amount and will not expire.

Since most of our reports cost so little - less than a few cents in most cases - it would make no sense to keep charging your card with such small amounts. To avoid this, we’ve set a minimum top up amount of $10, from which the cost of your reports will be deducted.

The cost of the reports you run will be deducted automatically from the balance in your account. Since the credits never expire, you can keep running reports as long as you have enough balance in your account. The moment, your balance is low, you will receive a prompt the next time you run a report to top up your account first.

There are 2 kinds of transactions in Mondovo:

  • One-time Transactions - pick the tool you want to use (Keyword Research, Website Audit, Backlink Research etc…), fill in the form details, buy the report, view and download.
  • Recurring Transactions - Pick the tool you want to use, fill in the form details including the monitoring frequency (ex. For Rank Trackers, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics etc…), buy the report, view and download as per the frequency you’ve selected. For the recurring transactions, your account balance will be deducted for as long as you wish to keep the monitoring active.

We take data privacy and user security very seriously and Mondovo adheres to the latest industry standards. All site & social related data is stored on our own servers and will not be shared with any third party under any circumstances. Mondovo’s payment system is powered by Stripe and all financial and credit card related data is stored on their local servers.

All billing related information can be accessed through the profile icon on the top right hand corner of the dashboard.

In case of failed reports, any amount credited from your account balance is credited back for your future use.

If you're not satisfied with the first sets of reports you run when you setup your account, then just let us know and we'll be happy to refund the cost of up to your first 10 reports. After that point, since every report is charged for on a per-use basis and our resources would've already been consumed in generating the report, further refunds would not be possible. Other instances where it’s proven to be a fraudulent scenario or due to a technical fault with Mondovo itself will refunds be issued on a case to case basis.

Refunds are dealt with on a case to case basis and only cases where it’s proven to be a fraudulent scenario or due to a technical fault with Mondovo itself.